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  1. Solario333

    Trialling Crypto Site

    Regardless of the obvious difficulties we as gamblers now face ,it is the oppression of bureaucracy that has forced our options to narrow and deliver solutions that meet our current needs . The UKGC has castrated our free will and defamed our principles of choice . we cannot move or apply our pastimes without unnecessary interference . We haven't voted for stringent regulation but clearly gambling does and can destroy lives and families ....... thus now we must generate the responsible solution - for some crypto will free up a chance to gamble , for others it will deliver even more debt , more lies , more misery , but ultimately the choice is for each individual and in @Rocknrolla we see an individual who has great experience in gambling and the charisma to show others the pitfalls of gung ho style stakes, and benefits of restraint . So I endorse the opportunity to verify whether crypto sites can responsibly meet our demands and look forward to the streams . I will not be watching any other crypto streamer .
  2. I refused SOW because I feel it is too intrusive . As a result I will only reopen online if new rules apply which do not breach my consent re privacy . My financial affairs are my business and no-one else's . Of course this means I am putting my lucky 15 etc on in cash at betfred !! not betfair.
  3. Solario333

    Rolla going to Crypto

    In the current gambling arena the areas of play have been highly restricted by the UKGC as banks are now restricting accounts that have heavy gambling commitments . You can't withdraw or deposit large amounts without interference from the new legislation re money laundering . This coercive control restricts our freedom to play and has led to many online casinos using crypto to evade the problem , with online wallets to hide the cash from prying uk eyes . I understand the dilemma very well as I have closed all my online accounts for the same reason . its very difficult to stream effectively if your hands are tied in this way . So in my view Rolla has 2 options --- Wait until the whole financial apparatus collapses and cash is king again , or go crypto ..... neither is a good choice , but needs must . Whatever Paul does someone will be unhappy , no doubt , but doing what is best for him and his family in the future is paramount and that will be a personal choice he and his family will make according to circumstance and liquidity . I will support his decision unequivocally since his character is sound .
  4. Solario333

    Giveaway Ideas

    it good to see you are getting out and about ..........
  5. Solario333

    Giveaway Ideas

    You can be whatever you like as long as it doesn’t trespass on my free choice to be what I am . Any coercive control is abhorrent to me .
  6. Solario333

    Giveaway Ideas

    I’m ambivalent about gender identity……
  7. Solario333

    Giveaway Ideas

    Excellent. I shall continue to contribute as before . I saw the stream which was great until the last ten minutes when the roulette took it all !! Glad to hear all is well . Perhaps a monthly newsletter from yourself would be appreciated by all .
  8. Solario333

    Giveaway Ideas

    Yes it is a little disappointing . @Rocknrolla are you still supporting this site or has it been cast adrift into an ocean of indifference. !! perhaps @MrUKHackz can shed some light on this subject?? as a loyal contributor over some years I feel that very little attention is being paid to this site recently. So very few new posts and mostly from @Bangers. Surely we should invigorate the site with some new content and a makeover .
  9. Solario333

    Food Glorious Food

    In your case I’m sure we can find a suitable date in late summer !! Perhaps a TGC meal !!
  10. Solario333

    Food Glorious Food

    Should I find myself north of Birmingham I shall certainly be free to take @Chrissy_M for a decent meal …. But it may be a good few months … as I rarely venture into the northern areas of our beautiful country .
  11. Solario333

    Can SOMEONE explain DENOM to me!?!

    Simply stated the denomination is the stake and currency of each transaction . Ie a dollar is a different denomination than a pound , in stake terms a 20p spin is different to a 40p spin same denomination but different stake .
  12. Solario333

    New Legislation

    Or if the internet stopped working??
  13. Solario333

    New Legislation

    I have closed all my online accts for the moment until sanity returns…. So I’m off to the bookies to do my Saturday bets .
  14. Solario333

    New Legislation

    Agree but where is @Rocknrolla ?? How about an update or a monthly newsletter ???
  15. Solario333

    New Legislation

    At the end of the day the legislation is purely cosmetic camouflage that allows HMG to continue to collect tax revenue ,and to look as if they care about people . The sheer stupidity of the approach is breathtakingly asinine . The Gambler is being milked by all parties . The real culprit here is greed itself. In the bookies the FOBTs range from 80-91% RTP and mostly the punters who lose the most have a better run at the 90% when they win , than the 20p spins of the majority that play on 81% .... the maths is huge ....... no-one is a winner at those prices . Intrusion into the privacy of the individual has gone too far . As adults we should be able to determine what is a good bet , a good risk , a potential winner , but the game is stacked against us in every area of gambling . Simply put the companies advanced tech used AI and other advanced technologies to eradicate any hope of winning consistently , and therefore profit is entirely one sided . This is not a gamble it is financial suicide . Best you can do is limit your exposure to a few Lucky 15s and hope you get lucky !!