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  1. Wow! Many thanks to Jack and 21 Casino for the prize, and good luck and cheers to all involved in TGC on the 100k posts. Going not blow an unexpected win, but withdraw and spend a good day out with the family at the weekend, all thanks to TGC )) Cheers to all.
  2. The stake can't be altered for the free spins, autofixed at 9p. As centipede says above the .36p is just what it was set at before the spins.
  3. Cheers, and been supporting Palace too long now to be able claim any sort sanity )) Worth watching this one on MotD, if only for Townsend's goal.
  4. Never in doubt :D)) (But think now jinxed Utd match)
  5. GAME WEEK 18  1. Huddersfield v Southampton 2. West Ham v Watford 3. Hull City v The Mighty Swans (for Richie) 4. Aston Villa v Leeds United 5. Everton v Spurs  Sirbetsalot (HW, HW, HW, D, AW) v Richie (AW, HW, D, AW, HW) Hackz v Kinkerbells  Jake v Devon Eagle (AW, HW, AW, D, AW) Hotshots v Brownman  TheWineLine(D, D, D, HW, AW) v Mad Slasher (AW, HW, D, HW, AW) Blampy (AW,HW,D,D,AW) v Poker (D,D,D,D,HW) (heads up match of the season!) Jollyman (HW, HW, HW, HW, D) v David HW, HW, D, AW, AW Crunchie (AW, HW, HW, D, AW) v RocknRolla Markymark (AW, HW, AW, AW, AW) v Denman Villalad v Centipede (HW, HW, HW, HW, D)  GAME WEEK 19 1. Sheffield United v Derby County 2. Crystal Palace v Cardiff City  3. Watford v Chelsea  4. Brighton v Arsenal.....all going on to what will hopefully be a title decider....  5. Southampton v West Ham David D, HW, AW, AW, D v Sirbetsalot  Kinkerbells v Villalad  Poker (D, HW, HW, HW, HW v Markymark (HW, HW, HW, D, HW) Brownman v Blampy (D,HW,AW,AW,D) Richie (HW, HW, AW, AW, AW) v Jollyman (HW, HW, AW, AW, HW) Denman v TheWineLine (D, HW, AW, AW, D) Centipede (HW, HW, AW, AW, HW) v Jake Devon Eagle (HW, HW, AW, AW, D) v Hackz RocknRolla v Hotshots  Mad Slasher (D, HW, AW, AW, HW) v Crunchie
  6. 1.  Everton v Newcastle 2. Fulham v Leicester 3. Wolves v Chelsea 4. Man Utd v Arsenal 5. St Johnstone v Hearts Jake v TheWineLine (HW, AW, AW, AW, D) Devon Eagle ( HW, AW, D, HW, AW) v Poker (D, D, AW, D, D) Crunchie (HW, AW, AW, D, HW) v MarkyMark (HW, HW, D, AW, HW) Rocknrolla (HW, HW, AW, D, AW) v Blampy (HW, AW, AW, AW, HW) Kinkerbells (HW, AW, AW, HW, AW) v Richie (HW, AW, AW, AW, HW) VillaLad (HW AW AW AW AW) v Jollyman (HW, HW, AW, D, HW) David1111 (HW, AW, D, HW, D) v Brownman (D, AW, D, HW, AW) Sirbetsalot (AW, AW, AW, AW, AW) v H0tsh0t87 (HW, D, AW, HW, AW) Bentman (HW, HW, AW, HW, D) v Hackz (D, AW, AW, AW, HW) Centipede (HW, AW, AW, HW, HW) v Mad Slasher (HW, D, AW, AW, AW)
  7. 1. Sheffield Utd v Leeds United (one for Jake) 2. Huddersfield v Brighton 3. Leicester City v Watford 4. Newcastle v West Ham 5. Arsenal v Spurs  Markymark( HW, HW, HW, HW, HW) ? v Sirbetsalot Poker v Kinkerbells D,AW,AW,D,AW TheWineLine (D, HW, D, D, D) v Devon Eagle (HW, D, HW, HW, HW) Brownman (D,D,AW,AW,HW) v RocknRolla (HW, HW, HW, HW, D) Blampy (HW, HW, HW, HW, AW) v Jake Jollyman v Crunchie (HW, HW, HW, AW,AW) Mad Slasher (HW, HW, D, HW, AW) v Denman (AW, D, D, AW, AW)  Hotshots v David (D, AW, AW, AW, AW) Hackz v Centipede HW, HW, D, AW, AW Richie (AW, HW, D, HW, AW) v Villalad ( HW, HW, AW, HW, D)
  8. GAME WEEK 13 FIXTURES  1. Brighton v Leicester 2. Fulham v Southampton 3. Spurs v Chelsea 4. Bournemouth v Arsenal 5. Burnley v Newcastle  Devon Eagle D, AW, AW, D, D v Brownman AW, HW, HW, AW, HW  Villalad AW, AW, D, AW, AW v Markymark (HW, HW, AW HW, HW) David D, D, HW, HW, HW v Mad Slasher (D,AW,AW,AW,AW) Denman (D, D, AW, AW, D) v Poker - D, D, D, D, AW (that should be interesting) (but not as interesting as it is obvious!!) RocknRolla (D, HW, D, AW, D) v Richie (AW, D, D, AW, AW) (even more interesting)  Crunchie (D, HW, D, AW, HW) v Blampy (HW, HW, D, AW, D ) Centipede (HW, HW, D, AW, HW) v Hotshots (AW,AW,HW,AW,D)  Jake AW,AW,HW,AW,D v Hackz (oh dear.....fixtures keep getting better) Sirbetsalot v TheWineLine Kinkerbells (AW, D, D, AW, AW) v Jollyman (HW, HW, AW, AW, D)
  9. app saying closed for me as well D, D, D, HW, AW
  10. 1.  Bournemouth v Manchester Utd 2. Everton v Brighton  3. Stoke City v Middlesbrough  4. Arsenal v Liverpool 5. Huddersfield v  Fulham  Jake v Denman (D, D, D, D, D) Markymark(AW,HW,AW,D,HW) v Brownman Villalad (AW, HW, HW, HW, D) v Devon Eagle (D, HW, AW, D, AW) Jollyman (AW, HW, AW, AW, HW) v RocknRolla (D, HW, HW, D, D) Crunchie (AW, HW, D, AW, HW) v Kinkerbells (AW, HW, AW, AW, HW)  Hackz v Richie (AW, HW, AW, D, AW)  Sirbetsalot aka mrcantcopyandpaste (D,AW,AW,AW,HW) v Centipede (AW, HW, HW, HW, HW) Hotshots ( AW,HW,HW,AW,AW)v Poker  Blampy (AW, HW, HW, D, AW ) v Mad Slasher (AW, HW, AW, HW, AW)  TheWineLine D, HW, HW, D, D v David AW, HW, HW, AW, D
  11. 1. Fulham v Bournemouth   2. Southampton v Newcastle  3. Leicester v West Ham  4. Brighton v Wolves  5. Spurs v Man City   Devon Eagle (HW, D, HW, AW, D) v Sirbetsalot (AW, H D, D, AW)  David (AW, D, D, D, AW) v Jake  Richie (AW, D, HW, D, AW) v Markymark (AW, HW, HW, HW, AW) Mad Slasher (AW, D, D, AW, AW) v Jollyman (HW, D, HW, HW, AW)  RocknRolla v TheWineLine (HW, D, D, AW, D)  Brownman ( HW, AW, HW, AW, AW) v Crunchie (AW, D, HW, AW, AW)  Kinkerbells v Sgt Hotshots  Poker (D, D, D, D, HW) v Hackz (AW, AW, HW, AW, D) Denman v Villalad ( D, HW, HW, AW, AW)  Centipede (HW, AW, HW, HW, AW) v Blampy (AW, HW, HW, D, AW )
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