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  1. therealwintersoldier

    £20 start, let's keep doubling

    Another shocking selection by Miller
  2. therealwintersoldier

    Laptop funding for 1pstaker ??

    Main points in a cv in my opinion. Max 2 pages ensuring all grammar and spelling is double checked. Personal statement is a must what's your USP? Tell the truth! Though punchy and short Tailor it to every job that you apply for. If you apply online they generally search for keywords so make sure you have some.
  3. therealwintersoldier

    Currently Watching

    Watched the first series thought it was pretty decent. Saving series 2 for Xmas.
  4. therealwintersoldier

    Laptop funding for 1pstaker ??

    Completely agree with you there champ. @1pstaker really sorry to hear that bud. If you need any help with your cv or anything else dm me. More than happy to assist.
  5. therealwintersoldier

    Laptop funding for 1pstaker ??

  6. therealwintersoldier

    Sword and the Grail 40p Tinkering !!!

  7. therealwintersoldier

    Laptop funding for 1pstaker ??

    What's the PayPal account?
  8. therealwintersoldier

    Today’s selections

    12's and 18's nice champ
  9. therealwintersoldier

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    13.50 - Our Power 14.05 - Real Steel NB 14.25 - Third Wund 14.40 - Song For Someone 15.00 - Lostintransation NAP 15.17 - First Flow 15.35 - Kings Monarch 15.50 - Wonderwall
  10. therealwintersoldier

    Christmas songs

    They did it a few years back on other stations.
  11. therealwintersoldier


  12. therealwintersoldier


  13. therealwintersoldier

    Had to Work from Home this Year?

  14. therealwintersoldier

    TGC Celebrity Death Pool

  15. therealwintersoldier

    TV Licence