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  1. sorry for ur hurt there rocknrolla you didnt deserve it.
  2. just out of the blue the goldfish playingcards is a beast of a poker dek
  3. Rock n Rolla has my upmost respect
  4. hi so today i found the reason why ive silverfish in my flat, was cheap shit pipe connected to washing machine and im not pleased!!! earlier about 9am saw few horses could of bet on, this name which caught my attention new it was going to win but would of bet on another which would of failed. anybody got something to share would enjoy the attention Lovers
  5. just a few beers also id like to explain that rolla has really made me comfortable in life to say its good. (peace)
  6. nearly 3am on a english night, gambled few times since i joined and its much more than i could wish for. RockanRolla last year was in my suggested choices, as you do just joined and felt like me when i was in my teens i absolutely love that man! needed something to keep me going in life here i am an thanks alot for reading me names nathan ?
  7. hows it been mate,yeah an im good
  8. will add when ive some spray cans ?
  9. you rule! much love and i suggested rolla plays Christmas day for us all would be great if he could ahaha xD
  10. can you tell me when rolla's online next streaming? brother!
  11. missed the stream on Tuesday thought it was Wednesday. rollaa is a massive help and cheers me up everytime I catch a glimpse of him !
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