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  1. Garryboy001

    BCF Sunday 1500 Celtic v Rangers

    My heart is telling me celtic to win by 2 clear goals but my head tells me this could finish 3-3 or 4-4
  2. Garryboy001

    Thump some sense into my thick head please!!

    You out of your mind you fucking moron? You have a decent win and you are really going to hand it all back to the bookies? I've never tried the tough love before so if its not your thing please tell me to fuck off lol
  3. Garryboy001

    20:00 Celtic v Lazio

    Now that is a plan lol
  4. Garryboy001

    Football tipsters/ odds movement and inside knowledge??

    Any tipster worth his salt wouldn't be trying to sell tips to make money. If you had a winning formula you wouldn't need or want to sell it. My guess is a lot of these guys will back at a price then release the tip and hope the price moves enough to make a small profit before the game even starts.
  5. Garryboy001

    20:00 Celtic v Lazio

    English running scared mate lol its like the snp coming south and running Westminster lol
  6. Garryboy001

    20:00 Celtic v Lazio

    Spot on my friend
  7. Garryboy001

    20:00 Celtic v Lazio

    That's harsh lol
  8. Garryboy001

    20:00 Celtic v Lazio

    I thought better of you kev lol but I don't need a lounge I've got my own little world where I believe it's possible lol
  9. Garryboy001

    20:00 Celtic v Lazio

    Now now if you are going to insult then please get it right. It's have you been on the Buckie again lol not buckies
  10. Garryboy001

    20:00 Celtic v Lazio

    And yet people say both the Glasgow giants couldn't compete down south. 2 or 3 years with that money and the support both teams have and we would be running that league. Their the hook has been thrown lets see if there are any biters lol
  11. I love this site more and more each day. What other gambling site could you go on and say I'd like a special area for non gamblers and not only would it be accepted but implemented within hours? Big kudos to @MrUKHackz u sir are a true gent
  12. Garryboy001

    LvBet holding withdrawal HOSTAGE, help!

    Surely the bank statement shows your wages being paid in every week/month?
  13. Garryboy001

    Are Posts going missing?

    As the title says, are Posts going missing on here. I hope not as I thought anything went on here other than promoting shit casinos etc
  14. Garryboy001

    Casinos Exiting UK market

    Only used bet 365 and I think they are great, granted I only really do small coupons. I also think waiting a day or 2 for your withdrawal is a good thing because as others have said if you get it straight away I'm sure you are more likely to deposit again and tbh if you can't wait for it then you have probably deposited money you probably shouldn't have
  15. Garryboy001

    Gambling with real or fake money?

    Really? How many sign ups would they need to generate 1 million a year. A fucking shit load id imagine. I honestly didn't think any streamer would get anything like that