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  1. 1. 290x 2. £11900 GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!
  2. Aston villa 2-1 Newcastle Brighton 2-0 Blackpool Aberdeen 2-0 Motherwell Manchester 0-0 Liverpool Livingston 1-0 St Mirren Bournemouth 2-0 Crawley Town Good luck everyone!
  3. Dan Dan

    BTG & KFC Free Giveaway!!

    1. 9700 2. 246x Good luck!
  4. I don’t think you get my point. What I’m saying is Nicola said any members of community can enter so I’ve done it trust me I don’t care if I win or not I’m not here to just enter the draw. If that make u feel better I’m more than happy to withdraw my entry.
  5. I know that wasn’t aimed at me but I don’t think that he can’t stop anyone to join the competition even he’s new
  6. Yes, I joined 2 years ago and I’m here a lot just not commenting is that wrong? that’s mean I can’t join the competition? I wouldn’t post my guess if she said that only people with comments can do it.
  7. VillaLad stop crying about it I get u want to have bigger chance to win it but if you can read Nicola said any member of community can join it. No your money so ...