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  1. Levskie101

    Slots, are big wins a good thing?

    Think I’d probably agree, small sample size but of the people people I know who play slots online the first few big wins is what got them hooked. I’ve got a friend who’s recently started playing slots, he played the usual in my opinion shit slots so I told him some of the better ones for features RTP potential etc. he’s up 10k or so now from a few hundred, the amount of times I’ve told him to stop because it’s unlikely he will stay 10k up if he plays every day regardless of the stakes, but he won’t have it and now doesn’t tell me if he’s playing where as before he used to. So I kind of feel bad the slots I told him provided a big win because I can see he’s on the path I went down and like myself I’m not sure anyone will stop him until he has a big loss.
  2. Levskie101

    Tyson Fury V's Deontay Wilder (3)

    Hope we all followed my cert of the year
  3. Levskie101

    Roobets house of cards

    Never ceases to amaze me how on the surface such idiots make so much money, but it’s far more than I’ve made so maybe I’m the idiot
  4. Levskie101

    Tyson Fury V's Deontay Wilder (3)

    Can never rule wilder out. Hope fury hasn’t got complacent though I will say I think wilder has a few demons mentally. Only bet I’ll be having is either fighter to be knocked down and win by KO. Wilders best chance is to come out swinging early and land a big one. Don’t think it helps him been heavier
  5. Levskie101


    Welcome to the forum I am a serving police officer and love to help the public
  6. Levskie101

    AJ vs Usyk

    That Hatton decision was one of the worst I’ve ever seen lol
  7. Levskie101

    AJ vs Usyk

    It’s pretty well known that Hearn and AJ avoided the ortiz fight for example. Well I say AJ I’m not for one moment saying that he was scared but hearns not stupid protecting his cash cow. Also pretty funny how before this fight AJ was saying if he loses he has a rematch clause and that’s what he will be doing, yet claimed fury ducked him despite the wilder rematch clause which fury’s team thought expired. Granted his tactics tonight were just strange he looked like he lost far to much size.
  8. Levskie101

    AJ vs Usyk

    Not to be a smart arse but anyone thinking usyk didn’t have much of a chance need to watch more boxing. Of course each fight is different but I think it would be criminal to put Joshua in with fury.
  9. Levskie101

    Spam texts

    A lot of the UK networks are having huge issues with either rouge call centre agents selling massive amounts of data or having such lack lustre security on the databases that it’s easily stolen. Kind of hushed up at the moment but it won’t be long before ofcom take action. Same as pac code fraud as it’s known is on the rise. Aside from that’s it’s some sites that take your mobile number - one way round it is if you have a dual sim phone pop a PAYG sim in and use that for all but essential stuff online and only have sim 1 active the rest of the time
  10. Levskie101

    AJ vs Usyk

    AJ doesn’t like getting hit and the longer this fight goes the better Usyk will get and normally ups his punch volume. AJ’s uppercut may be the key here and if he lands it early then it’s goodnight Irene. AJ 3/4/5 KO Or Usyk 7/8/9 KO If I had a gun to my head I would say Usyk round 8
  11. Levskie101

    2021 Rugby League Comp!

    Well done to the top 2 also sorry for last week no show, I’ve not been able to get in TGC for a few days seems like issues with the website!
  12. Levskie101

    2021 Rugby League Comp!

    Wigan 6-10 Catalans 16-20 Warrington 11-15 Hull FC 11-15 Hull KR 6-10 St Helens 16-20 Sorry the forum hasn’t been loading for me. I hope your ready @Gkell727 I’m taking you out this week
  13. Levskie101

    RIP Sean Lock

    Brilliant comic RIP
  14. Levskie101

    2021 Rugby League Comp!

    leeds 6-10 Catalans 11-15 St Helens 16-20 Hull KR 6-10 castleford 11-15  Salford 16-20
  15. Levskie101


    Send me half or I’m sending the police in there