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  1. Garryboy001

    Are Posts going missing?

    As the title says, are Posts going missing on here. I hope not as I thought anything went on here other than promoting shit casinos etc
  2. Garryboy001

    Casinos Exiting UK market

    Only used bet 365 and I think they are great, granted I only really do small coupons. I also think waiting a day or 2 for your withdrawal is a good thing because as others have said if you get it straight away I'm sure you are more likely to deposit again and tbh if you can't wait for it then you have probably deposited money you probably shouldn't have
  3. Garryboy001

    Gambling with real or fake money?

    Really? How many sign ups would they need to generate 1 million a year. A fucking shit load id imagine. I honestly didn't think any streamer would get anything like that
  4. Garryboy001

    Gambling with real or fake money?

    Which streamers do you think are earning 7 figures? I can't see any getting close to that tbh
  5. Garryboy001

    Risk free gambling - the guaranteed win

    The worst thing for some people is winning I think. They start to see gambling as a way to make an income and its never going to happen. At least you have turned a corner and have your life back on a steady path mate. Stick around on here as there's loads of people who can help with advice and talk sense into you if you feel like your tempted to gamble again. I love this place as people can be open and honest about anything and there's no judgement at all
  6. Garryboy001

    interesting streamer giveaway

    Just watched the guys vid on affiliation etc and I like him already lol
  7. Garryboy001

    Streamers can be good for the community

    From what I understand his point is £350 isn't the same as £5000? I haven't quite wrapped my head round it yet but I'm sure he will be back to explain what he means
  8. Garryboy001

    Streamers can be good for the community

    In what way is it bullshit? It seems perfectly logical to me.
  9. Garryboy001

    Streamers can be good for the community

    I dont think you understood his point with that. He basically said if someone deposits £50 as that is their budget and wins £500 it's the same as someone with a bigger budget depositing £500 and winning £5000 which is true. At least that's how I read and understood it
  10. Garryboy001

    Streamers can be good for the community

    I've had Sony experias for a few years now and they are great lol you sure you knew how to work it mate lol
  11. Garryboy001

    Streamers can be good for the community

    Good honest post mate but I must say I find it hard to believe people wouldn't discover online gambling if it wasn't for streamers.
  12. Garryboy001

    Streamers can be good for the community

    This is why you should stick around here mate. I enjoy watching streams and videos but I honestly can't disagree with anything you have said here and tbh I'm pretty sure Paul would be more than happy to try and implement any suggestions you have. There's a way to go about things and this is a much better way than creating posts calling streamers all sorts
  13. Garryboy001

    Streamers can be good for the community

    @McSplooger brilliant post mate and I don't really see how anyone could disagree with your points Now get your arse back on the forum as I'm sure there's loads of people you have helped and could help in the future
  14. Garryboy001

    Is it possible to play responsibly

    I only play slots if I've had a coupon up at the weekend or that and I usually only leave like £10or £20 in it to play so yeah I think you can play responsibly. I've had times where a tenner has lasted like 3 hours but I usually just play doa on 9p lol
  15. Garryboy001

    Casino affiliate streams are parasites. Discuss

    It was sarcasm mate I'm a big fan of the bandit.