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  1. Sgt_bilk0

    TGC Charities September 2021

    Yes, it has yer name embroidered on to it! It will fit ye , dont worry.
  2. Sgt_bilk0

    BTG €100,000 Giveaway

    What a result @LaTeRzuk! Congratulations
  3. Sgt_bilk0

    Official FOOTBALL banter thread

    You need to stay off the glue hard man!
  4. Sgt_bilk0

    TGC Charities September 2021

    That's terrible behaviour from local goons, and compounded by the fly tippers too October will be fine mate, Im back at work next week and will check the diary and get some dates for you - me and Brenny will also do some charity bets in October for GESH too. Looking forward to meeting Maureen and doing a wee piece for TGC.
  5. Sgt_bilk0

    Kylo and his adventure

    Looks like a great trip @Bangers - Kylo is a cracking looking dug! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Sgt_bilk0

    Official FOOTBALL banter thread

    @Blacko your goal was offside yesterday!
  7. Sgt_bilk0

    £50 Beer Giveway

    Found time in my busy schedule avoiding people from Kilmarnock and Chapelhall to put together a wee giveaway on our YouTube channel. It's free to enter if any of you want some FREE beer! UK mainland only - sorry @philinvicta and anyone else outside the UK. You'll need to watch the video for details, if your not subbed to the channel it would be apreciated too! Link below:
  8. Sgt_bilk0

    Where am I?

    Carlisle!!! Class wee day out. Although they done my coupon.
  9. Sgt_bilk0

    Where am I?

  10. Sgt_bilk0

    Where am I?

  11. Sgt_bilk0

    Football, General chit chat

    Concentrating on the league now. This Mickey Mouse cup will be a distraction to The Rangers and Sellick now.
  12. Sgt_bilk0

    Football, General chit chat

    I have an ante post bet on ABERDEEN to win the SPFL @ 80/1 Have made some great signings and you never know, worth a wee fiver especially if you can get a firm that gives a cash out.
  13. Sgt_bilk0

    TGC Charities July 2021

    Scottish Cot Death Trust for my Romy would always be appreciated. @Blacko and myself will visit GESH real soon and have a chat with Maureen about what TGS has meant to them, theyve agreed to document it too, just to say thanks. Great charities as per! xx
  14. Sgt_bilk0

    Happy Birthday Blampy

    Happy birthday @Blampy Mind that time you knew nothing about memes .... I dont either so I'll just leave this for you!
  15. Sgt_bilk0

    Official FOOTBALL banter thread