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  1. I know i haven't been around at all lately , i've been lurking on a lot of streams but barely say anything , i've had a hellish few months but that said i just wanted to wish everyone in the community a happy new year and to stay safe. I <3 you all. Tony.
  2. pillzandskillz

    Online casinos without ID verification

    I heard Vaseline saved HUGGEHUGG ass? might be worth going down that route.
  3. pillzandskillz

    Andy Murray, what's your opinion on him? like or dislike?

    Just for the record i think as far as Tennis goes he will be without a doubt one of the greatest in history to play the game , no denying his ability at all. ?
  4. The shirts will feature a 'Gambling With Lives' logo in memory of former Headingley player Lewis Keogh, who took his own life aged 34 in 2013, having run up gambling debts of £50,000. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46817317?ns_source=facebook&amp;ns_linkname=sport&amp;ns_mchannel=social&amp;ns_campaign=bbc_match_of_the_day&amp;fbclid=IwAR1JIc_m9r7ayv80PXiBDyQFaSa5t8HyGxgh8DTfMdHYj6ll9vSmKkvl6tI
  5. pillzandskillz

    Andy Murray, what's your opinion on him? like or dislike?

    Why not both flags? Or why not the Union jack which represents both country's?
  6. pillzandskillz

    Andy Murray, what's your opinion on him? like or dislike?

    I remember him being asked who does he want to win the world cup , to which he replied (Anyone but England). Guys a cunt end of. And i know @Markymark his words where taken out of context with the whole i hate the English thing , but he plays for Scotland and only Scotland hes made it very clear when he brings out his Scottish flag when he wins. It also doesn't help he has the personality of a brick.
  7. pillzandskillz

    Can anyone recommend a decent book

    I won't read much unless its fantasy or Horror or biography read David Jasons / Lee evans books a hell of a lot of KINGS books , Tolkeins lord of the rings , Harry potter. Tom clancy has some good books , i think dean koontz is a really underrated author as well lots of good horror/thriller books from him. Don't read as much as i should now though.
  8. pillzandskillz

    Q&A with the Rolla

    I already know what i need to know , he doesn't shop at iceland.
  9. pillzandskillz

    Let's dream.. If you WIN Mega moolah jackpot...

    Well i need a few months to digest it , so a big bag of green and some Doritos first.
  10. pillzandskillz

    so whats pets do you have

  11. pillzandskillz

    so whats pets do you have

  12. pillzandskillz

    BIG BET Tonight!!!

    Stick to giving people advice on flatcaps mate. ?
  13. pillzandskillz

    Happy New Year

    Dusted off the treadmill , Weights out on the rack , its time to look like a small less good looking version of dwayne Johnson.
  14. 70x £70 , if i win give it to bandits boys gofundme , poor guy.