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    Self excluded

    Best of luck to you @david1111, I sincerely wish you all the best with this new start. For me it has worked wonders and I’m finally appreciating the value of money and the little wins I have now (within my means of course) mean so much more
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    How to deal with bad beats?

    I’ve been concentrating on playing live poker over the last 3 weeks and overall I’m a good couple of grand up, but... I seem to be getting a lot more bad beats than ever before. For example, I’ve not long been in from my local cardroom after finishing 6th and 5 places were paid. After grinding away, the chips go in, Ive got AK, a guy with a medium stack has A 10, I’ve got him covered, the board comes KQJ, blank, that’s me tilted, after a while longer the same guy insta calls my 3 bet all in with AJ, myself and another guy are all in with AQ each, yep, a jack on the river! Knocked 2 of us out with the case jack it turns out. I’m getting it in good and think I’m playing pretty well tbh, But the last few weeks I’ve gone out of a fair few tournaments with the best of it pre, A 10 vs A 2 and shit like that. I know it sort of evens itself out but it’s a fucking bitter pill to swallow sometimes when you’ve outplayed someone and they end up a complete luckbox! rant over ?
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    Cash games requiring more skills?

    Playing Cash - float with garbage, hit big, rinse, repeat
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    Everything is lost again : I'm lost!!

    Well done mate, keep it up @Antonin
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    Happy birthday to Crunchienut

    Happy birthday @Crunchienut, you deserve a bloody good one mate
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    Southend high street there’s a coral, paddy power and a Hills in the space of 4 shops, then there’s another coral, betfred and a ladbrokes. Absolutely disgusting, what message does that’s send to kids walking past there with their parents
  7. Well done @Markymark, great stuff mate. thanks @Crunchienut and @Jok3st3r, always the efficient and professional hosts ?
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    Football Acca Bets Here

    I’ve gone for aspas to score anytime and Barca to win btts, 12/1 ?
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    Football Acca Bets Here

    Barcelona 3/1 away at celta Vigo, I know Barca have wrapped up the league and concentrating on the CL, but it’s still Barca... well worth a little punt if anyone’s struggling for a bit of value Gl @Kinkerbells, proper rooting for ya! Let’s all get a winner today, I’m notorious for having a good start and end to the seasons betting ?
  10. Feel your pain mate, I used to think right, I’ll get to a target, say £500 and then cashout regardless, spin down to £500 but then think fuck it, another £50 worth of spins, then fuck it, go down to £400, that cycle never stopped for me. The worst was winning on football bets and then switching straight to casino games with the winnings, I self excluded to games and casino on my online accounts, so winnings could be withdrawn without that temptation
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    Keeeeeemon Barcelonaaaaaaaa!!!

    GTMFIT Mate, great hit ?
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    Why hello fellow gamblers/trying not to gamblers

    Welcome mate!
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    1. Cardiff City VS Crystal Palace 2. Newcastle Utd VS Liverpool 3. Stoke City VS Sheffield Utd 4. Aston Villa VS Norwich City 5. Chelsea VS Watford PIES McSplooger VS Sirbetsalot Rob Dimmack VS Markymark(1-3,2-1,2-0,2-0,3-0) Hotshots VS Ryaan (1-2, 0-3, 1-1, 1-1, 2-1) Garryboy 1-3 1-1 1-0 2-2 3-1 VS Roger (1-2, 0-3, 0-2, 1-1, 2-2 ) David VS Lighty45  Solario VS Spursman Crunchie VS Marky147 Good luck everyone
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    I just want to see bobs and vagene
  15. Moto GP Rossi Zarco Boxing Alvarez KO 7-8th Round
  16. Wade 8-6 MVG 8-6 Mensur 8-6 Cross Smith 7-7
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    Not that I’ve had much to brag about this season... but I’d like to self proclaim that I too had 3 correct scores ? well done @Kinkerbells ?
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    WEEK 12 FIXTURES 1. Fulham v Cardiff City 2. Watford v Wolves 3. Leeds United v Aston Villa 4. Leicester City v Arsenal 5. Man Utd v Chelsea Pies @McSplooger VS   @Markymark(0-2,2-0,1-1,2-1,1-0) @Sirbetsalot VS  @o0ORyaanO0o (1-2, 1-2, 1-1, 1-3, 1-1) @Robert dimmack VS @Roger_aka_Roger (2-1, 2-1, 2-1, 1-2, 1-1) no pressure @h0tsh0t87 vS 2-2, 2-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-3 @Lighty45 @Garryboy001 VS @spursman @david1111 VS @Marky147  @Solario333 VS @Crunchienut  Good luck everyone
  19. F1 Verstappen Ricciardo Athletics Mo Farah L Masai
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    Happy Easter to all

    Happy egg weekend to you @Solario333 the wise, to the rest of TGC too!
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    Football Acca Bets Here

    Well done @Kinkerbells, great win girl! Go get ya self some sausage to celebrate ?