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  1. Scar

    What was your first??

    mine was a 1988 white Nissan Micra. It got stuck in 3rd gear going down the a38 so sold it for spares. I sprayed the dashboard white and blue iirc haha
  2. Scar

    Bonanza 4100x +

  3. Scar

    Bonanza 4100x +

    Thanks Hackz lad. I know how to win on slots now, you deposit £30 - £40 and play min bet every time hahaha. I left £75 in to play with last nioght, went on kronos on £1 spins and got a nearly full screen of kronos, so withdrew a further £570 on top of the £750. Quite a profitable session last night
  4. Scar

    Bonanza 4100x +

    thanks mate
  5. Scar

    Reactoonz 1572x (Base Game)

    me neither nice win though
  6. Scar

    Bonanza 4100x +

    imagine that coming in a fiver haha you'd be set for life!!
  7. Scar

    Bonanza 4100x +

    thanks man
  8. Scar

    Bonanza 4100x +

    Ive left £75 to play with tonight but yea the rest is withdrawn to my card. Sky pay same day too so be in my bank Tuesday. I couldn't believe what i saw! it was a screen of red gems, il never see that again!!
  9. Scar

    Bonanza 4100x +

    Second ever lifetime win (times stake) down to last 6 quid too from £30 deposit at sky Bonanza_4100x.mp4
  10. I had all the loans when I was younger all maxed out and paid back when I hit a monster win on betfair in 2011. They never lent me a penny again!
  11. Scar

    So, I fucked up...

    Congrats on your win! 10k nearly!!!!!! get in!
  12. Scar

    Roshtein Plays With Fake Money???

    ffs thoughts you just made me spit out a mouthful of coffee!
  13. Scar


    Theres no need to ban a player for being well ahead on RTP because the maths model overall gives the house a percentage and guarantees a return long term. Believe it or not genuine casinos WANT the player to win and cash out.
  14. Scar

    DOA 3180 X

  15. Scar

    DOA 3180 X

    I cashed out £300. Unfortunately 32Red does not process withdrawals over weekends so Itl be Monday afternoon at the very latest. My reversing days are well behind me so Im not concerned about cancelling the withdrawal request. Thanks for the kind words