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  1. Solario333

    Evolution takeover Nolimit City

    We are all failed slot punters … regardless of win/loss ratio . Obviously it’s a big money investment which will no doubt make rich people richer !!
  2. In one of the most extraordinary days of test cricket ever seen at Headingley the England team wickets tumbled after some superb bowling by Boult ....england falling to 55 for 6 early in the first innings , chasing 329 from New Zealand. Cometh the hour , cometh the man .... In comes Bairstow and begins an illustrious 200 run partnership with Test debut Jamie Overton ... at close of play Overton has reached a formidable 89, not out, and Bairstow a glorious 130 not out .... New Zealand in a state of shock !! Of course the purists would say that the New England approach simply does not reflect test cricket ... I however loved the way that quality strokes and timed aggression fought to save the England team from humiliation and delivered sublime scoring ........ It was awesome !!
  3. Solario333

    I am getting fat !!

  4. Solario333

    I am getting fat !!

    Friday diet ….yummy fish and chips by the seaside !!
  5. Solario333


    All is love .
  6. Solario333

    Thankyou NETENT ❤️🚀💎

    which site is it on > ? and when ??
  7. Solario333

    I am getting fat !!

    I am entirely sated thank you having just had lunch . Hot buttered crumpets are on my list ,along with Chablis and custard tarts . No doubt they will be along later .
  8. Solario333

    I am getting fat !!

    Never heard of Bradley cooper !! What is gaga??
  9. Solario333

    I am getting fat !!

    No chance !!
  10. Solario333

    I am getting fat !!

    Despite all the kind words I shall be having salad for a few weeks and am increasing my daily walks in the good weather .... and maybe a trip to the seaside ...
  11. Solario333

    Bookies Centurion

    £1 max stake !!
  12. Solario333

    Bookies Centurion

    Bookmakers are applying greed in spades .... more cash every day ..... the FOBTs are raking in the money at 81%RTP ....!!!!! It is criminal extortion and entrapment that must be recognised as legal theft . We punters do far better with online games overall but getting paid is another matter !! I have never had a payment problem .... William hill , 21 casino, betfair, Unibet all payout promptly with no crap excuses .... some of my withdrawals are £2k plus ...(a couple of years ago before I started the tinkering) . Now i'm on a break most of the time because I am snowed under with other commitments ...Tinkering is more fun and yields small payouts without real financial pain. I am marginally up this year but its small money... In the bookies I only do horses and place pots and im losing on horses but up on place pots .
  13. Solario333

    I am getting fat !!

    kind words !!
  14. Solario333

    I am getting fat !!

    Here I am on Saturday in Pitshanger Manor in ealing ...for a wedding and resting before the ceremony ........and clearly I need to lose a few pounds !!!
  15. Solario333


    Very nice to see Bonanza Paying out .....almost like a mirage !!!