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  1. So i was playing a novomatic game dolphin pearl deluxe and during free spins my internet dropped. When the internet was back up went in to the game and there was no unfinished game recovery. Got in tou h with the support and they said that the tech team will look in to it. Has that happened to anyone before and what is the possible outcome? 

    1. MrUKHackz


      late response mate but you will get paid whatever the bonus say's you are due from novo's server, I have heard of it happening maybe 2 or 3 times and each time the player ends up with there money, bit inconvenient but don't worry about not getting anything :thumbsup:

      btw this is a on your status update so nobody can really see it unless there trawling through the forum looking at every single entry like me lol, in future if you go to the relevant section and click start new topic everyone will see your post