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  1. centipede

    Where's Rolla?

    have you not managed to get into nicks pants yet then?
  2. centipede

    Bandit's video

    not all gambling. some people can have their bets on every week and have the self control and nous to stick to their stakes and never go above. that is being responsible. for others like me, gambling can and does descend into chaos, and know full well the pitfalls of gambling. as for people who need urgent help on here and nothing gets said, i personally think i would say if i saw it. and have told miller before when ive seen him do his balls
  3. centipede

    Bandit's video

    bandit says his gives the majority of his affiliation away in giveaways, and its probably true. but just because he does, doesnt means he gambles responsibly himself. in fact, its completely the opposite
  4. centipede

    Bandit's video

    bandit is basically the definition of irresponsible gambling
  5. centipede

    Guess the present

    wasnt me mate, never watched dlabs stream. happy christmas to you as well crunchie
  6. centipede

    Guess the present

    the news of your presence bought me out of hibernation mate
  7. centipede

    Guess the present

  8. centipede

    Today’s selections

    please let the record show that i called @Miller26 a Im not keen on this fudger thing
  9. centipede

    Guess the present

    12 inch miller26 dildo, freshly moulded
  10. centipede

    Today’s selections

    @Miller26 you little fudger! I was hoping to win 2019 worst rtp on the today's selections thread, but you've just fucked me up! Just logged in because a little birdy told me you were back! Hope you're well mate, and obviously missed you when you were gone!!
  11. centipede

    Hello from London

    If @Hydra has got a spare 5 minutes, he should fire up the spreadsheet and work out Miller's rtp on the today's selections thread
  12. centipede

    Hello from London

    Welcome @Hydra Out of interest, where did you see the good tips on the site? We at TGC pride ourselves on mediocrity at best, with a dash of full retard every now and then. so to hear someone say that theres good tips on here makes me question TGC as a whole! @Miller26 was the only real gambling shrewdie to ever post on here
  13. centipede

    Got what I deserved?

    out of interest mate, why cant you spend a little bit of those winnings and get yourself a passport? then get your account verified and withdraw the rest of your balance? would pay to do that than just blow the funds for the sake of it?
  14. centipede

    Shutting down threads?

  15. centipede

    Shutting down threads?

    No idea mate. Some people just live to try and argue and prove people wrong. You cant educate pork