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  1. andywilliams1187


    Funnily enough just got off a call with one of our NHS clients - they have been told "off the record" to start looking at how to manage vaccinations for 2-5 year olds.
  2. andywilliams1187


    I wonder how that would work for the peopel who commute between Ireland/Northern Ireland
  3. andywilliams1187


    I am not usually one for conspiracy theories mate but i was reading up on Andreas Noack the other day and something is really not right there.
  4. andywilliams1187


    Would love to come up and catch up before christmas mate, but with it being on the 17th can't risk potentially getting the self-isolation notice and having to spend christmas away from the family. Then again its a great excuse to not have to visit the inlaws.
  5. andywilliams1187


    There is likley to be a lot of fallout over the next few months with some of the rules being pushed on people. Greece have announced that from February (i think) over 60's who are unvaccinated will be fined every month if they refuse to have the jab. Austria and Germany passing mandatory laws for vaccinations from next year. Will be interesting to see if it is made mandatory by the EU as it would not affect the UK but would would affect Ireland
  6. andywilliams1187

    Anxiety, panic attacks and triggers.

    What if sending veiled threats through personal messages sends someone over the edge?
  7. andywilliams1187

    Anxiety, panic attacks and triggers.

    Ironically i tried it once for anger management - sat in the counsellors office in south harrow. Counsellor telling me how i should channel my anger, look out the window and some scumbag was trying to steal my motorobike. I never went back after that lol
  8. andywilliams1187

    Leovegas allowing bonus buys for UK residents?

    My brother just messaged to say they have taken the game down lol. RB are you a spark by trade? Can't remember if its yourself who is? If so do you mind if i PM you got some queries about an extension
  9. andywilliams1187

    Leovegas allowing bonus buys for UK residents?

    My brother sent it over this morning (im banned from Leo now) but he is on to live chat about it
  10. Anyone know why you can do bonus buys on Leo (DOA2)??
  11. andywilliams1187

    Mps on the payroll

    Problem is there is no one to challenge boris mate Labour are a shit show at the moment. No faith in starmer, corbyn was weak. Love them or hate them, the country needs a strong leader similar to attlee, Thatcher, churchill etc. As long as labour is weak, there is no real challenge against them.
  12. andywilliams1187

    Craigslots Crypto Casino Video

    If his name really is kev............
  13. andywilliams1187

    Mps on the payroll

    Good to see our elected mps getting their piece of the gambling pie
  14. andywilliams1187

    Craigslots Crypto Casino Video

    Stay well away mate. You tilt as badly as me so it wouldnt end well lol