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  1. This is not something that we are willing to discuss. I always find these type of threads very uncomfortable reading when they turn into witch hunts. All we will state is that we have asked for our brands to be removed as regardless of the intent/knowledge of the page in question, it's not something we want to be associated with.
  2. Our brands will be removed from the site today.
  3. JackSparks

    21 casino taking a long time to approve withdrawal

    Hey Jack, Paul raised this to me today and it’s been sorted and I can confirm it’s now paid. The first withdrawal was refused by your back due to being an expired card. It was slow communication on our part in informing you to request it again, sorry for that.
  4. JackSparks

    Rolla not streaming on twitch?

    Curacao licensed. Not really famed for their social responsibility, or any responsibility for that matter actually. UK players shouldn't be able to play there either ....
  5. JackSparks

    Rolla not streaming on twitch?

    @h0tsh0t87 - Fortunately no affiliate to 21; as a socially responsible casino we don't believe it's possible to focus on both cam4 content and gambling.
  6. JackSparks

    Rolla not streaming on twitch?

    Oh he's allowed, it's just a personal choice. I for one think meat is a necessity in a balanced diet and vegetarians and vegans are quite hypocritical. They say they are saving the animals, but actually they are just stealing their food. Then again, each to their own. I should probably only stick to commenting on casino related matters ?
  7. JackSparks

    Rolla not streaming on twitch?

    I try mate. All i can say is you can be sure if rolla isn't allowed something, then no one else is!
  8. JackSparks

    Rolla not streaming on twitch?

    Hey @Liz, Thanks for this! It's definitely not been approved for rosey reels channel to twitch 21 Casino. Twitch is categorically not allowed and we will take action to prevent this from happening. One of the UKGC principles is to protect the young and vulnerable. The age gating tool on Twitch, which is predominantly a site aimed at 13+ isn't deemed sufficient. Whilst the vast majority of all viewers are over 18, it's better to be safe than sorry and we decided to deny twitch to all affiliates. All YouTube content must be age gated. I fully expect other casinos to follow suit, but as with everything these things take time. Regards, Jack.
  9. Alright guys, Just went through the entries who posted and I can confirm @Devon Eagle got the highest return and @Hiredblade1999 got the lowest return. I've just added 200 to each account. Thanks to all those who took an interest, hopefully it was a nice bit of enjoyment and maybe we can do it again sometime. Regards, Jack
  10. Hey mistermanga, Sorry but the deadline for entry has already closed. Regards, Jack.
  11. Just tested it myself on a NZD account and it is indeed set to 0.02 a line, so your win is effectively halved for the purposes of the giveaway. Currently in last!
  12. Yeah no dice, sorry mate. It's part of the 'terms' of this giveaway. A few reasons for it, and not us being tight. If you're a UK player, we need to age verify you before you can free play or play anything on site as part of UK regulation.
  13. Correct, I’ll need to test a NZD account to be 100% sure, but it seems like it’ll be set to 0.02 coin value for that currency then. In which case your win is effectively halved.
  14. All spins should be set to 0.09. If not let me know and it’ll be equalized in the results. I can test it all and show screenshots if it does effect it in the end for proof.
  15. He should have taken the lowest volatility feature and safely secured a mid table finish! Goes for the win with the top feature (I assume) and ends up bottom so far....typical of his slot run good ?