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  1. Solario333

    60 day ban enough?

    It’s just greed . Malicious and unnecessary. Money ruins people . No amount of apology is enough if the other jockey is badly injured . 60 days is laughable . It should be 2years . Then jockeys would behave more reasonably .
  2. Solario333

    Time to stop playing slots ?

    That’s exactly what I thought until I played on pokerstars .
  3. Solario333

    First time playing the new Max Megaways on 40p

    Awesome win on the 40p stake !!!
  4. Solario333


    I must say I am utterly disgusted that rich people should benefit from the largesse of our current government and abhor the new economic policy which will run aground sooner than later due to complete imbecility by the incumbent chancellor , and narrow vested interest by Thatcher 2 , or Liz Truss.... myopic and greedy to give the rich at the expense of the many ........ and pensioners, as I am, are bereft as money buys less and less each moment and billions are wasted propping up guilts so that the house of cards does not collapse . Well it will be the sheer stupidity of the few that cause the many to say --thats enough . And no doubt the next goverment under the new blairite Starmer will absolutely complete the foolishness by not fulfilling any of his righteous promises but just filling his personal pockets with cash just like Tony Blair . What a shower of idiots we have !!!
  5. Solario333

    Tinkering on legacy of dead 20p

    Here’s my second bonus ….
  6. Solario333

    Tinkering on DHV 20p

    Playing a few slots today , and here's the first bonus ....... the second is on my phone I will post it separately .....
  7. Solario333

    Nice win on East Coast

    This is one slot I never have any good results on, so well done !!
  8. Solario333

    Tinkering on New Max megaways 40p

    here's one I forgot to post from 2 days ago ...
  9. Solario333

    Tinkering on New Max megaways 40p

    no lower symbols double multiplier increased ways
  10. Solario333

    Tinkering on New Max megaways 40p

    30 deposit , now playing new Max megaways , having read the review, thank you @MrUKHackz, and here's the result .... money withdrawn .
  11. Solario333

    Giveaway Ideas

    Like the roulette idea , making 19 the booby prize and 26 the jackpot !! so randomly designate a prize to each number ,except the jackpot ,or booby prize and spin the ball ... so 36 prizes and each spin reduces the number of prizes by one. so if 36 has been spun it cannot be won again . so allocate the prizes to all those who watch the stream , or are members era of Tgc , and select a slot for each prize . if you bonus spin the ball . if you dont bonus then move on to the next . select a slot , select a prize winner from the stream, if bonus then spin the ball .....
  12. This is from last night and today . £75 deposit . Played Lucky lady 6 yesterday ....... and today I played Dead mans trail 20p ---- £25 deposit . £250 withdrawn .
  13. Solario333

    A few nice hits

    glorious !!! Love forecasts .
  14. Solario333

    Tinkering on Villalad

    Tinkering is great !! huge potential for small outlay .
  15. Solario333

    Tinkering on Mystery museum 20p

    One of my best 20-p wins -- 50.00 deposit . .....5500X !!! all withdrawn and looking forward to a nice brandy !!