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  1. Poker

    Feeling famous!!!

    I second that, very fun to listen to, in the last one, down to 24c then BAMMMM a few hours later a couple of bags of sand in the € pot!! ?
  2. Poker


    That is correct, as at the table, the losses are profits, for the casino ? When you look at your account that is!
  3. Poker

    Hackz's Cheltenham Bets 2019

    Itchy Feet is being cash hammered, since 40s then 33s now ripped down to 16s then back up to 20s, so going to be very interesting, as to where it will be on race day morning, best of chances Hckz, like you, got some cracking early mad odds, on some, but they are all dripping down fast, now it is getting closer, just hope the weather holds out for the whole event! ?
  4. Poker

    Today’s selections

    Checked with Chelmsford live to ensure that the meet is still going on, as storm big is hitting essex hard over there and the fog stopped it last time.. so at this time all races are on GIK ?
  5. Think someone nabbed the idea a while back already SM ? Should definitely be an easy thing to add to a live stream event though!!! Well done @lucy_tgc just do not choose the "Chocolate Heart" prize option.. Adam might actually send you one in the mail, all pickled and 1000 years old!!!
  6. Where do you think the previous picks weeks came from!!!!! No probs, was travelling so catching up on some other bit & bob-a-jobs, so will get them up in a bit ?
  7. Is it a horse carriage door key? ?
  8. Is it a nipple clamp gun sight tension saddle spur spanner?
  9. Hmmm that wheel of choice has a certain temptation about it @RichieFC think I might go with them, as might get one right!!! ?
  10. Poker

    Feeling famous!!!

    Ahhh so that is why @MrUKHackz has been so "busy" lately then blamps... nothing like a bit of 2nd income on the side...
  11. Poker

    First Race At The Cheltenham Festival.

    Twatter.. I thought it was originally called Twotter and Instacrap was InstaGran ? Might be easier to just DM everyone on here, as we are all pretty trusting and likely, most are not on any form of social media, so they will not share the love with the other 5 billion people on social media, that have no idea what the real world is like to live in nowadays!!! If not, chuck it up in the TGC "tips" sub forum.. which as it says, is for tips ?
  12. Thought it would be rather appropriate, to pop up a little "thanks to crunchienut" thread, so we can all add a little ditty and thank him personally... for me its simple.. The amount of hours, dedication and help, he has given, in all areas, especially the TGC competitions, ensure that his new HMS TGC "Captain" status as a Moderator, is well and truly deserved An understanding, always on the fence, hard working chap, who will always try his hardest, no matter what the thread subject is on here, even if he has no clues (eg: My old GT40!!) to make sure, that the rest of the TGC Loveboat members, old, new & lurking, always have fun and get fairly treated, with the compassion, that most, if not all gamblers, are always looking for.. Well done @Crunchienut ?
  13. Poker

    £25 Difference between £100,000 & £0

    Hard & bitter pill to swallow, especially dipping back in with your re-deposit and seeing that.. But, on the other side of the, its always tails playing roulette coin, when you bet on heads, at least you will not do it again at BetTiltFair again Paul ?
  14. Poker

    £25 Difference between £100,000 & £0

    I would imagine it would have been your nan's nan's nan, who would have been able to do that with the wheels they use Hkz!! They are so old the only place they belong, is on a Cowboy & Indian's B Film wagon ?
  15. Poker

    Cashout ? Paris VS. manU

    GTFIT!!! ?