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  1. Crunchienut

    Today’s selections

    I've put it in a small speccy bet that;s all, might cling on for a place? who knows?
  2. Crunchienut

    Today’s selections

    Tiber and Daring guest are the 2 most likely winners, and will win soon, but way too short for me. Im looking for value, and thought at the prices AS might nick it from the front or hang on for a place? Only other one Im interested in is Kylukey at 12's from an ew perspective. Will do AS, but may do a speccy r/f with a couple of the other picks if I can't find much else tomorrow. Cheers.
  3. Crunchienut

    any golf punters about ?

    Piercy and Furyk both had meldowns over the space of 3 holes. Not happy @Jok3st3r we both been done right at the end. was looking good too. Grrrrrrrrrrr
  4. Crunchienut

    Today’s selections

    Next up.... 5.30 Chelms. Been looking at AWARDED 20/1. Assuming its last run was to blow away the cobwebs after some months off, it returns to the scene of it's previous run where it finished 2nd over C&D. Todays race is a grade lower and Awarded is carrying 4lb less. It is the only horse in the field that has even been placed over the C&D, plus it has a decent draw. Another one to look at @howfin Atzeni gone to Chelmsford for one ride.....GLEEFUL in the 4.20. apparently 5/1 3rd fave??? I'm not 100% convinced, but again worth looking at if the market speaks in its favour.
  5. Crunchienut

    Today’s selections

    @howfin check out the 2.35Ch. Just looking at the Irish horse AR SAORSIE 28/1 . You will have to overlook its last run over the shorter trip at southwell, at track which lots of horses don't take to. But on its previous run in Ireland it lost by 3L to a horse called Hathiq. who was over a stone well in on the ratings with AS, as it was a claimer on that occasion. Hathiq has since gone on and won twice off much higher marks again. If AS runs to that level again he should do well, there is nothing rated within 25lbs of Hathiq in this race. Might be worth a speccy punt? See what you think.
  6. Crunchienut

    Self excluded

    I'm sorry it got to this point for you obviously, but your doing the right thing, no question. Good luck my friend
  7. Crunchienut

    any golf punters about ?

    me and my big gob.... Piercy follos up his opening salvo with bogey, double bogey, par, bogey. Cheers Scott. keeeeemon Jim!
  8. Crunchienut

    Currently Listening to...

    old school now...
  9. Crunchienut

    Currently Listening to...

    Always time for a guilty pleasure song, right? or two?
  10. Crunchienut

    any golf punters about ?

    Brave man doing weisberger who's been slowly coming back into things after injury. Top 5 in a US PGA 2015?, and just missed out on the Ryder cup in 2016, the talent in there. generally holds his form well, so may be one to persevere with in these weaker tournaments. what kind of price was he? he wasn't on my list. I usually cut the field down to about 10 or 12 possibles and go from there according to price. In my discarded pile in the US this week...Na @66/1 and CT Pan 100/1. I kid you not. So Piercy has to come in. Good start tho -2 after 3. Keeeeeeeemon. Then its all down to Brooke Henderson in the ladies. But I'd be happy even with the Furyk ew double tbh. Then if Speith and brooke both won, that be awesome. Good luck phil.
  11. Crunchienut

    Currently Listening to...

    @Jok3st3r seen these on Graham norton recently. Not sure if I like em or not? Dunno if its the singer or just the tunes aren't catchy enough. Listed to a few songs and can't decide still. Is it just this song you like or the group?
  12. Crunchienut

    any golf punters about ?

    Last hole birdie from Wilson and a T4.... I got some interest tonight at least. But yes very disappointed by Piercy but he has chance to redeem himself. Even just a top 7 by Furyk I would be more than happy with now. I won't be greedy.
  13. Crunchienut

    Which Racing Pundit get's on your nerves?

    Don't think there is anyone I totally dislike totally. I like Matt Chapman too and not afraid to pick out a long shot which I like. Luke Harvey and Jason Weaver are a good team on Sky with Alex Hammond. Good to see poor Freddy Tylicki given a chance there. Francesca getting a hard time on here but she is not there as a tipster primarily, but to give advice as to the condition on the horses, and give an angle on the breeding. Even though she sounds exactly like a friend of mine, which I still find weird, I like her. She talks about things that most punters either don't care about or haven't got a scooby on what they are looking at, like me a lot of the tim. Weaver gives his tips after generally after watching them run to post, but sometimes before, and not afraid to pick one out at big odds. But Its great for those who bet singles, useless for my betting purposes haha. Only person/thing i have a slight negative about is Mick Fitz. They had him doing flat racing on C4, glad ITV sorted that out and brought in Weaver. But I just find him a little dull. I preferred John Francombe tbh. He was the best thing on the old Morning Line, again spoke his mind and picked out some nice winners in its time. I think Alice Plunkett is the only one still going from those days, and she is OK, seems friendly enough, dunno what to say about her, but like Francesca she's not there to tip horses. I stream Racing TV as little as possible even tho they get most of the racing, .... Just can't take to it, dunno if Ruby will improve things. It's just so morose, no one smiles. Thats my little say so on the matter......
  14. Crunchienut

    any golf punters about ?

    Day 4 and could have been interesting if scott Piercy hadn't dropped 3 shots in his last 4 holes. A brief summary, cos thats all it is, of my chances that are left. But I've gone into the last day with less.... EW Treble - Hebert (T26) or O. Wilson (T5) with S. Piercy (T12) with B. Henderson (T3) (small chance) EW Double - O. Wilson 110/1 (T5) with J. Furyk 80/1 (T2) - decentish shout Saver win Double - J. Speith T2 with B. Henderson T3 - small/medium chance so basically if Oliver Wilson doesn't finish in the top7 I'm stuffed as far as ew bets go. I got Broadhurst in the seniors, but nothing to go with him unless Streelman shoots a 64 last round. Unlucky Shades on Han in the Japanese tournament you got the ew right?, and good luck with Canizares and Fraustro sitting there at T9 ready to pounce, is that 6 places you need there?
  15. Crunchienut

    Today’s selections

    oh fuck! hope your making it for 10 then !!! haha..