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  1. Doingfinenow

    Behold...the new book of dead update!

    Update: Book seems back to normal again. However, Play n Go are notorious for testing stuff out without telling anybody.. So who knows if this will be what we have to look forward to or dread should I say!
  2. Yup Play and Go have updated book again and let me tell you this ain't pretty...see for yourself. *Not a big win* video just demonstrating spin style and horrible new tease... Afik this is just at Videoslots but will no doubt be Casinowide very soon.
  3. Doingfinenow

    +2000x 4 of a kind explorer!

    So yet again balance low and I hit the bonus...see it's explorer expect nothing. Second last spin 4 of him line up and hes expanding scatter super rare 2000x hit! ? ?
  4. Doingfinenow

    Funny Shit

    This ones a classic. Old but gold.
  5. Doingfinenow

    Funny Shit

    The one at the start is class her laugh is infectious but would also bang her into next week. She loved it ?
  6. Doingfinenow

    Almost the perfect hit..

    Thank you Nicola and Markymark I could hardly believe it when it came in! Just insane really hopefully 5 soon as I play this game a lot.
  7. Doingfinenow

    Superflip 1 line +229x!

    Cheers @Dj-Wisdom I used to do this a lot on this game but it was kind of flat for a while, tried it a few times again yesterday and it's now seeming to work again ?. And because of the near win re-spin you get another chance to win.
  8. Doingfinenow

    Sandwell Mobiles - Fraudster

    As for this Sandwell guy it is of course a total con. The viewers get fuckall for their subscription fees etc! He sounds like Craigslots a bit(accent) but Craig actually a good guy always has time for his followers.
  9. Doingfinenow

    Sandwell Mobiles - Fraudster

    Last year I bought two 100,000 lotto cards. First 1 dud second paid £100. The cards cost 2quid in total ?. Used to be addicted to them but now I rarely buy them.
  10. Doingfinenow

    Superflip 1 line +229x!

    Nah I am a lowroller at heart. I get stressed and can't handle the eyewatering bets mate.
  11. Doingfinenow

    Superflip 1 line +229x!

    Hey, be happy for a lowroller winning big ? It shows others you don't need to bet big to win big ? It could in fact promote responsible gambling.
  12. Doingfinenow

    Playtechs answer to Book pays 400x!

    Exactly. I only left 34.80 on account to have a wee bash with so was pretty good willpower in that regard from me anyway. Tried DOA and book again. Nothing doing. But not arsed ?
  13. Doingfinenow

    Superflip 1 line +229x!

    Yes all these wins were today ? ! I know that's why I stopped and withdrew. Had to before I got carried away! I have more pics but I'll save to post another day ?
  14. Doingfinenow

    Playtechs answer to Book pays 400x!

    Thanks buddy, Don't worry I have contacted customer support to disable my reversal withdrawals of £380. All started from £20 deposit then went on the Book, It's a magical game! Well chuffed!
  15. Doingfinenow

    Superflip 1 line +229x!

    This game on one line is very underrated imho. It can pay very big wins. For this win I hit 3 diamonds twice and 4 diamonds once during my free spins ?!