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  1. Hi All, I heard that Evolution gaming is working on a new dreamcatcher game called first person dreamcatcher. More I don't know but I am excited what it will look like. They are also working on a Super Sic Bo game with random multipliers up to a 1000x. I think it's a game to tilt @rocknrolla even more.
  2. BGD

    50k Sub special stream, any ideas???

    A thousand versus Super Monopoly Money would be great fun. But not all casinos have it I think.
  3. BGD

    roulette strategy? Bet on 35 numbers

    It's a strategy that can be fun, but very expensive if it doesn't work
  4. BGD

    3486x Knights Life GTFIT

    What a hit and 32 free spins wow, congrats!
  5. BGD

    Super Casino Roulette YIKES !!!

    This looks very dodgy. It could be a very, very light ball, but I think it's a scam. If they would show the bets with it as well, then its possible to prove if its a scam or just a very, very weird ball.
  6. BGD

    Blackjack, Better Odds?

    That is harsh, but don't hit 20 please and of course hit soft 16.
  7. BGD

    Odds on this??

    It was due to happen
  8. BGD

    TGC Slots World Cup 2018 + Competition

    Hopefully: 1. Brazil 2. 9 goals 3. Egypt or Book of RA for the ultimate -moment.
  9. BGD

    Lightning Roulette

    My final conclusion on this game is, that it's a really bad form of roulette, maybe the worst after double zero roulette. There is a big win potential but it the way to get that big win, you wil have lost a lot or your complete balance. And if you want that super big win potential play double ball roulette for a 1300X win and of course you wil have lost a lot or your complete balance a view times in the process. So keep it to normal roulette, in my opinion.
  10. BGD

    probably best roulette related site ever

    This scam still exists unfortunately. I still wonder how many people are victims of this.
  11. BGD

    probably best roulette related site ever

    I agree, there is just one roulette system that works and that is to find a biased wheel. But that is these days impossible, because the casino's maintain there wheels very well.
  12. BGD

    Lightning Roulette

    I can't agree more.
  13. Probably everyone has experienced this, you finally get a bonus and then it pays absolutely nothing. Some games even have the nerve to congratulate you. Some games have a bonus guarantee, but I will reach the same level of tilt, because usually it took more then ten spins to get it. Alright it gives you some money back, but I don't care at that moment. Later on I think, it could have payed back something, what is the point of a 0x bonus? So should all slots have it? Just to be a little bit fair.