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  1. I think you all were just naive regarding this whole thing, but theres still things that I see you need to work towards to make it right.
  2. @FruitySlots a little bit of a contradiction with a couple of your posts regarding the non-gamstop casino you are promoting as the very first casino I see when i click on your page. you state: ' In regards to that Casino you refer to they may be pulling my leg with BS but i was told clearly last week that they have started the tech integration and testing is ongoing and all being well they will be listed on gamstop asap and by sept latest.' so you have known for at least a week (maybe longer, who knows) that you are promoting a non-gamstop casino. Yet you post this in your post today, I would also like to take this opportunity to hold my hands up and say I was not aware that any UK licensed casino could not be on Gamstop. I thought it was fundamental prerequisite for any UK licenced casino to be part of Gamstop and therefor have never checked with any new partners who are UK licensed whether they are on Gamstop. This is another massive lesson for me and something I wont make the same mistake again with. and you are taking their word for it (who in their right mind takes the word of the casinos?!) that they will be registered on Gamstop by September, so that could still be another 2-6 weeks (all being well according to them, if not all being well then who knows when?) heavily promoting a casino that circumvents Gamstop
  3. mate, this is all back to front. people shouldnt have to complain about a casino before you take action to disassociate yourselves from them. You should know who you are promoting at all times, and if a casino says to you that they will be on gamstop in the near future then your response should be to get back to you when it actually happens. But to be promoting non-gamstop casinos in the UK is just wrong on all levels, you have to see that
  4. centipede


    is there a draw, or is it a free for all for all days?
  5. centipede

    Lampard to Chelsea wtf?!!!

    a thumping by Man utd in the first game, and from the running commentary on SSN website, a 1-1 draw at home with leicester who had the majority of the chances to win it in the last half hour. the 4/1 looks great value now
  6. why dont you create another thread about nickslots as you seem to have beef with him, and use this thread for the topic that it was for. We want to know your thoughts about this topic
  7. So they push gamstop to people who need it, and then post ways of getting round it? Sounds legit.
  8. Did I even mention nicks name?
  9. I dont get your post at all. It should matter to you what kind of people the streamers are and their morals. For steamers to promote ways to circumvent gamstop with dodgy casinos that will only get them into deeper shit is just shameful. This isn't them just advertising the casinos to every tom dick and harry, this is them advertising these dodgy casinos to people who are struggling with gambling addiction and have taken necessary steps to try and help themselves towards a better life without gambling. Some people like you just dont care what people are doing, and that's obviously your prerogative, but you should have basic morals that you think they should adhere too
  10. reminds of of that class Roy Keane video wheres he just says 'nonsense, its absolute nonsense' and goes on one of his rants if anyone remembers that video basically they are wankers
  11. centipede

    Saturdays Bankroll

  12. centipede

    When was the last time you cracked one out......

    That will be the easiest TGC meet up to organise mate!
  13. ..... after eating Cornflakes? Purely for research purposes. I need to see how effective the cereal was in fulfilling the purpose it was designed for. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/food/eat/corn-flakes-originally-created-to-clear-the-mind-of-sinful-thoughts/news-story/d22e8e7b8ed307347551c74131da4c13 Mr Kellogg, the man who created Corn Flakes, produced the cereal in the late 19th century and marketed it as a “healthy, ready-to-eat anti-masturbatory morning meal”.
  14. centipede

    Online Gambling in Switzerland

    hasn't Switzerland just banned foreign based casinos? you can still gamble using Swiss based casinos can't you?
  15. centipede

    Today’s selections

    you two havent???