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  1. Poker

    All in one : My story from the start!!

    Great to see you are finally winning the battle we spoke about 3+ years ago A! Keep the breaks to gamble long and the blips to gamble low denom!
  2. Hey Luc, stepped out a while, what is Paul3lp ? A new YT channel? Hope you fine & dandy
  3. Poker

    Is gamstop now pointless?

    Very true D, good solid info as ever!
  4. Poker

    Endorphina Support

    Would love to, but I clicked on the link and no go? However, I did notice that after clicking you link multiple times, one of my OG XRP wallets is now full with @MrUKHackz or @Rocknrolla crypto... is this normal On a serious note, tried it on a few different browsers, just sits there? On a side note, did your UXi designers contact the SmashTV / CarnageTV video game owners, as those graphics look extremely similar to theirs!
  5. Poker

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Nice tickle DFN and cool return for the outlay!
  6. Poker

    Wiko & out...

    Good info, I read it all twice to understand it! Seems that the poop has landed over in the UK and the slightly tubby lady has sung for Wilko today! Now they all swoop in for the cream of the crop assets for a quid!
  7. Poker

    Wiko & out...

    Sure he is already an OG member here B! Seems to be everywhere else on the frak'n planet!
  8. Poker

    Anything Jok3st3r Can Do........

    Ahhh... snoopy watches... love them.. but not the posh ones your dad has!
  9. Poker

    Wiko & out...

    Ahhhh, I see! Now you have enlightened me about the "way" they do it, that makes perfect corporate raiding sense! Are the new old staff in the UK, covered by their existing company pot pensions?? I heard they have a 40+mil hole, due to the depletion of $ via the shareholders payouts over the years, looking at the docs available and from the math behind it all, I can see why nobody wants to actually buy them / save them as is, its very similar to the F1 debacle 5+ years ago with mr gold energy red bull drink man and his "buy out" !
  10. Poker

    Anything Jok3st3r Can Do........

    Spot on! Before my hiatus, posted a few times here about striking gold growth and the like, always been a good way to protect, think it was about $1200 odd last time I was here. Those market downturns, no matter how big or small, never seem to rip the arse out of "swatches" or "casio" investments!!! Up until about 7 years ago, used to wear one and use it almost all the time, crappy mk2 in chrome, would love to have an OG mk1 in stainless now, the tokyo market has gone mental mad for them in the last year or so. God, the TV change it with your watch mallarky, that was brilliant, espeically when someone had just spent $9k large on a "new" 50" plasma projector cabinet TV.. go around and keep switching the tv off, with them thinking its shagged, oh to be 10 again! If he is still about andy, you should ask him if he has it stacked away for you, that or he flogged it back in the day and bought some carton chips!!
  11. Poker

    Max win what!!!!!

    Even more big ones for little punt prices, best way to win from loosing, well done! Good one @Jok3st3r
  12. Poker

    Anything Jok3st3r Can Do........

    GTFFIT @Mad Slasher McGurk Lovely to come back and catch-up and see something this big, well deserved and as you (and many others in the past here!) have said, life changing way to pay it all off! On a side note, keep the motor, will be a classic classic rarity in another decade and you will regret shifting it and buying a munter motor you know jack history about. Watch is cool, looks very 007JB to me!
  13. Poker

    Anything Jok3st3r Can Do........

    With the current value of OG Casio Calculator watches, think you might be better off keeping the bolex Andy! They will have anything vintage off your wrists in an instant now! On a serious note, that will only go up up in value, might be tempted to keep it, until the next mega crash next year, when gold will become king again!
  14. Poker

    Craigs Slots

    Not as good a look as you B