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    B*ST**DS !!
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    Today’s selections

    I ACTUALLY BACKED A WINNER TODAY !!! SingleTODAY 16:54 16:55LINGFIELD Steel Helmet To Win at 9/4 Stake £27.00 WON £87.75
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    T-Bagged by

    The essential mathematics is that 888 is a greedy narrow bigoted arrogant impersonal entity that needs to be vacuum packed and sent to the centre of the Sun for cleansing ---- and I think thats exactly what will happen where's my transwarp particle accelerator .....It'll just take a moment to set up !!! Nasty vermin ridden orcs. Bye Bye ......
  5. Solario333


    Its so easy to continue. The chance to hit a really big one when you're flush with cash is always there after a big win . Nevertheless great Hit and good cash out. NEVER EVER REGRET ANYTHING...... YOU ARE ALIVE...... SPEAKING AS ONE MANY YEARS OLDER ......
  6. Solario333

    12-08 TV Panorama

    Thank you @david1111 . its all a smokescreen to hide the fact they really only want you to lose the money , because it suits the rich. Tv and Media are just pawns who do whatever the boss says...... and the Boss is rich. I am pleased to say that it will all come tumbling down soon ......and God will restore the respect of every individual .
  7. Solario333

    Sods Law! *£5 to £500 Challenge*

    I am starting the challenge shortly when ~I have a strategy that suits me. 1. place a treble or fourfold at 1/4 2/9 30/100 and 1/12 only . 2. stats say 2/5 and 10/21 don't do too well over four bets. 3. So the treble would be yeilding a lower return --- and the fourfold might yeild 1.15 .... just over evens but is a better bet. staking units of 3.33 , 33.33 and 333 only. beginning at the weekend ... and letting the 3.33 rollover until it reaches above 33.33 and so on.
  8. Solario333

    12-08 TV Panorama

    talk Talk Talk ---- Thats just the purpose of all these programs .....let the man in the street think that we care .... the government is only interested n looking good and continuing the gravy train. Why have they not tightened up on online casinos .... because they don't care. Can you still lose 1000,s in minutes in a bookie --- YES Can you still put all your wages online and lose it all in 10 seconds -- YES Are banks making money from online casinos ?? YES . The more debt you have , the more bank/creditcard debt you will have.... the more bank charges you will pay ..... so 1000,s of adverts on TV --- good business for advertising companies -- who spend big bucks on lobbying MPs .... parties, gifts , holidays etc. The mass media is a useful tool to deceive the public. Nothing has changed . The rich get richer and you will pay !!! However hard the Gambling Commission try to close down corruption , the powers in politics will just delay , prevaricate, obstruct, and find a new way to fleece you. However the good news is that the Government is not going to stop the real powers of Good from doing something about this very soon. GIVE THE MONEY BACK ....... LEAVE THE POOR ALONE ----- STOP LYING TO US --- TELL THE TRUTH ----
  9. Week 1 of 38 Correction --- Thanks @philinvicta !! Pls keep an eye out for me..... 27 goals scored .................. Running Total 27 Most Goals for : Man City 5 ----------------------------------- MAN CITY Most Goals Against : West Ham (5) . ------------------------ WEST HAM Current Projection is 1026 Goals !!
  10. Solario333

    Sods Law! *£5 to £500 Challenge*

    Great stuff .... Glad you have tried it. Sleep is the key.
  11. Week 1 of 38 Correction --- Thanks @philinvicta !! Pls keep an eye out for me..... 27 goals scored .................. Running Total 27 Most Goals for : Man City 5 ----------------------------------- MAN CITY Most Goals Against : West Ham (5) . ------------------------ WEST HAM
  12. Week 1 of 38 26 goals scored .................. Running Total 26 Most Goals for : Man City 5 ----------------------------------- MAN CITY Most Goals Against : West Ham (5) . ------------------------ WEST HAM
  13. Solario333

    Over 1.5 Challenge

    Yes it can be daunting when big numbers come in your favour...... but nonetheless I shall have a little punt on this in a couple of weeks......applying the £10 rule ..... i.e. stop at a 4 winners ,,,,withdraw ,and start with a tenner again . adding a percentage to the start according to the result .... i.e. slowly increasing the initial bet to see how far the run will go ..... I will probably do it on WH. I will allow the run to continue until it loses regardless of the amount . When/if it reaches 100.00 I will post it for you to see.
  14. Solario333

    Over 1.5 Challenge

    What is most interesting here s not only the strategy ,but the sequence of withdrawals. So each time you win you take the profit and Bank it !! or increase the bet on the next sequence?