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  1. Scar

    Vegan Burgers - Beyond Meat

    Its going to be ok though because of all the middle class do-gooders planting millions of trees to soak up all that nasty CO2 in Tunbridge Wells! ?
  2. Scar

    Vegan Burgers - Beyond Meat

    You wouldn't see me eating a vegan burger. It sounds nasty! Yuk!
  3. come on thoughts get with it de lad ?
  4. Thanks and Im sure he would too but im not looking to promote the channel. I've gained subs over xmas and its growing slowly ?
  5. Nothing special, just boring little me sitting in my flat drinking coffee!
  6. Two weeks ago I decided To start vlogging every day in my YT channel again. I used to do it 3-4 years ago and really enjoyed it. My resolution is to keep up the videos and ignore all the bullying and trolls that don't like seeing you succeed!
  7. Scar

    Magic mirror deluxe 2

    Lovely little hit, well done!
  8. Scar

    The snow...

    ty merry Christmas to you too m8
  9. Scar

    The snow...

    Looking at my post, I could of worded it a bit better I must admit ?. I will happily DM Hackz and ask politely to have my account closed as soon as humanly possible. Im digging my self a hole now I know. In fact I will probably do that anyway. I dont use my brain before opening my mouth sometimes! Im so sorry if I came across as a creep!
  10. Scar

    The snow...

    Are you being Serious? I thought you were joking! I feel like im being set up to fail with some people
  11. Scar

    The snow...

    No Miss Peters. I probably come on these forums once or twice a week. Im Normal I promise you can ask any of my weird friends ?
  12. Scar

    The snow...

    I know who you are so now you've caught up m8 we are both reading from the same page ?
  13. Scar

    The snow...

    ooo I just found it too! Now the snow looks extra pretty ??
  14. Scar

    Max 2 Pound online stake

    I have fond memories of the IT Crowd. Lets be honest, there is a little bit of Moss in all of us!
  15. Scar

    The Classic Films ?

    winnie the pooh on a blustery day?