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  1. Adz Adzy

    No Bonus but a win is a win

    nice one, what to give for those in the free spins with a decent multiplyer!
  2. Adz Adzy

    any golf punters about ?

    back underway early today to finish the first round after the bad weather yesterday, fingers crossed no more delays!
  3. Adz Adzy

    The WORST £500 I Ever Won In My Life

    max cashout is naughty, hate that, hope u win big next time lad, good luck hackz
  4. Adz Adzy

    F@*k 300 Shields!

    iv'e had the 300x once and it paid nothing too!
  5. Adz Adzy

    All Racing suspended for at least 1 week.

    interesting to see saturdays big races with the rescheduling
  6. Adz Adzy

    Gordon banks

    a gentleman he was as well as a legend
  7. Adz Adzy

    Fat Santa 1103x

    great win fair do's , not played this yet
  8. Adz Adzy

    All Racing suspended for at least 1 week.

    fingers crossed it'll be gone before too long, if it means a week or 2 of no racing now and then be safe for Cheltenham, then its a good thing imo
  9. Adz Adzy

    Today’s selections

    no Racing until next thursay at the earliest, hope its all sorted before cheltenham comes!
  10. Adz Adzy

    Today’s selections

    hope this equine flu gets sorted quick, not good
  11. Adz Adzy

    Dunder Casino

    that proof of income request is naughty, ive never been asked by any site before, maybe as hackz said, it could be the amounts your depositing thats causing it but even so i don't like it
  12. Adz Adzy

    My Job

    good luck in your future ventures, i also hope poker becomes your main focus, i know u got it lad
  13. Adz Adzy

    Primal 600x Base Game

    get in hackz de lad
  14. Adz Adzy

    Football Acca Bets Here

    they used to do that with me, and i was restricted a few weeks later, skybet are the worst for restricting, watch out
  15. Adz Adzy

    win on chilli

    nice one 600x , i like this slot but the gambles wreck me sometimes
  16. Adz Adzy

    Cheltenham 2019

    Cheltenham coming on strong, not long to go!
  17. Adz Adzy

    any golf punters about ?

    pebble beach this week is a great tourney, one of the best on the pga tour imo other than than the majors, gonna do some doubles with the european tour, good luck peeps,
  18. Adz Adzy

    She's done it again

    nice one, i havent had a big win on this slot yet!
  19. Adz Adzy

    Thankyou TGC!!!

    congrats Paul, well played
  20. Adz Adzy

    Rocknrolla Unibet Feature Table *LIVE TONIGHT*

    Get in Paul, played very well, lovely jubbly
  21. Adz Adzy

    any golf punters about ?

    unlucky that, frustrating to get 1 big winner but nothing to go with it! happened a few times on golf bets, good luck next week
  22. Adz Adzy

    Rocknrolla Unibet Feature Table *LIVE TONIGHT*

    Enjoying this final table, go on Paul lad
  23. Adz Adzy

    My biggest hit last year

    amazing, what a hit
  24. Adz Adzy

    5868x Danger High Voltage ($88k+ win)

    wow, get in there!
  25. Adz Adzy

    any golf punters about ?

    quite like the byron nelson line up without the big boys apart from Spieth, the belgian lads on their home turf not bad odds for the european tourney, good luck lads