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  1. Scar

    My Random Photos Editing

    Big boy breakfast coming on strong de lad. Love it haha
  2. Scar

    Favourite Poker personality?

    Watched these plenty of times, flops a house, flops a set, flops a house, flops a set! never gets old haha
  3. Scar

    Favourite Poker personality?

    Either the late Devil fish or Luke Schwartz
  4. Scar

    What are you interested in and why?

    I enjoy reading, watching documentarys (especially crime) pottering about my flat half naked doing house work. Also enjoy bidding on daft things on ebay, then forgetting, then remembering again 5 days later when they arrive lol. As and when funds permit I like to smoke a cigar on the fire escape, much more healthy than ciggies. Ive started to enjoy eating fruit in the last few years too. And I like lurking in streams and forums
  5. Scar


    I enjoy watching all the top players apart from JH ( theres no smoke without fire). Think Selby will do well in the Uk championship. Ronnie wins everthing when hes in the mood, but when hes not he just seems to give up
  6. Scar

    Welcome Back Sgt Major Bangers

    Seaside Mark is a top fella de lad
  7. Scar

    Fish & Chips

    Umm thats making me hungry, I can smell the vinegar from here. Wanna share?
  8. Scar

    Finally a cashout

    congrats on the win!
  9. Scar

    You found money

    id return the jacket and money like a good lad.
  10. dunno yet Ive got a £200 overdraft so probably halve that, might jump on a coach visit mark for a couple days who knows. getting a new PC and phone for sure! Great little hit though.
  11. Thought id have a cheeky £50 on unibet, started on quid stake then upped it to a fiver and hit full screen aces on twin spin get in! Ordering a bundle of cigars today well happy. Usually i would go for a fancy breakfast with a win like this but starting a calorie controlled diet I am a lucky duck
  12. Scar

    Vegan alternatives