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  1. PhantomJoker

    I Just Want A Job

    Cheers! Hope things are better for you now as well!
  2. PhantomJoker

    I Just Want A Job

    Aren’t you the CEO?
  3. PhantomJoker

    I Just Want A Job

    I know this isn’t especially important for anyone besides myself but I thought I might as well update this. I got a job! I can’t say what it is for obvious reasons but it seems enjoyable from what I have already experienced and has a team of smart, pleasant people. Thank you all for your collective words of encouragement. Glad I never gave up entirely. Press on, everyone. PJ
  4. PhantomJoker

    It's a sad day

    Sorry for your loss. I have had two dogs who have passed away. It gets easier just think of the great life you gave them. I also got a new dog to give love to :)
  5. PhantomJoker

    I Just Want A Job

    Hi Andy, I am based in the South West around the Bath/Bristol area. Thanks for the reply.
  6. PhantomJoker

    I Just Want A Job

  7. PhantomJoker

    I Just Want A Job

    Hi all, I know this is a gambling forum and trust me, I’ve been down this dirt road. My gambling story is that I lost a lot in small deposits for a long time. Anyway, thankfully I’m past that. But I just wanted to talk for a little bit and speak my mind. I’ve just turned 27. Last year, thanks to COVID, I lost both my business and my steady job. My steady job was a customer service assistant at Sainsbury’s. I had been working the job for a long time and not to toot my own horn but I was pretty good at it. For my business, I rented an airbnb out. That started a few months before the pandemic. It was going really well and I thought it was going to be the beginning of my future. Covid took it all. There is more to it but the guests in my airbnb obviously dropped and I had to leave my customer service job because the stress of shielding a vulnerable person became too much. Especially given the public’s blatant and aggressive disregard for the rules at the time. Cut to right now. Thankfully, I live with my family but I am so broke. I have been job hunting for a while whilst keeping in mind the vulnerability of my family. As well as my experience in property management and customer service, I am a talented writer, content creator/producer but to be honest, I am grateful to be a very quick learner in everything I try my hand at. I know this is no job site, but if any of you have any advice. Hell, even if you reached out a hand, I’d probably grab it. Hope you’re all staying safe. Kind Regards
  8. PhantomJoker

    Stuff You Lil Devil

    Hey, I just self-excluded recently. Haven’t gambled nor felt the urge to since. But L’il Devil is a disgusting slot and I personally think it’s a disgrace. I literally have had the same thing twice. Costs a ridiculous amount to build for nothing. It’s dodgy as. Feels like the organic bonuses pay more than the Heart*breaker* bonus. I’d tell everyone who would listen to stay tf away from that shit. Still not my least favourite slot though. Before I quit, I hit a bonus on 300 shields. Loads of retriggers and easily got to the 300x stage. ...Didn’t hit anything and paid 20x. fuck ‘em all. Better shit to do. Good luck to you though, hopefully your luck changes.
  9. PhantomJoker

    I’m feeling lost.

    Thanks everyone! I’ve gone ahead and self excluded from all known online casinos. I think the smart thing to do is just step away. Feels like a downward spiral from here. Thanks again, all of your support really helped in that.
  10. PhantomJoker

    I’m feeling lost.

    I really don’t know what the hell is going on. I’m feeling frustrated and confused. I am not a high stakes gambler. I bet 40p. 60p at most. As of late, I’ve been feeling frustrated, tired and pathetic. For some reason, I cannot hit features at all. Nothing! I’ve lost hundreds of pounds on tiny stakes just trying to get something to feature but nothing is working. it’s never been like this and I am feeling so demotivated right now. I feel like I have to pack this in even though I don’t want to. it’s just gotten so ridiculous. Just now, I went 400 - 500 spins on DHV no bonus. I might be a little naive if that sounds reasonable but I’m so tired of missing at everything. if I try to hit on table games. BJ is a constant 16 or 13. I am starting to feel like it’s a joke and I’m the only one not in on it. i just want a little pick me up. But instead I always get my face spat in. It’s crazy that even at my little stakes, you lose so much. Gambling youtubers don’t help. Don’t get me wrong, I know Rolla and the like have struggled to get features BUT THEY ACTUALLY GET THEM EVENTUALLY. Sorry, I just came here to rant. I may have to hang up my gambling hat because it’s making me so upset. I’m only a young man and I don’t want to be like this for much longer. Funny thing is, I was still happy getting bonuses that didn’t pay. A feature’s a feature. But it feels like casinos have gone into thief mode since COVID19. Lost so much and feeling like a complete idiot. at 40p stakes.
  11. Cheers David, comes just after a huge dream catcher hit for another 2k as well so a very good start lol
  12. PhantomJoker

    5 Scatters Dead or Alive Instant 2500x

    Sincerely hope so haha
  13. PhantomJoker

    5 Scatters Dead or Alive Instant 2500x

    Nice, is there a vid of that?
  14. God that is always so painful.