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  1. no choice for you laddie...... being our resident Grand Prix and Athletics expert
  2. Well done Everyone, some juicy prizes there.... and GTFIT Cheers @MrUKHackz and @Rocknrolla awesome stuff guys.....
  3. step out of dark into the light..... before long you'll be saying backina what??? I only want numbers just in case I think of a little side comp I can do..... but I'm still thinking . Hope you and Kev join in the Grand National comp too I'll put a thread up for that at the start of next week It will be a knockout comp only.
  4. Crunchienut

    Werherby on a Tuesday

    Your getting around a bit.... have a Good Un' and Good Luck! Having a few days away from betting, had a decent Cheltenham,.but I always find it tough after the Big One. Get back into things by the end of the week probably. Your getting like @Blampy obsessed with food..... gotta say you do stay in nice places. GTFIT
  5. Crunchienut

    Currently Listening to...

    didn't have you down as a dance man @Bangers and ya managed to get a Scottish band in there too. Sweet.
  6. Crunchienut

    Rugby League - Season Prediction Comp'

    well done mate.... upsets galore every week so ya done really well. GTFIT
  7. Crunchienut


    I know next to nothing about boxing, the two I included in the comp seem to be the 2 biggest fights for the month?? Khan should get his arse whooped. But did the scoring look fair to you? I will make the odd tweak before the weekend of the first bout if you think I could improve it with something fun for an extra few points?? cheers
  8. Crunchienut


    check out my final list of events in the registration thread. You had better play now. Plus any comments welcome as I know very little about tennis. Tried to make it fair for everyone and give chance for everyone to make some points. Any inside info on mens doubles on clay would be useful haha
  9. Crunchienut

    Gunman on the run.

    well said platoon leader
  10. Crunchienut

    Gunman on the run.

    Just thinking how good your written English is as well as your spoken English. Rememeber, my Dutch extends no further than counting to 10, saying please, thank you and hello, ass juice and attack! and I couldn't spell any of them with confidence haha...... except ass juice and that's your fault my friend
  11. Crunchienut

    Gunman on the run.

    I think I said this on here before.... more people killed by kids under 5 in America on average in the past 10 years than Muslim terrorist attacks. And they are just a tiny fraction of all murders committed in America. Right wing groups are a bigger problem. And peeps are still allowed to buy sub machine guns with no problems. That guy who killed 60 people and injured hundreds more in Vegas in 2017, biggest terrorist attack by a single man ever in the US, did the Press/news ever call him a terrorist as he was white? No. Yet what he committed was a terrorist attack. Yet the press in the Netherlands said it was a terrorist attack in Utrecht committed by a Muslim? before they even caught him!? Like i said, over here, they still know nothing more than his name and he is Turkish even now. Press got a lot to answer for when it comes to religious hatred and need to take more responsibility. I'll catch up with the news later..... take care My G
  12. Crunchienut

    Gunman on the run.

    I agree with the Hotshots and Brownman. 99.99999% of Muslims (remember that about 40% of the Worlds population and growing) are peace loving folk. But Islamic extremist groups eg ISIS who hate Americans and Western culture have arisen as the result of being blamed for 9/11 (which had fuck all to do with them), the way Muslims have been treated around the world since the event, and like Hotshots said the way the civilians in their countries have been treated by 'peace keeping forces' and Western Armies during the war. So like David said, however much we want peace and love, it ain't gonna happen, just get worse and worse.
  13. Crunchienut

    Gunman on the run.

    Nothing like that on the British news.... except he once fought in chechnya, and there are several ISIS groups known in the area...... they were quick to jump to conclusions if they were saying that before they caught him! Well said Freddy.... talk not abuse
  14. Crunchienut

    Gunman on the run.

    Not often I'll say this, but well said Hotshots. I agree with all you have said. Secure the oil pipelines for themselves, and take a large part in the drugs business that feeds the Americans needs. why should Afghans make all the money from selling drugs to the US, when the CIA and army can take control of it and sell it themselves?? somethings got to pay for their military presence
  15. Crunchienut

    Gunman on the run.

    He is Turkish and I believe has not said what his motives were, religious or otherwise. But after what happened in NZ it would be of no surprise if there wasn't Islamic retaliation somewhere in the World, bigger than today's possible attack. It won't stop Freddy, America started all this, and war makes them a lot of money, believe me, another one will kick off sooner rather than later in the Middle East, America can't afford for it not to happen. To peace loving people it seems incredible, but war makes more money than peace and America needs to justify the enormous sums keeping its vast army. For everyone......I know were having a discussion and everyone is entitled to their opinions, just no personal abuse. Pretty please. Much Love.