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  1. yaking

    2300x Bonanza! £5 bet

    Jeez, that's sick I have played bonanza so much never had a bonus over 200x lol ENJOY THAT SHIT DONT PUT IT BACK IN AND BUY SOMETHING NICE!
  2. yaking

    Blackjack sidebet yolo

    Yo Cherry, I'm definently down on the sidebets but I usually only bet like this 1 or 2 hands if i'm up alot of money from previous sessions I would not bet like this if it were to be a normal session haha I feel you tho!
  3. yaking

    Blackjack sidebet yolo

    Won a total of 2400 euros, 1550 for the three of a kind, 650 for the coloured pair and also won my normal hand which was 200 euros. you can see the sidebets next to me main hand ?
  4. yaking

    Blackjack sidebet yolo

    Hey everyone, So I was playing some blackjack today it's been a while so I had a real good time after a good winning streak and some cashouts I decided to play a little bit with some remaining cash and actually managhed to get a pretty nice sidebet hit 50 euro on the pp and 50 euro on 21+3 check this shit out!
  5. yaking

    Book of dead very nice line :)

    Hey guys, so after a long break I can finally say i'm gambling responsible lol, maybe I had some good karma for taking that break look at this beauty :D!
  6. Hey everyone! 30 minutes ago I just had the craziest hit ever!! I usually dont even play dead or alive but after 50 spins I triggered the bonus and on the last 5 spins I've got a wildline still can't believe this has happend ON A 1.80 EURO SPIN LOL I recorded this for my dutch friend since I didnt have any record programs but I uploaded it on youtube for you guys to enjoy aswell!! Link to the video:
  7. Hey everyone, I've been trying to quit online gambling for a while I feel like its just to easy to deposit and lose your cash when sitting home so I tried to self excluding me from every website but that doesn't work for me since i'm just going to register the next day on a new online casino and deposit again. I know there are programs like gamban so you cannot connect to any gambling website but it also blocks the websites where I need to be on for work since I work in the gambling industry (CS:GO / PUBG Gambling.) I wish there was a way I could just ban ALL the online casinos with real money that's all i'm looking for every day there are new online casinos to register on its fucking insane! Hope someone could help me. Boris
  8. yaking

    The Falcon Huntress - €5 Stake!

    very nice man enjoy!
  9. Hey guys, Ive always wondered when I was gonna get a 500x+ on a slot and yesterday it finally happend on a decent stake aswell!! managed to cashout 3800 euro lost a bit but oh well we all do sometimes! I got 5 of the bird symbols which paid a shit ton! I just sat there and didnt know how to react hahaah Enjoy this beauty!!