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  1. centipede


    whats with you lot and the different names lol
  2. centipede


    Barry Pinches
  3. centipede


    it does say hes been stranded since 1990,but he is in good humour lol. taking those curacao dollars to the bank on Salyut 8T
  4. centipede


    yeah they are jokers those places. talking of con artists, I looked up funniest scams earlier because i fancied a chuckle, and this one was so outrageous it made me think who the hell are they trying to fool! first african in space, and he couldnt come home because his place was taken up by 'return cargo' haha props for the imagination on the guy
  5. centipede

    Rollas YouTube fake money vid

    I dont blame you! hes part of the cliquey casinomeister bellend brigade
  6. centipede

    Rollas YouTube fake money vid

    its to do with compliance??? fuck off
  7. centipede

    Rollas YouTube fake money vid

    Dazza G must be one of the biggest bellends going. never liked the guy, or his attitude. seen him get pissed off before because he was short some affiliate money, or his affiliate links werent working properly. complete johnson imo
  8. i know right, and then get stitched up in the first 30 seconds of the match! at least we were there though, hopefully we can replicate it sometime soon
  9. hope you still got your tin foil hat on mate, the TV police are still looking for you after you streamed that saints game for free id hate to be you if/when they get hold of you!
  10. yeah gronk will be a big miss. I went against them last year and they went and bloody won it! it was more personal though! lol. see, never mix gambling and emotions! Have to see what happens in pre season, no reason why the rams, chiefs and saints wont give it a bloody good go this year though. and Packers with a new head coach have to be better than they were last year. ravens at long odds are usually never out of the mix. have to see what pre season brings
  11. how you getting on? looking forward to the new season yet? with @Crunchienut @spursman? the NFL has more holiday than Cliff Richard
  12. at least your getting something for your money glad to hear youre staying strong mate and staying away from it, well done it aint easy thats for sure!
  13. at least its got everyone talking! its probably well overdue someone speaking out, ive never heard of captain davo so no real opinion from me, but some of these streamers take the piss. maybe a way around it would be that you have to be accredited from a accredited source? something that would give real streamers that stamp of approval? who knows. glad to hear youre all good
  14. centipede


    whose the captain?? first 10 seconds lol
  15. centipede


    in regard to the Davo response vid, did it remind anyone else of when youve done something wrong, and your mum/dad say 'im not angry with you, just disappointed!'