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  1. Balzaque

    Won 31k they crapped it to 88 euro

    Well thing is I'm not in the UK, I'm dutch living in malte so it's under mga license.. The cashdrop bonus was not migrated with real funds but with the rest of the bonus funds which had a turn over amount of 1025€ this had increased and also due the fact it was put together with the other bonus everything is crapped to 3x..
  2. Balzaque

    Won 31k they crapped it to 88 euro

    Yeah I already put it in there, asl well on ask gamblers. As I saw some more treats about the same issues on them. And even if I don't get the money. I think it's good to put in afford to get this known and prevent other people to get screwed over there.
  3. Balzaque

    Won 31k they crapped it to 88 euro

    No, the so called pelican bonus (it's a cash drop) WI be migrated to the current bonus amouth which I can't cancel separately, I already asked them to do that but they say they can't and that the bonus terms of that apply now so when I cancel the bonus the whole 31k will be voided.. Crazy isn't it? And I even looked more up in their terms, if I would cancel the bonus and get the 88 euro and play with that the max winnings of that will be crapped to 100 euro as well..
  4. Balzaque

    Won 31k they crapped it to 88 euro

    Yeah, I see I live very close to them, like 15 minute drive. I'm thinking to pay them a visit to sort this out and see if they are still behind the idea of screw over their customers.
  5. Balzaque

    Won 31k they crapped it to 88 euro

    Als it was combined with another bonus the wagering went from 35x the original bonus amouth to 37.000X (28x37,000=1,093,3500) as is shown on the screen shot I need to play trough 1.099.091 so that's a wagering requirement of more then 37,000X the original bonus amouth.. Crazy huh?
  6. Balzaque

    Won 31k they crapped it to 88 euro

    Yes, however what they did is putting in so called "pelican bonuses" kind of a cash drop (cash back) you can accept or decline them but if you don't choose or don't take action on it they will automatically add this apperantly (which happened in my case) this bonus will then combine with the current bonus as steen on the screen shot. Nasty thing is these bonuses are crapped to a max of 3x and as it is combined you can't select the specific bonus and cancel it. Then you need to cancel the whole bonus wich means you lose all the funds also the funds you won with another bonus which you already had active. So it's or cancel it and lose 31k of accept a max win of 88 euro. And this is very nasty in my opinion as they should not add and combine this pelican bonus automatically cuz if I didn't had this added I could withdrawn my 31k winnings as the original wagering was completed (when I wanted to withdraw as the wagering was completed I found out they did this trick to me so om not able to get my winnings)
  7. So, let me ask you guys. What would you do if you have a deposit bonus 35x wagering and no max payout. You win 31k they secretly add a no-deposit bonus in your account which changes the bonus terms as it combines with your current bonus and you suddenly need to wager 100k (original wager amout that was left before this was 1025) and also added a max cash out of only €88? As the bonus is combined you can't cancel it without losing all the funds.. So basically they do everything possible to not pay out the money won as it is now on (from their minds) correct terms and therefore they won't remove the bonus I never accepted, asked for or the never even mentioned that they added it and make you aware of changes in the current bonus as it increases the wagering and put a max pay out to the bonus. I'm quite frustrated about this and need some help to get this solved. I also want to prevent people for playing here as I think this is exactly the reason why allot of people think online gabling is not to be trusted. These kind of casinos should be stopped and I think it's time to get our heads together and stand up against this kind of companies who are a rotten apple in the industry. Maybe if we do something about this together they will be stopped to screw over customers. And the online gambling will be more safe and secure for us as a customer.
  8. Balzaque

    ASCOT Shenanigans...

    Agree with that!
  9. Balzaque

    ASCOT Shenanigans...

    Well, Here in The Netherlands people will start using tools as weapons or using knives, here its just fists only so in that way its a good and fair fight. Like i said bevore fighing in general is sad! ?
  10. Balzaque

    Reasons to be cheerful

    Today's reason for me it that i got time to become active on the forum and joining the streams again! Missed you guys! ?
  11. Balzaque

    ASCOT Shenanigans...

    Good fight though, That beeing said.. Its sad something like this happends more and more often nowadays..
  12. Balzaque

    YouTube Videos

    Totally agree on this one! To be honest i also started to create video content as i fell in love with the community cuz of paul and the bandit introduced me to it, In my whole life i gamble a lot so thought why not record it as well for my gamble lovers in crime so they can also enjoy my winnings or cry togheter with me about my losses. In my last video ive ben playing on multiple casinos but it was all shit, getting pretty annoyed and talked about my thoughts how it is possible that all kind of streamers seems to win all the time and never loose which sickens me.. And to be honest i didnt know if i needed to upload that session as i dont want to blame other streamers or create hate or something but on the other hand i think people need to see the reality of gambling as well so i did upload it cuz its not all joy and big winnings. Most of the time is losing and getting tilted! ! also singed up for some affilaite programs but got not a single sing up so far.. Imo the affiliate part should be a way to be able creating content for the community instead of getting rich from it which alot of people think.. And but to be honest, since i create content i want to play more getting more content out there for people to enjoy, and you simply can not do that without affiliation as it will cost so much money as you lose 98% of the time. Also i think if you start earning money out of affiliation it could be a soucre to give some back to the community in form of give aways or getting stuff done for people in the community if they have problems with a specific casino.
  13. Balzaque

    Video | 500x on Magic Mirror!

    First of all, sorry that i've been away for a while now here at the forum and the streams. Had some personal stuff to take care off, i hope i can find the time to be more active agian paul cuz i quite miss the comunnity! ? So, since i'm started record my sessions a couple of months now i sometime record nice stuff like this! Please enjoy!