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  1. Essorance!


    I'm up 40% on SHIB and I've only been in two days lol When do I sell.........
  2. Same situation as you, OP. 30k + in debt, gambled all my disposable income. Some good days, some bad days. Lots of credit (Loans / cards) used to fuel gambling. I signed up to Gamstop and been gamble-free since January. Now debt-free. All of my disposable income goes into stocks / crypto (Still kinda like gambling though). Hobbies are under-rated, I gambled mostly when bored. Having things to do that you can focus on rather than thinking about scatters and wilds isn't just part of a healthy gambling addiction rehab, but also part of becoming the best version of yourself. You can do this, good luck!
  3. Essorance!

    Tyron Woodley V's That Guy

    The whole shit was rigged lmao So who made big wins/losses betting on this shite?
  4. Essorance!

    Tyron Woodley V's That Guy

    Colby said Tyrone gonna get paid to take a dive!
  5. Essorance!

    Why do you gamble?

    I like cartoon tits so I got addicted to girls with guns.
  6. Essorance!


    the six pence feature win made me lol tho, n1
  7. Essorance!

    Introduction: L&L-Jan

    Welcome. I signed up to gamstop in January for one year. If it expires and I don't renew will I have issue registering to ABC? (Although I'll probably renew, not gambling is a good life, ngl)
  8. Essorance!

    Crypto Streamers

    Nice Rosh upgraded from $100 to $500 spins! Next it'll be $5,000 spins! When is Rolla gonna edit his OP like he promised!?
  9. Essorance!

    Guy loses 30k in 10 mins playing blackjack

    Even if it was real money (Which ofc it isn't) can you believe there are people in the world paying him $5 a month to 'support' the stream, and donating their cash when they could be giving it to their friends or parents or family to pay bills or save up or something. I get the whole amouranth pay money to meme text2speech or get noticed by someone with huge tits in your face, but this stuff I'll never understand.
  10. Essorance!

    Crypto Streamers

    eerybod sittin der still fink its fookin reul? all ur moppitz an fanboyz mesij mah chanul deily givin abyoos, fink its reul? ah fookin tel ya nau a hundud per cent its nut. pz owt ladz god sav der kwee. That's the kind of panorama level investigation shit we need.
  11. Essorance!

    Crypto Streamers

    Rolla, I really enjoyed your expose on Cpt Davo. I never watched the guy, but I enjoyed hearing your take on it. I also enjoy you just talking randomly about gambling, slots, gamstop, etc. I wish you did more irl rants/exposes/whatever instead of just big wins / losses on YT but that's just my preference. Why haven't you done a panorama style video on roshtein, we all want it (For better or for worse...)
  12. Essorance!

    Crypto Streamers

    41% of Twitch users aged 16-24; 32% aged 25-34 (GlobalWebIndex)
  13. Essorance!

    Mizkif and the Twitch Gambling drama

    btw this guy is back on YT after a long hiatus. He was the first person I ever saw streaming slots years ago. I don't speak Russian, but I love the fact he spammed netent games (Used to be my favs; elements, lost island, etc). He dropped six figures on the regs. No idea if it's fake or what (He has videos showing transactions through casinos), but I just like having him in the background shouting 'davai bonus ka cyka blyat'.
  14. Essorance!

    Mizkif and the Twitch Gambling drama

    Twitch only serves the purpose of chicks milking teenagers during hot tub streams and for Americans to "debate" world politics. The entire site is a cesspit run by kids.
  15. Essorance!

    A tragic Play2Win love story

    The year is 1999. The city is London. While most of the kids were in Namco Wonderpark playing the 2d fighters, or Trocadero playing the... whatever Troc had back then. the REAL gamblers know the place to be was Play2Win on Oxford Street (TCR side). It had all the good shit. Psycho Cash Beast, get that top zone Over The Top feature, you know that was a £3 with some guaranteed repeat potential. How about Black Gold? You guys knew the barcode, right? 2,3,1 activates follow me. Get out your 3310 and follow the hold patterns for an easy £5. Honestly, my favourite was Rampage. I knew those reels better than I knew my own balls. Anyway, dressed in that stunning black and blue P2W outfit was Polish chick Anna (I called her Poland, she called me England). Anna was about 5' 4" and looked like an Eastern European version of Martina Hingis. I used to do my best to impress her. I had numerous jackpot (£5) repeats in that place. I was an ace at DDR, Initial D, and Tekken 5. I once won £15 on that Starfish game (Something Caribbean, can't remember its name) and ofc I had the usual scoundrels begging me for a pound to play Haunted House (Shite game), but I donated to the cause to impress Poland with my charitable activities. One day whilst chatting to her and making small talks she says, "You look like you want to ask me something?" Well shit, my balls had only dropped a few years ago. What was I supposed to say? So like the true alpha male I was becoming I said "Yeah, but I'll ask later" Nice one dickhead. Anyway, later comes and I finally have the courage to ask her out after one of the local gamblers (Who assured me his jacket was real leather as he spent his last £20 chasing a fiver on Saturday Night Beaver) walked out with one of the workers on his arm. I can't remember her very well. Some fat bird. Anyway, I finally ask Anna if she wants to go hang out, get something to eat or w/e. She agrees, but the condition is her friend is invited. Well, better than nothing. So I tell my friend, "Look man I'm tryna smash Poland, I need you to wingman me and keep her friend busy" So my mate is up for it and we meet up outside the P2W. Poland introduces her friend to both of us and we instantly forget her name. As we start making our way to the date of choice (Naturally, we are going to Misato on Wardour St. cos the £5.90 chicken teriyaki is just unstoppable) we are panicking because we can't remember the name of Poland's friend "Bro do you remember what her name is?" I'm asked, "idk man something like mamushka or babushka, right? fuck knows" we manage to avoid referring to her by name the entire time, so it proves to be no issue. We are in Misatos, eating chicken teriyaki. There is literally no chemistry, testosterone, oestrogen, w/e. Just zero hormonal activity whatsoever. We finish eating and all go home. Or maybe I go back to P2W to gamble, I honestly can't remember. Tragic. Epilogue: Poland's whereabouts are currently unknown. I'm still single, and never dated a Polish chick. The P2W on Oxford St. is now a Zara.