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  1. therealwintersoldier

    Fuel Shortage

    The media and the maronic asshats who have caused this shite are fuckin ridiculous. I've had drivers coming back to the depots as there is no where to fill up. The cheeky fuckers who think that £30 in a hgv is adequate must be living in cloud cuckoo land. If things weren't tough enough with staffing this just takes the piss.
  2. therealwintersoldier


    Welcome aboard Gkell727. I enjoy the film 21. It taught me how to count cards which is really useful on computer blackjack. A useful tip for you.. always ensure the fish is fresh!
  3. therealwintersoldier

    Front row

    Wrestling buddy, its the lads 7th birthday
  4. therealwintersoldier

    Front row

    Triple threat
  5. therealwintersoldier

    Front row

    Front row tickets at the big event tonight
  6. therealwintersoldier

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Top work @1pstaker as always. So much honesty in your posts Well done @Solario333 and @Fudge
  7. therealwintersoldier

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    That's what I tell the Mrs on her birthday
  8. therealwintersoldier

    Today’s selections

    11/4 GTFFIT
  9. therealwintersoldier

    Today’s selections

    Feel Perfect Power is the best sprinting 2 year old, so had a decent bet on it. Also few quid ew on Bell Rock last night at a decent price.
  10. therealwintersoldier

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    15:40 Bell Rock EW
  11. therealwintersoldier

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    NEWMARKET 13:50 - Masekela (NB) 14:25 - Flotus 15:00 - Perfect Power (NAP) 15:40 - Bless Him (E/W) HAYDOCK 14:05 - Cruyff Turn 14:40 - Premier Power
  12. therealwintersoldier

    Martingale Challenge

    One way system to bankruptcy. Good luck though
  13. therealwintersoldier

    AJ vs Usyk

    AJ clearly has had to have a long look in the mirror after the Ruiz loss. He's looked good since. Usyk is a top boxer but is he a heavyweight? We'll find out.... If he is were all in for a treat. AJ - stoppage rounds 6 to 9 or Usyk on points for me.
  14. therealwintersoldier

    Canelo vs Plant

    He's an absolute beast. And still seems to be getting better! Hits hard and can clearly take it, smiled at GGG when he hit him with his best that took out everyone else.
  15. therealwintersoldier

    Canelo vs Plant

    Surely the pound 4 pound. That head movement