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  1. Whenever I hear that a Government Agency , be it the Gambling Commission ,or any other spurious self praising entity --- especially watchdogs-- I know its all about taking more ,and delaying the obvious truth..... Granny knew the Truth --- Creditcards are just a method of keeping poor people in debt.....end of story !! So we shall need a full 2 year consultation , followed by a consultative report,and a further 6 months analysis ,then a commons sub committee ,will tweak the end result so that the whole process is totally ineffective and we continue to pay the rich forever. OOOH thats a surprise !!! does it remind you of Brexshit ..... Your country needs you !! but your vote counts for nothing !!! I know lets have more time to delay the truth.....
  2. Solario333

    Everything is lost again : I'm lost!!

    To each of us , like wild flowers in a field ,there comes a solution....sometimes the solution comes easy ,and sometimes it does not.... Gamblers will always gamble and take risks , its in their nature....what we seek to do is to open up a broader perspective that allows them to gamble differently . Some will gamble by raising a family and commit all their money and energy to this endeavour. Some single out profit making business ventures, or sporting challenges....and some continue to fail in finding purpose to meet the challenge of risk. @david1111 is right when he intends to allow time for people to find the path. @CherryPi is also right when calling time on the event because it looks like an individual is wallowing in unnecessary support. However it is a personal choice how you approach the healing pathway , and for some the short sharp shock does work , and for others it does not . So we must stand together meeting all challenges and supporting the long path and the short path , because all wild flowers are different !!
  3. Solario333

    My Story

    @Alfie speed is feels great to clear a debt, however before you lies a long road to freedom. One day at a time , one month at a time , one payment at a time, but don't be fooled. Time s a great healer, but for a Gambler Time must be filled with purpose or you will surely fail !! Its great you have bitten the bullet and made the first payment ..... and when you've cleared all the debt then you will be proud of the stand you took...... but don't look back and don't hesitate to seek advice..... The courage you need comes from Love and wisdom, not haste and fear ..... so relax and enjoy each day of purpose...
  4. Solario333

    101 Amazing Historical Photos

    Yes Life was very different then ........ I have vivid memories of my childhood, and although my life has been uniquely different in many ways Photographs do allow me to celebrate the good times,and the memories that are dear to me. Today people don't come together to interact without the incessant social media interruptions, texts and messages non stop killing conversations, even unsolicited calls at all hours of the day and night. I recieve a text message from the same computer every day --- unsolicited.....and this is the problem ---- our independent free will has been taken away ...and the computer tells us how to live our lives !!
  5. Solario333

    h0tsh0ts OLBG betting Blog

    No Problemo Waddick !!
  6. Solario333

    h0tsh0ts OLBG betting Blog

    Im so glad he was a decent upstanding learned wordsmith who favours justice and Light and has stood up for those of us who are in need. Good people are everywhere , even amongst the greedy vacuous morons...... So I am relieved now that he's wasn't bad !!
  7. The Creditcard is an open door to malevolent misuse , both by the consumer, and of course by the bank , who are more than happy for you to run up a huge bill , therefore giving them a windfall interest at your expense. I have had 50K in creditcard bills ......and went insolvent in 1997.....then I paid off as much as possible over 7 years and for the past 15 years have been in credit..... and do not use credit unless absolutely in emergency abroad !! I am convinced that coercive credit is more than a little responsible for the ME FIRST societies love of having what they want,as opposed to what they need , and bullshit celebrity big bucks culture fans the flames of greed by paying huge money to imbeciles ,who look good , but are vacillating vacuous, and greedy, without a shred of decency or wisdom......
  8. Solario333

    h0tsh0ts OLBG betting Blog

    Oh dear !!! Hope he's not a Bast**d !! I don't have time for litigious ,pious , pompous, verbose , narrow bigoted , money grabbing silk weaving , ermine smothered, morons.
  9. Solario333

    h0tsh0ts OLBG betting Blog

    I do indeed have a full, head of hair--- and there the comparison ends ........
  10. Solario333

    h0tsh0ts OLBG betting Blog

    Yes indeed it is because the Monk does not welcome engagement , but stays in solitary silence ,so that stillness is achieved . I already have stillness ,and my silence is a virtue that welcomes the company of all species. Also I still have a full head of hair, and wish to keep it that way Solario is chosen because I acknowledge the Sun , the moon and the stars as the source of all provision Nurturing and friendship here on Earth.
  11. Solario333

    TGC Prize Wheel March 2019

    You are too modest.....Lovely picture of you ....
  12. Solario333

    h0tsh0ts OLBG betting Blog

    Life is Joyful, people are wonderful , you just have to see the good ,and remember, There but for the Grace of God go I !! My outlook is born of fighting for justice and Truth all my life. Now I am winning that fight because I have total peace within. I share the peace on here because I enjoy the banter and friendship ,humour and the ups and downs of our shared involvement in risk. For me Happiness is a certainty, and people make it true. All people .
  13. Solario333

    h0tsh0ts OLBG betting Blog

    Good Luck --
  14. Solario333

    h0tsh0ts OLBG betting Blog

    I had 93 losing bets at Cheltenham , most antipost on BF exchange ,and some winning Lays , and 40 cash bets on FCs tricasts etc all lost......but because I had made the investment over 12 weeks prior to the event it wasn't so horrendous !! Won on slots for 3 weeks in a row , lost slightly last week. Overall this year I am just about 3k down , which is good for me , since I recovered 6k before christmas ..... so the long game must wait for the flat racing to find a suitable opening for a decent bet ....!!! Don't be discouraged --- rest more--- eat well --- and above all be happy ----
  15. Solario333

    Rugby League - Season Prediction Comp'

    Wakefield 6-10 St Helens 11-15 hull kr 6-10 Catalans 11-15 Salford 6-10 london 1-5