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  1. well done all the winners
  2. Rubyslippers


    Yes i totally agree no slot is worth playing (i should of worded that differently) , but i enjoy playing and keeping within sensible limits as many of us do as i have since vertually online casinos first started 25 years ago , i was just really trying to establish if we are being handicapped more than the RTP says and we really need to keep an eye out with some of these newer games , thanks
  3. Rubyslippers


    Thanks for all the feedback , So it looks like as a UK player were never going to get big hits from this game as the true RTP is probably more based on "buying bonuses " us poor fudgers are only probably on 70% RTP in reality , so not got any hope with this game unless it magically bounces in 5 scatter start which seems as rare as rocking horse ..... ( and then not even guaranteed a monster hit) . , i think i will play east coast west coast as alternative , cheers for the feedback i presume there will be other games with similar poor RTP we will have to keep eyes open for
  4. Hi , For the last 3 weeks i been playing this game alot probably 2k down on .80p/£1 stakes ,, being a UK player there is no option to buy a bonus , so all been natural triggers of which i have only managed 3 bonus symbol triggers not even close to 5 , all the bonuses paid between 30x and 140x my question is has anyone had a big hit off this game just playing naturally or is the game a waste of time and just has no potential at all unless you can buy a bonus , maybe the game does drop 4 and 5 symbol triggers in and i just been unlucky , just wanted to know if anyone has had any joy on this game before i do my balls in as it just seems there is virtually zero chance of 5 symbol trigger playing naturally ,, cheers
  5. Rubyslippers

    New Gambling Regulations - UK

    Think they went a bit to far , i do find it very intrusive i have already closed several accounts poker/casino related because i feel uncomfortable giving a casino site my bank statements (one wanted access to my bank account through a 3rd party ) , i presume there will be an increase is punters going from online back to land based casinos. I can go into my local news agents and buy 100`s of scratch cards , then stick a load on lottery then pop into bookies then off to casino with no questions asked ? Utter madness !
  6. Rubyslippers

    He did it! He finally fudging did it!

  7. Hi , Unfortunatly it is very unlikely the casino will directly pay out your winnings (as they cover themselves in t+c and regulations and its up to the account holder to follow there rules ) , you may have fight with there regulator and explain you did not realise (you may need to show them proof you live together and there is money laundering going on ect.) , and if you cant get your funds off them then they should refund your previous deposits , the casinos are often in a win win situation , they will happily let you deposit away , day after day losing money , but when you hit a win and try make big withdrawl they want account verified , proof of earnings documents / source of income , proof of i.d they will look for any reason not to pay out this previous post may be worth a read
  8. Thanks for the comp @Rocknrolla and congrats to all the winners
  9. Rubyslippers

    Your Net Deposits

    I have set deposit limits on both sites i gamble on 888 casino and partypoker both $40 , unfortunatly because i am an absolute degenerate i have not had 1 cashout in over 2 years ,, i make 1 deposit each day only on one site only, this equates to a $14,600 loss but i only set deposit limits around 6 months ago so probably in the region of 50k $ (£36,545) loss over a full year. A few times i have got up to a decent amount (between 3k-5k) but i always want 40-50 k , just the way my mind works. Luckily my 888 account has been temporary restricted, 888 asked for "source of funds" either payslip , yearly tax return or direct access to my bank accounts !! which they can fudge off i know this is to do with UK gambling regulations but i feel very uncomfortable giving any poker/casino site this information . Over the last 20 years i estimate that i have lost north of 500k to online casinos which looking back makes me want to puke , maybe i clawed back 80k in online poker (especially in the early days ) but good thing is now i am steadily saving money over the last few years , i dont have the option to go on tilt and blow 10-20k in 1 night or blow my months rent , or max out 4 or 5 credit cards , $40 is my max irrespective of what i have avaliable , although i can change my deposit limits , i will not , those days of gut wrenching pain after loosing 20k on 1 slot playing $50 spins in gone , or clearing out every penny avaliable to me , now i have $40 per day to achive my crazy goals (hopefully one day i will be posting my sick win on here , i been at war with bonanza for almost 2 years , i will get it one day hopefully , cheers
  10. Aston Villa 1 - 2 Newcastle Brighton 2 - 1 Blackpool Aberdeen 4 - 1 Motherwell Manchester 1 - 2 Liverpool Livingston 3 - 0 St Mirren Bournemouth 2 - 0 Crawley cheers
  11. Rubyslippers

    Jammin Jars MEGA

    Very very nice , as others have said set limits as it can all go just as quick (buy / invest something ) good luck and congrats
  12. Rubyslippers

    Where have i been?

    Prison ?
  13. Rubyslippers

    What the hell

    sorry for you loss mate , it hurts , done it so many times myself , loosing large amounts , emptying bank accounts , maxing credit cards , have won large amounts which would of really helped me out 15k 22k 25k and i never cashed out ,, i closed most of my online casino accounts and just kept 2 open ,,setting daily deposit limits probably best thing i ever done because i know the potential is there for me to blow every penny i have at any point .