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  1. centipede

    Self excluded with GAMSTOP but could still deposit

    I hate questions like this. On the one hand, I cant stand casinos/bookies abusing these situations and being in no lose positions where if the player won they wouldnt have paid out anyway. In this case because the casino didnt flag out the gamstop they are saying they would have paid out any winnings. Debatable enough in itself But on the other hand, I equally hate it when someone spunks their money and wants a refund. Its like having the deciding vote about whether chipmonkz or roshtein wins gambling streamer of the year
  2. centipede

    Day of days

    i think you should have had to sign for it or at least show proof that that name is you
  3. centipede

    I take exception to...

    Instead we got called crybabies and snowflakes. Rolla had to stump up 1500 to stop the tantrums and people threatening to leave. Ridiculous
  4. centipede

    I take exception to...

    To be honest, I think @Denman @Kev40 and myself should be knighted for getting the bullet stopped. For services to help addicts
  5. centipede

    TGC bullet, Sat 16th May

    Another one who was on gamstop 11 months ago. No doubt I'm guessing the gamstop conveniently expired before this bullet though.
  6. centipede

    TGC bullet, Sat 16th May

    Yep. They won their chance to be enablers by stamping their feet and sulking
  7. centipede

    TGC bullet, Sat 16th May

    At least the cry baby brigade got their wish in the end
  8. centipede

    TGC bullet, Sat 16th May

    For the record, I am also signed up to GamStop for 5 years. I have no vested interest in this bullet other than to try to protect other fellow gamstop and gambling addicts from an avenue to gamble, and to give them the best possible chance of making the Gamstop work for them in the long run
  9. centipede

    TGC bullet, Sat 16th May

    its not about being a snowflake. its about not allowing problem gamblers who have made the decision themselves to get help, an avenue to feed their addiction
  10. centipede

    TGC bullet, Sat 16th May

    bump @lisbonlions67
  11. centipede

    TGC bullet, Sat 16th May

    people cannot lose anything from a giveaway. people can lose their money through a joint bullet. its a big difference
  12. centipede

    TGC bullet, Sat 16th May

    dont ignore me @lisbonlions67
  13. centipede

    TGC bullet, Sat 16th May

    the thing is mate, when you sign up to GamStop you are effectively saying that you want to stop gambling and have no control over the addiction and you want to do this as a last resort to gain a gamble free life. as fellow gamblers, to allow someone who is gamstopped through oneof these joint bullets doesnt do them any good in the long run
  14. centipede

    TGC bullet, Sat 16th May

    Anything you want to say mate? @lisbonlions67 You should still be on gamstop apparently for another month...
  15. centipede

    TGC bullet, Sat 16th May

    But it completely contradicted blacko's previous posts. So it just made the whole thing a waste of time.