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  1. Essorance!

    Jammin Jars MEGA

    Whoever programmed this game was smoking some seriously hard crack.
  2. Essorance!

    LvBet holding withdrawal HOSTAGE, help!

    I had to give them four months worth of payslips but they finally released and it's on the way. Thanks everyone for the advice!!
  3. Essorance!

    Strange/ Weird/ Random Celebrity Fancies

    This bird off the apprentice ?
  4. Essorance!

    ????X ON DOA2 WILDS!

    Nice! Wonder what the RTP on that is?
  5. Essorance!

    ????X ON DOA2 WILDS!

    All withdrawn! Flying to Thailand in 2 days for holiday! GTFIN!
  6. Essorance!

    What has been your most degen gambling moment

    I dropped £4k on girls w/ guns FD £9 spins. Took me about 15 minutes to get to zero quick spinning it. Not the most fun I've ever had on slots >.>
  7. Essorance!

    LvBet holding withdrawal HOSTAGE, help!

    Thanks for everyone's advice, so helpful! I submitted 3 months of payslips and let you guys what happens next. Backstory, I deposited 400 to them two months ago and got lucky and withdrew 7.5k (Thank god for 26 and zero section). The withdrawal was processed instantly with no fuss. Now, for some reason I deposit 1.8 over two days and withdraw 1.3, and they tell me they need bank statements AND proof of earnings. Huh??? I just took 7.5k from you guys, where do you think the money to gamble came from? It came from you idiots! I wouldn't mind if it was a relatively large amount or a first time deposit/withdrawal but this is totally abrupt and out of proportion. Also 1.8 is within my financial means.
  8. Hi guys, So I've been w/ LvBet for several months now (Referred to by here iirc) and had more hassle than usual with other websites (21, virgin, red32, etc) in terms of how much they contact me. Recently I withdrew £1.3k and I get an email asking for 3 month bank statements. So, I send these over and three days later I now get proof of earnings request. So, I really cba for this shit. I just want my withdrawal processed and my account closed, but the withdrawal has been pending for 5 days (and even can be cancelled....). Am I legally obliged to give them my paycheck details or can they hold my withdrawal for as long as they want for whatever reason they want? The email writes that in order for me to 'continue playing' but I don't want to. Any advice? In case anyone is interested the deposit amount was £1k. I attach the emails below (Appreciate any comments or questions!); 18/10 Please note that in order to verify your recent transactions, we kindly need you to provide us with a copy of your last 3 months Bank Statement. This is in order to verify the accuracy of data used for the transfer. The copy of your bank statement should be include your bank account number,name of the account holder and all the transactions. It is important that these details are clearly legible. You can submit this document by logging into your LV BET account and going to the “My Documents” tab, found under “My Account”. Remember that the system only accepts the following file formats: .jpg, .gif, .png or .pdf. File size cannot exceed 5Mb. Any documents sent to us will be secured and stored according to the Data Protection Act. Thank you for your cooperation. 21/10 We have received successfully your bank statement however it has come to our attention that due to the high level of spending on your account, we need to understand how you fund your gameplay with us and we are required to collect documentary evidence to support this. We appreciate this is request is a little intrusive and inconvenient for you, however, we’d like to highlight that this is not a business decision but a mandatory requirement we need to carry out in order to fulfil our licensing obligations under the regulating industry bodies. This request is not targeted solely at you one but one in which all of our higher value players will need to comply and complete in order to continue to play with u we would like to reassure you that all documents are treated with the utmost integrity and security and are only viewed by those who are required to verify them. We kindly ask if you can reply attaching the documents that are the most appropriate to your situation at your earliest convenience. We have listed some examples of acceptable documentation below: Proof of earnings: Payslip/Director remuneration/Dividends/Pension Savings account that clearly shows consistent incoming values from an identifiable source Other clear evidence that would support “affordability” in relation to your business with us A Trust deed clearly showing a consistent entitlement to funds
  9. Essorance!


    I can't stand hearing that fat fuck shout HALLO whenever he hits anything so I avoid.
  10. Essorance!

    Big Videoslots complaint

    I was playing roulette (evo) today and it cancelled two of my bets pre ball land. Luckily it saved me on both occasions as I bet hard on zero and fucking orphans came up. Think they might have had connection issues today (21casino)
  11. Essorance!


    If you like roulette systems use my one; go big on zero section. When it doesn't come in check out wagedayadvance or lendingstream and repeat.
  12. Essorance!

    Need some gambling related HELP

    Ok so there's a Cashino on Tottenham court road that I've been going to for years. Every now and then I go in and get some Dr Jekyll action while waiting for friends in the area to finish work. So there's this Romanian manager who is a complete milf. Absolute fantastic rack and she's chatting to me some time ago and basically being playful and flirty. So after several weeks of chatting while inside the building I finally ask if she wants to grab a coffee sometime and she tells me she can't see patrons outside of work! What a shitter. So what's the plan? Should I learn some Romanian pick up lines to impress her? Should I go in hard on Dr Jekyll and impress her with a wildline? Should I stalk her? Dunno what to do.
  13. Essorance!

    Is anyone else sick of f**king BREXIT!

    Hoping NetEnt will cash in and make a Brexit slot. 3 Tommy Robinson's and you trigger the Article 50x multiplier bonus
  14. Saturday night beaver. If you never played this god bless your soul. Also shout out to mah boi Noel "We didn't wanna see that" "The rollercoaster comes off the rails" "Aww 'owdya feel?" How do you think I feel Noel ya c**t you just robbed me of five quid
  15. Essorance!

    Dead or Alive 2!

    It ain't a dead or alive bonus if there ain't a Billie chilling on reel 5 doing absolute f*** all while 10 dead spins pass you by.