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  1. Crunchienut

    Today’s selections

    80/1 not mad enough haha....... didn't improve for the step up in distance unfortunately, never mind it was worth a punt, didn't fancy any other mad ones today. PP NEWCASTLE - 2 - 8,10,13 - 1,2 - 2,6 - 1,3 - 1,2,5 e/w trebles Harbour Patrol 4.25 @ 18/1, Astrophysics @11/1 6.25(x) and Red Pike @8/1 6.55 Dandy Highwayman 6.25(x) @12/1, Red Pike @8/1 6.55 and Steelriver @8/1 7.25 Good Luck.......had to do the pike bet even tho I had not luck today with the new lures i had for xmas
  2. Crunchienut

    Today’s selections

    none ..... I'm on a lake which if 50 people visit a year I would be surprised. Gotta try and do my PP in a mo. I got Abel Tasman as a madman bet in the first...
  3. Crunchienut

    Today’s selections

    Fudga my Fudge....I done a horse called Minella 5-O on here the last twice its run, missed him today and gone and won at 14/1 at market rasen ffs. Onwards.....
  4. Crunchienut

    Today’s selections

    .......talking of which, Im off fishing for a couple of hours while the weather is good. I picked out some PP horses for tonight on my break so I'll be around later for a litlle while. Good Luck @Poker
  5. Crunchienut

    Ronaldo or messi

    Messi, never thought I'd see a better player than Maradonna, until he came along. BUT Ronny is better in the air and possibly a better team player. Oh, apparently this year Modric was better than both of them ...... yeah, right.
  6. Crunchienut

    TGC Football Tipster FA CUP 2018/19

    So there we have it...the draw is complete for the QF of the 2019 TGC FA Cup. The following ties will take place on Friday 25th Jan and Saturday 26th Jan. Again, if its a tie we will have extra time games in Feb. Cheers 1. Arsenal v Man Utd (FRI) 2. Bristol City v Bolton (FRI) 3. Brighton v WBA 4. Portsmouth v QPR 5. Newcastle v Watford 6. Shrewsbury v Wolves 7. Millwall v Everton @centipede VS @o0ORyaanO0o @h0tsh0t87 VS @Mad Slasher McGurk @Crunchienut VS @1pstaker @Denman VS @Kinkerbells
  7. Crunchienut

    Millers & Pokers Benefit Twilight All Weather Racing Trophy

    Kinks and Centi are the ones to watch....this is Pokers first tournament too...and don't worry, Poker will have a shock when he cant pick 5 in a race, only 3 allowed over the entire meeting haha. sure you will be fine. if in doubt, do the faves thats my advice. But I will put up the rules later, just appreciate extra people playing, as we normally only get 16 and only 10 for the first one. By the way there are a couple more playing who don't normally do horses, so your not alone. Enjoy the ride.....
  8. Crunchienut

    Today’s selections

    Rolla's stream last night, where I was chatting to miller.
  9. Crunchienut

    Millers & Pokers Benefit Twilight All Weather Racing Trophy

    Poker, Kinks and centipede are the ones to avoid, by hook or by crook they have both won two of these knockout comps. You need a bit of luck that your oppo doesn't have a stellar day, as Rolla usually finds out, but it gets exciting towards the end.
  10. Crunchienut

    Millers & Pokers Benefit Twilight All Weather Racing Trophy

    Cheers Hackzy lad for that. Just to point out there is no re-draw for this, unlike the footy, the winner of each section (A,B and C), after 3 days of Knock Out, will play off in Saturdays finale. so in round 2 on Thursday, winner of match 1 will play winner of match 2, 3 plays 4 and so on. Then on Friday the winners of those games plays off for a chance to be in the final, and a shot at the prizes. Good luck everyone. SECTION A 1. Richie VS Solario333 2. TheRealWinterSoldier VS Hacks 3. Markymark VS David 4. 1pStaker VS Crunchie SECTION B 5. Blampy VS Centipede 6. Player1173 VS Jess 7. Kinkerbells VS Villalad 8. Rocknrolla VS Marky147 SECTION C 9. Philinvista VS Mad Slasher 10. Hotshots VS Sirbetsalot 11. Poker VS Lighty45 12. 4houghts VS DIJackFrost
  11. Crunchienut

    Millers & Pokers Benefit Twilight All Weather Racing Trophy

    Alreet, I have now closed entries for this competition, as there has been no new interest for a week and I have a nice workable number to do the comp. With 24 competitors (our most yet), you would think some sort of Jack Bauer themed comp would be in order, but I couldn't think of one.(Unless we play a comp where there is a game where we pick from 24 different sport events that are happening around the world, for every hour in a day, and one of us gets knocked out every hour..... until only one man remains).... Anyway, It will be straight knockout here, 24 to start, and 3 in Saturday nights finale and Hackz will be doing the draw shortly. I will post the usual rules here soon, but these are the names of those who said they wanted to play or have been forced to 1. @Poker 2. @david1111 3. @DIJACKFROST 4. @Blampy 5. @therealwintersoldier 6. @1pstaker 7. @MrUKHackz 8. @Crunchienut 9. @RichieFC 10. @Kinkerbells 11. @Jessr 12. @Player1173 13. @centipede 14. @Markymark 15. @Sirbetsalot 16. @4houghts 17. @Lighty45 18. @h0tsh0t87 19. @Rocknrolla 20. @philinvicta 21. @Mad Slasher McGurk 22. @Solario333 23. @Marky147 24. @VillaLad If someone can't play, their opponent will be given a bye to the next round, unless I can find someone else to play. So, if you know in advance you can't now play, please can you let me know. Otherwise I take it your all good to go for next week.
  12. Crunchienut

    Millers & Pokers Benefit Twilight All Weather Racing Trophy

    Lazarus is coming back in February. He's out chasing his losses doing his lucky 15's...... just hoping they really are lucky for him for a change.
  13. Crunchienut

    Today’s selections

    Good to take a back seat and regroup sometimes. You can't miss out on Cheltenham tho. Best 5 days racing of the year. Already planned so my long weekend off falls on that week, so Thursday and Friday are sorted, and will hopefully only miss the first 2 races at most on Tues and Wed if I start early, so should be good. Managed my best day this month yesterday thanks to a little ew treble, otherwise just been ticking over in Jan, not lost more than £15 in a day but no decent wins till yesterday. Poker has been the boy on fire, his 4,5 or even 6 outsiders per race method is serving him well at the mo. You only need one nice winner in the day amongst all those and your sorted, regardless of the places. Trying to get him to do doubles on the shorter priced ones now, see if he can get bigger returns. Remember its Poker's and Millers AW Trophy starting Wednesday. Hackz should be doing the draw shortly. 24 this time round, most yet, so that's a positive. See ya there
  14. Crunchienut

    Today’s selections

    Can't agree more mate, this is where he needs to be, not staying off the site, but it's hard to get main man Miller to listen. He says he plans to come back in February but by which time I hope he hasn't gone too far with his betting, and that he manages to bail himself out with a win in the mean time.
  15. Crunchienut

    Book of ra ra ra magic

    Wheeeeeeeeeey!! GTFIT , yeah just after 11.....other than a one 200x on that game where you pick the cards in the bonus and it's shit if you dont get the gold one or retriggers. That one as he got a gold card. Miller came on chat....doing his balls in on the gee gees again.... on £90 Lucky 15's now!! chasing losses.