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  1. Solario333

    Good old pineapple head

    BOD has come alive ... Great Hit .!!!
  2. Solario333

    Is ROSHTEIN fake?

    Rosh stein is not worth ten cents ..... or even a SEN TENCE.
  3. Solario333

    @Rocknrolla has puked in his stomach

    Yes but RoknRolla has much experience of the bad beat , on Poker , On Roulette , on Slots ,and of course BJ..... and will take the hit with his usual Grace !!
  4. Solario333

    Book of ra ra ra magic

    You are officially in Explorer Heaven !!! Great Hit Blampy ...
  5. I have already covered Brexit extensively ,and as expected Chaos ensues when vested interest gets the upper hand... say Goodbye to Democracy and Hello to the end of a two party political system .... full of ME FIRST greedy morons....
  6. It was uniquely a moment of dollar madness that I noticed the word AWESOME is the only way you can characterise a wildline.... for the word wildline must also be American, for it does not touch the English language with any meaningful accord. So coming back to the English response in moments like this: Well done Mate Cracking winline !! or Thumbs up or for Victory.
  7. Insane Line !!!! Awesome is the only word ~I can find....
  8. Solario333

    f a i l

    I play occasionally but mostly on Unibet, where although the games and pots are smaller, the game is not rigged...and you can't use HUDs... and strangely I'm up on Poker, although 5k down on slots last year !!. But it was a lot worse, and I've recovered 6k in 5 months...
  9. Solario333

    f a i l

    Don't you wonder if ,Like Pokerstars , the computer algorithms are tailored to the individual literally that your progress is always manipulated to keep you interested, throwing in a little fish , just when you're nearly broke..... Like today on Montezuma , with 60 p left a 1000x bonus just happens to appear .....for Lighty45.
  10. Solario333


    Considering the stake ,this is a massive win !!! Congratulations !!! Huge...
  11. Solario333

    f a i l

    This is the new design , built in tilt , lots and lots of near misses,guaranteed to make you believe that you're the one , the one who's going to scoop the big one..... Its a complete con.... no 480.00 no chance of 480.00 in fact -40p every spin . Unless you're on the Most favoured list for big punters that lose lose lose.....then you get a 480 little fish to keep you happy.....
  12. Solario333

    Millionaire BTG Big win

    Very nice touch.... I find the game a little infuriating though..... The Graphics are very clean, and its a challenge to make a profit on it... realistic staking for a WTF/ BTG slot.
  13. Solario333

    Gamstop criticism by mainstream media.

    The whole approach is narrow and fails to provide a Universal Gamblers ID that could be uniquely created and enforced by the Powers that be, which would be accepted in all jurisdictions who commonly apply the Card. Of course it would eliminate all checks since they would already be done ,at the point of issue. The card could be updated annually , or over three years , like a bank card . it could have a one off charge ,say 25.00. This would offset the initial setup costs to create it. This passport would eliminate nearly all problems since it could be cancelled , restricted, revoked, or suspended on request by the issuing authority , or by the Gambler. Game over.
  14. Solario333

    Gamstop criticism by mainstream media.

    As often is the case the truth has come to the fore--- Indeed it is we the punter who have the problem.... or not. Stand alone... share your experiences , become wiser as you grow, and realise that time is the enemy of all gamblers...we can't wait one second to place a bet... because of the Thrill of Gambling. Eventually there will be a universal platform for gambling with Gamblers being the only shareholders-- a Gamblers cooperative , where after costs the profits are returned to each Gambler as a measure of Turnover. This will come soon ....once the greedy have been overturned ...and only we can do this. Great write up ,and agree mostly with every point
  15. Solario333

    Book of Ming

    Great Hit , and welcome to the TGC...