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  1. hashcat

    Gonzo Quest Megaways £10 spins

    Dont really watch bandit too much , but yea its life changing for me!
  2. Thats Awsome news and very decent of them, Will there be a Rep points requirment on the giveways? as i always watch the stream but not very active in the forum .
  3. hashcat

    Gonzo Quest Megaways £10 spins

    Wish I recorded this, Gonzo quest megaways @ energy casino. £10 a spin, not even a feature , the wins just kept rolling in on the base game .
  4. Question 1. What will be the biggest feature multiplier in X of the evening ? 3333x Question 2. What will be the biggest win in £ of the evening (ie £1800) £7800 Where's the KFC giveway?
  5. hashcat

    Danger £15

  6. hashcat

    Trip To Berlin

    What’s your thing ? when I went (on a budget) years ago we stayed in a hostel that was €2 a night !!!!! did the usual sight seeing , the new part and the old part , highlights where the Fernsehturm( a massive tv tower) , checkpoint Charlie , holcaust memorial and my favourite was the brandenburg gate. get the bus tour because the new part is quite a way from the old part , you will see a church that was the only thing left standing from ww2 in the new part. there loads of places to eat and drink , lots of nice local beers, enjoy ! Dont be scared of the grafetti in some places it was quite dark and gritty but this was a few years ago
  7. hashcat

    Bitcoin Payments?

    Will send me a message I can help you out , just remember if the place you are buying is not reputable, there is no protection and no way to claim back your payment ( like there would be if you paid otherwise via credit cards, PayPal etc)
  8. hashcat

    My Best Ever Win

    My best ever win , little over a year ago , heres the story , my wife was in hospital , they didn’t know if she was going to make it or be the same again , they wouldn’t let me stay at the hospital, I was beside myself and didn’t know how to handle it , I turned to slots as I couldn’t sleep and thought fudge it , £50 spins on immortal romance , got the feature and chose Amber it was crazy wins , I don’t have a video but can prove it via attached . Wife recovered and bought her a new Kicthen, never gambling high stakes again. Mainly just watch Paul now.
  9. hashcat

    Danger £15

    Thought I’d share with you all how I never get a good hit on this game