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  1. Sgt_bilk0

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    Watched him once, realised he was a total weapon. Now i watch it hoping he loses If only @Rocknrolla would make a few videos i wouldn't have too.
  2. Sgt_bilk0

    It finally happened to little old me 🤓

    What a hit! Congratulations Kinks
  3. Sgt_bilk0

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    Whilst am in this thread that piece of pish Ayezee pisses me right off. W@nker
  4. Sgt_bilk0

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    Whats app me - Im ready when you are bro
  5. Sgt_bilk0

    Happy New Year!

  6. Sgt_bilk0

    Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year !!

    Merry Christmas x
  7. Hello troops. The past few years have been a fudging nightmare for everyone. I would like to share a few words with you all: If you could place your problems on a table, with EVERYONE around the table being able to trade, how many of you, after listening to everyone else's, would take your problems back? Would you do that? I know that i would certainly would take mine back! What everyone has been through over the past few years (and before) has been horrendous and in this thing called life, sometimes you just need to man/woman/person up and get on with it! For example: myself and @Blacko had intended visiting GESH to make a video showing what they were up too. Truth be told, i have been snowed under (too busy as @Bangerswould say) and simply did not have the time to do so. As soon as the current restrictions lift, we are looking forward to visiting again and hopefully showing the fantastic work they do for all aspects of the community up here, and indeed, hopefully show the unbelievable gratitude that GESH has for the support and generosity shown to them by @Rocknrolla, @MrUKHackz and all of you on TGC. The numerous charities they have supported over the years would all no doubt testify the same. So I genuinely hope to share a video about that in due course next year. One thing I love about this forum is the support, assistance and wisdom you receive. It really goes above and beyond the call of duty sometimes, kinda redeems your faith in humanity. Have honestly made some of the best friends in my life through it, and also had some unbelievable laughs throughout the way too. I hope this continues for a long time, whether I'm posting or not. Even when I'm a pissed up, rude, obnoxious Glaswegian who should really know and behave a LOT better! Ain't that right @RichieFC Love yeez... and respect ❤
  8. Sgt_bilk0

    Meet Up?

    Restrictions aside. Who is in? Where?
  9. Sgt_bilk0

    TGC Charities September 2021

    Yes, it has yer name embroidered on to it! It will fit ye , dont worry.
  10. Sgt_bilk0

    BTG €100,000 Giveaway

    What a result @LaTeRzuk! Congratulations
  11. Sgt_bilk0

    Official FOOTBALL banter thread

    You need to stay off the glue hard man!
  12. Sgt_bilk0

    TGC Charities September 2021

    That's terrible behaviour from local goons, and compounded by the fly tippers too October will be fine mate, Im back at work next week and will check the diary and get some dates for you - me and Brenny will also do some charity bets in October for GESH too. Looking forward to meeting Maureen and doing a wee piece for TGC.
  13. Sgt_bilk0

    Kylo and his adventure

    Looks like a great trip @Bangers - Kylo is a cracking looking dug! Thanks for sharing.