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  1. TODAYS MATCHES--- TUESDAY JUNE 18 England 397 V Afghanistan 247 RUNNING TOTAL 9983 PROJECTION (24) = 19,996.
  2. Solario333


    @therealwintersoldier, Well done and good luck going forward !!! Thanks to you I had the forecast in the last !! so well pleased.
  3. TODAYS MATCHES--- TUESDAY JUNE 18 England V Afghanistan RUNNING TOTAL 9339 PROJECTION (23) = 19,490.
  4. Solario333


    As an aid snooker fan I have also backed Higgins in the Worlds, because he's a stayer.... I expect some new chinese players to dominate the game in about three years as some of their younger players are making 147 s like shelling peas ....
  5. Solario333

    Do casinos ever worry?

    The casinos have not lost money to the Bandit, the amounts of money he has lost are arbitrary to the amounts he has won. The casino is unhappy at paying out anyone, unless they know they can find an angle to limit the loss. The loss of course is just a few thousand less profit off Millions generated by the huge turnover that they encourage by having people like the Bandit advertising their products ,and obviously winning on the odd occasion. The bigger question remains : How much of the RTP is affected when the casino bankroll a player to play , and where does the innings go , since it is casino money ....??? Perhaps the Gaming Commission could look into that ..... its plan fraud. No individual should be pad by a casino to gamble .
  6. Solario333

    Do casinos ever worry?

    When the Bandit is taking 30k a shot from REEL KING the game has already won , 100,000 form him and other players during the session......
  7. Solario333

    Do casinos ever worry?

    Potential is the biggest lie .....because the mathematics will never allow any potential to materialise unless the funds are there to meet the cost . So you can promise 100,000 x but if the turnover is only 10,000 x you won't see it happen .
  8. Solario333

    Do casinos ever worry?

    The megaways will never pay out more than is physically available in the algorithmic buffer ,therefore it does not apply.
  9. Solario333

    Do casinos ever worry?

    Just like the insurance on your new car , it is covered by the shared policy between multiple casinos.
  10. Solario333

    Do casinos ever worry?

    Major casinos turnover 100 of millions per year so the payments made are controlled by the Computer , which will flag all amounts above a certain level and refer them to the payment team. The payment team will process them according to set rules , that are confidential,and tailored to each individual according to their playing and deposit history. Of each 100,000 payments made only 2% get referred on average.... and of the 2% about 90% are paid within 5 days .
  11. Solario333

    Do casinos ever worry?

    Pooled `jackpots like Mega Moolah are paid by the provider, and contributed to by a payment per spin , exclusive Jackpots are paid by the casino. Nearly 2% of all RTP goes into a pot to cover the cost of a major jackpot.
  12. Hats off to Bangladesh for an inspired performance. A lacklustre West Indies assuming that fast short bowling would skittle Bangladesh ,did not count on Shahib al Hassan , who played brilliantly together with Litton Das ,scoring a 150+ partnership which sealed the game . Although the West Indies set a formidable 321 it became apparent that the total would be smashed as Litton Das hit three 6s consecutively in one over!!! @Jok3st3r is now odds on to win !!!
  13. TODAYS MATCHES--- MONDAY JUNE 17 West Indies 321 V Bangladesh 322 RUNNING TOTAL 9339 PROJECTION (23) = 19,490.
  14. TODAYS MATCHES--- MONDAY JUNE 17 West Indies V Bangladesh Taunton10.30 RUNNING TOTAL 8696 PROJECTION (22) = 18,970.