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  1. Dj-Wisdom


    What predictions do you need from me matey? I didnt know you had tagged me in the post until @Jessr told me, thank you Jess ?
  2. Dj-Wisdom

    Chelsea VS Tottenham Cashout??? 24/01/2019

    Well done matey @MrUKHackz Congrats!
  3. Dj-Wisdom

    Chelsea VS Tottenham Cashout??? 24/01/2019

    Best of luck Hackz! I fancied Chelsea 3-1 but didnt have a bet on it.
  4. Dj-Wisdom


    Stick me down for a reserve aswell mate if anyone is to drop out, cheers
  5. Dj-Wisdom

    Football Competition 2018 SELECTIONS PAGE

    Good luck all involved! ? - I dont see many fancying us on Sunday at home to Wolves (Newcastle - Live on SkySports (Hook me up Sky for the promo ? )) but who can blame them haha, I do think we will get something though after Wolves beat Chelsea the other night.
  6. Dj-Wisdom

    £70,000 punt on the boxing or was it!!!

    Probably knows someone who works in the bookies and got them to put it through the till and cancel it before they enter the stake of the bet.
  7. Dj-Wisdom

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    1.30 A - Blaklion 2.05 A - Definitely Red 2.40 A - Chica Buena 3.15 A - Latamaran De Seuil 1.50 S - Lalor (NB) 2.25 S - Nelsons Touch 3.00 S - Alitor (NAP) 3.35 S - Royal Vacation There's my selections, I think ive done it correctly?
  8. Dj-Wisdom

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    No probs man, will do cheers. Well i wouldnt say all better, havent been back to docs yet, got to go back in 2 weeks to see if ear as fully healed. I doubt i will be on this weekend but with me, anythings possible haha!
  9. Dj-Wisdom

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Am i able to have a bash at this mate? All a bit of fun :)
  10. Dj-Wisdom

    any golf punters about ?

    Bridgestone Invitational this week, starting Thursday. - Anyone got anything they fancy?
  11. Dj-Wisdom

    Today’s selections

    I fancied one horse on Monday at Galway as Ruby Walsh was on it in the first race, forgot to back it and it won. Was short odds but a win is a win!
  12. Dj-Wisdom

    Crunchie's Goodwood Cup Draw!!!

    Wish i had of seen this thread earlier on, plenty of peoples picks will be NR's as a fair few horses have been declared for more than one race. Good luck to all involved!
  13. Dj-Wisdom

    any golf punters about ?

    Nah mate no double's just straight up singles, perhaps its something i should look at doing at relatively small stakes. But at the same time its hard enough to get one winner never mind 2 lol
  14. Dj-Wisdom

    any golf punters about ?

    Ive backed Casey in the European Open, gonna stick with Kucher in the Canadian open and a little punt on Koepka
  15. Dj-Wisdom

    Official Open Golf Championship Thread

    Molinari was 80/1 the other week before he won that competition and was smashed into 25's... I recommended several of me mates to back him and IDIOT me didnt, and they all did. Speith just knocked one of me mates for 15k. I feel physically sick for him! They had him in a double with France to win the world cup!