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  1. therealwintersoldier

    Today’s selections

    Like the chance of Super Kid today. Might be biased as it got me out of a hole last year when I had it at 40/1.
  2. therealwintersoldier

    Today’s selections

    It returns being smashed up took some 7's last night now trading at half the price. I do hope my theory was right, will it be ready first time out?
  3. therealwintersoldier

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Goodwood 1.55. Elarqam 2.30. Dubai Legacy Haydock 2.15. Lucky Deal 2.50. Munhamek EW 3.25. Calyx 4.00. Mabs Cross NAP York  3.05. Enbihaar 3.45. Amomentofmadness EW 2000 Guinees  Too Darn Hot NB BEST OF LUCK TGC CREW
  4. therealwintersoldier

    DAVIDS Women's Football World Cup Competition

  5. therealwintersoldier

    Im coming, im coming...!!

    Never did I expect to read Anal dildo's and that things huge in a thread that our lovely @Kinkerbells was contributing in.
  6. therealwintersoldier

    Thank you TGC!

    All the best @McSplooger.
  7. therealwintersoldier

    My new project

    Erm!! Your garden, not really. Had enough finishing the front off.
  8. therealwintersoldier

    My new project

    I do, though I didn't put enough effort into the base for the slabs. Which I will need to redo at some point. It always feels better when you achieve something yourself And you should feel proud no matter what scale the project was. Am sure yours will look ace.
  9. therealwintersoldier

    My new project

  10. therealwintersoldier

    My new project

    Just a little garden project the TRWS completed last year.
  11. therealwintersoldier

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    ASCOT 14:15 Setting Sail 14:50 Salouen NB 15:25 Bella Regazza 16:00 Presidential EW HAYDOCK PARK  15:10 Leoncavello EW LINGFIELD 13:55 King Power NAP 14:30 Themaxwecan. EW 15:40 Pretty Baby Good luck all.
  12. therealwintersoldier

    Happy birthday to Crunchienut

    @Crunchienut Belated birthday wishes bud.
  13. therealwintersoldier

    TGC Sporting Decathlon Competition - Final Details and Registration

    It was over a bit to quick for me bud. Am a long game player
  14. therealwintersoldier

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    NEWMARKET13.50: Al Muffrih14.20: Mabs Cross NB14.55: Mildenberger NAP15.35: Royal Marine E/WGOODWOOD14.05: Crystal Moonlight14.40: Love DreamsSun 5 - Newmarket & HamiltonNEWMARKET13.50: Hochfeld E/W14.20: Billesdon Brook 14.55: Summerghand15.35: DandhuHAMILTON14.05: Deputize 14.35: Loud And Clear E/W Best of luck for today TGC crew.
  15. therealwintersoldier


    True part time that @adamuk Have a goodun.