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  1. centipede

    Every bloody time

    Mate. You gotta either A - accept it as part of the relationship or B - stick up for yourself and remind her that it's not acceptable Either way you go can be manipulated. Relationships are something I'm black and white on, and am probably incorrect really. I have my own personal values that I live by in relationships that mean I'd rather be alone than be pissed on. Not saying this is happening to you, but its my own lersonal values
  2. centipede

    Millers & Pokers Benefit AW Racing - Lay Trophy

    Thats the spirit mate! Nor me, shit comp anyway. Reddot dancer 8.00, and im laying it to come out of the gates with all 4 legs please
  3. centipede

    Today’s selections

    wow, unlucky there when it was trading at 50s and hit 75 in running I thought you were dead, then it went as low as 1.12 in running and just lost out
  4. centipede

    I bend her over

    @Rubyslippers edited her cock out. This is the ladyboy casino. looks pretty tame for a 'pornhub' casino imo. they should AT LEAST be completely starkers and firing the cards out like they do in those ping pong shows (that ive heard about on the grapevine)
  5. centipede

    Today’s selections

    you really do NOT want my horse tips lol. Im at work so I cant even look at any form or anything. my Betfair sessions where i back a lot of outsiders involves no homework, merely putting a few quid (min stake is £2, but usually i whack on anything thats going to make me £1000+ if it comes in) on anything over 250-1 and seeing how it goes! ive had a few nice hits, especially the one I had at 999/1 for £2. sometimes ive had half the field in races for various stakes and they have all been between 100-1000. Always hoping to get that horse come in with form figures like 0000PU0000P0PU00PP
  6. centipede

    Today’s selections

    haha, its easy when you get to use it. and if i was getting paid out at 3x 4x 5x 10x the price for when I get outsiders winning I would make it my bag of horse feed!! even if you dont use it a lot, its really worth having an exchange account somewhere. If not just for piece of mind every now and then if youve got a big bet on, you can lay some off to guarantee profit rather than those dreaded 90th minute equalisers in the football, or suchlike
  7. centipede


    basically predict the scores in the 5 games mate. copy what everyone else has done and put your selections next to millers name (change it so its your name) you have game week 3 and 4 there, so you need to do 2 lots of selections
  8. centipede

    Millers & Pokers Benefit AW Racing - Lay Trophy

    1pstaker 16.05 Ling Top Power 19.45 Chel Lion Hearted 19.15 Chel Sevenaya 20.00 Dund Chapparal Dream jok3st3r Lingfield 16.05 Top Power Lingfield 16.40 Cracker Factory Chelmsford 17.45 Pentland Lad Chelmsford 19.45 Lion Hearted TRWS Lovee Dovee 5.00 Dundalk Baltic Song 4.05 Lingfeild Kingi Compton 1.50 Lingfeild Mulzamm 6.30 Dundalk Philinvicta Ling 4.05 Top Power Ling 4.40 Cracker Factory Chelms 7.15 Severnaya Dundalk 7.30 Shes My Dream Blampy Top Power. 16.05 Lingfield Severnaya. 19.15 Chelmsford Lion Hearted. 19.45 Chelmsford Lovee Dovee. 17.00 Dundalk CRUNCHIE Top Power 4.05 Lingfield Cracker factory 4.40 Lingfield Lovee Dovee 5.00 Dun Sereneya 7.15 Chelmsford Solario Lingfield 13.50 Kingi Compton Lingfield 16.05 Top Power Dundalk 19.30 Libras power chelmsford 19.45 Lion Hearted. Richie 14:25 Ling - Red Phoenix 17:00 Dund - Lovee Dovee 17:45 Chelm - Pentland Lad 19:45 Chelm - Serenaya David1111 Kingi Compton 1.50 Ling Top Power 4.05 Ling Saaheq 6.45 Chelm Severnaya 7.15 Chelm centipede 4.05 lingfield top power 7.15 chelmsford severnaya 8.00 dundalk chaparral dream 5.00 dundalk lovee dovee
  9. centipede

    Millers & Pokers Benefit AW Racing - Lay Trophy

    im afraid thats my fault, as i also had it! shouldnt we both be -100 for those ones?
  10. centipede


  11. centipede

    Well Hello Everyone

    I have no issue as I think for all the good that they actually do on Casinomeister, they totally mess it all up by going on crazy power trips and silencing and banning people on a whim, quite often very undeserved but hey, they can do what they want when they want to do it. Even though I havent been in an argument with any of them, the Max fellow I take particular issue with, and to a slightly lesser degree Casinomeister himself. Plus I dont believe they can be completely unbiased in their decisions when they are in the pocket of the casinos.
  12. centipede

    Well Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the mad house. youve got me intrigued about the issues on the other forum, basically because im a nosey bastard!
  13. centipede

    Millers & Pokers Benefit AW Racing - Lay Trophy

    after hitting 2 winners yesterday, im hoping there will be a suitable 1/100 horse tomorrow that will bail me out of the shit. I wonder if @Player1173 will be doing his lays like yesterday? im intrigued..