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  1. andywilliams1187


    He has been released from hospital today mate. On a course of antibiotics and blood thinners. Told to return to hospital if pain gets worse but apparently there is less risk of him getting covid at home so it's better if he is there. Absolute joke.
  2. andywilliams1187

    Verified Streamer .com

    I can't accept this as proof unfortunatley. If he has not even got a bronze verification badge, then i just dont know hahahah
  3. andywilliams1187


    @ISlot we could start a COVD Vaccine verification service. We could clean up with one of them. Give them all badges as verified. That will reassure everyone.
  4. andywilliams1187


    Not surprising to be honest mate - as the uptake increased, there is a massive market for "booster" jabs (if they are even needed). Ive said it before - some people are making so much money off the back of this it's insane.
  5. andywilliams1187


    He used to do the tough mudder/mad dog runs but hasnt competed for about 18 months. He's in a right state at the moment though in a lot of pain waiting for specialists to decide what they want to do.
  6. andywilliams1187


    I honestly think that people will just start getting fake covid passports. It won't be long before someone can figure out a way of doing it ( @ISlot )this could be a good market for you lol. In all seriousness, if you can still get covid after having both jabs (one of our security managers unfortunatley died last week after having both jabs) then the fake passports are a possibility as you could still get COVID anyway. On a different note, my youngest brother (27) has been told he is not allowed to get the second jab yet due to pains in his legs (happened around 6 weeks after the first jab) which he has been told is potentially small blood clots. He is in hospital now under observation.
  7. andywilliams1187

    Worst names

    I remember I once worked in a call centre (I lasted about 15 minutes before telling them to stick it as customer service is not me). One of the first people I had to call was a Mrs T. Watt. It was the best part of the job and i will never forget that name.
  8. andywilliams1187

    I Tried To Embarrass Mike Tyson...

    I didnt see it live mate (I was only 2 at the time lol) but my dad had it on video tape and I've watched it a few times. Cracking fight
  9. andywilliams1187

    Verified Streamer .com

    Does that mean you will verify him Would be funny if he actual went through the verification though
  10. andywilliams1187

    Verified Streamer .com

    I have to ask - how did you phrase it though hahaha
  11. andywilliams1187

    Verified Streamer .com

    Are you adding a disclaimer to say although verified, it does not prove 100% that steamers are playing with their own funds
  12. andywilliams1187

    Verified Streamer .com

    Surprised your here commenting mate - there is no free giveaway on at the moment hahahahaha
  13. andywilliams1187

    Progressplay owe £25800 Betsteve + Betdukes + 2kbets

    I do like the difference of opinions on here - even though the majority of them are wrong hahahaha
  14. andywilliams1187

    Verified Streamer .com

    I only sign up to things that are verified mate.
  15. andywilliams1187

    Verified Streamer .com

    He lives in cornwall. Probably gets paid in WI-FI booster packages and running water.