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  1. bianchini82

    Bonanza revisited

    the slot where i lost more money is this, and i keep playing it.... i think the last time i hit the gold +5 +5 feature was in 2016. this games hates me.
  2. bianchini82

    doa2 0,18

  3. bianchini82

    my recent (during covid) doa2 winnings

    Fortunately yes, and a lot. But like everyone I have my demon, bonanza ..... and despite losing it for a lifetime, I still insist on playing with it .... stupid me.
  4. bianchini82

    my recent (during covid) doa2 winnings

    i dont know man, a lot. From the release i think i got something like 3500 or 4000 bonus. i stopped counting when i was at 2000. ....... and out of 25 wildlines the monstrous wins (above 30,000x) were only two. Extreme volatility.
  5. bianchini82

    doa2 over 9500x

  6. bianchini82

    doa2 big win

  7. bianchini82

    Punk rocker

  8. bianchini82

    Rollas Nemesis 67000 X

    wtf man this is insane! congrats!!
  9. bianchini82

    Biggest lifetime win after crazy roulette session

    insane man! big congratz !
  10. bianchini82


    16 wildlines and 5 times 5scatter
  11. bianchini82


    lets go
  12. bianchini82

    Merry christmas buffalo 🦬

    nice hit !