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  1. Crunchie

    Today’s selections

    good to hear. Not bet that much, today was a good day. hopefully go a bit larger tomorrow..... You sorted your blocking thing then?
  2. Crunchie

    Today’s selections

    for you?? dunno Hackz can but I can have a look brb
  3. Crunchie

    Today’s selections

    @4houghts wonder if he had money on that 16/1 winner earlier sgt Miller or whatever it was called lol?? Hope Not!!
  4. Crunchie

    Today’s selections

    agree mate, Santini, the horse with promise against a proven top class performer. I go for proven form every tiime, even tho it likes flat tracks more, a gold cup 3rd can't be sniffed at. Beaten by Lostintranslation yes, but LIT is a better horse than Santini. NTD on decent form too.
  5. Crunchie

    Today’s selections

    had won 3/5 in the past 2 weeks, done both her horses in tonights PP. One unplaced in the 5.15, and like you said the other was second. She has the second fave in the last too!
  6. Crunchie


    It defaults to lube on my phone lol.... no worries @Jok3st3r will find and change it.
  7. Crunchie

    Today’s selections

    GTFIT chucked it in my PP, had the second as well. Sweet! cheers. my other one got 4th too, so decent picks all round
  8. Crunchie


    DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN SISTA PERSONALISED TOO !! GTFIT @Jessr...... the prizes were also the care of @centipede as he had won them in the past and was recycling them. You wearing that to the CG meet? lol
  9. Crunchie

    Anyone a Structual Engineer or Does Building Regs?

    Hire plenty of acro's for the support and there is plenty of advice and video's on YT as to what size steels you might need.Its not rocket science. But look first before paying for a structural engineer, you only have a small cottage. a lot will depend on the span of the opening. Building regs, a pain in the rectum, but like Player said you will need them when selling as you plan to. Cost used to vary on size of job, but a couple of hundred seems right, and above all take care when taking out a load bearing wall my friend. Do not do this alone. and deffo don't put steel rsj's in alone GL
  10. Crunchie

    FAO Blacko

    why didn't you just PM him? lol
  11. Crunchie

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    The Ice Man Cometh and destroyed us all last week. Ice work @Frosty lad. But @Solario333 is still in pole position as we head into week 4, with action from HQ and Donny. First race 1.50pm as usual. Still 10 days or so for anyone to join in the AW comp, which is the last one prior to Cheltenham in just 7 weeks!! Good Luck everyone, and thanks to @1pstaker as ever. @Kinkerbells, @Blampy, @Dave, @Sirbetsalot, @4houghts, @therealwintersoldier, @Player1173 @1pstaker, @Mad Slasher McGurk, @philinvicta , @groundiskey , @Douvan , @Jok3st3r @Frosty, @Solario333 , @Cleandries, @VillaLad, and @Sir Gnome CHELTENHAM 13:50 The Festival Trials Day Trophy Handicap Steeple Chase (Grade 3) 14:25 The Cotswold Steeple Chase (Grade 2) 15:00 The Ballymore Novices' Hurdle Race (Registered As The Classic Novices' Hurdle Race) (Grade 2) 15:35 The Galliardhomes.Com Cleeve Hurdle Race (Grade 2) DONCASTER 14:05 The Albert Bartlett River Don Novices' Hurdle Race (Grade 2) 14:40 The Yorkshire Rose Mares' Hurdle Race (Grade 2) (Nhmops Bonus Race) 15:15 The Sky Bet Handicap Steeple Chase (Listed Race)
  12. Crunchie


    Just the skeleton this weekend, no picks necessary unless you want to change your selections from last weekends events. All finishes next week, with Luge, Down Hill skiing and The Superbowl. I will put details up the weekend of whats required. Cheers and thanks for playing everyone.
  13. Crunchie

    Today’s selections

    no luck today DM? not had chance to look today. Be on board tomorrow if anyone is around.
  14. Crunchie


    @Solario333 nice hit my man
  15. You, David, Centi and Kev are shining examples of how to be strong and fight gambling @Antonin and a lesson to others who seek help. Amazing! so proud. One question...when would you say is the hardest time when you give up?. The first week? month? or its always difficult and its a constant battle? Thanks and all the best for the future.