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  1. i read in the paper today that when the racing comes back it will be senior jockeys only and a max of 12 per race, looking forward to the nags being back
  2. Adz Adzy

    Football Acca Bets Here

    i'm missing the footie big time, loved the weekend of pure footie with a few bets on
  3. Adz Adzy

    Prem leagues Extended

    damn im missing the footie, gonna be a long boring summer, no euros or olympics either
  4. Adz Adzy

    Getting Paid by a Casino?

    i'll still watch no matter what you do m8, dont bother me if i see a link or you get paid, i watch because of the person, i know your a top fella and genuine
  5. Adz Adzy

    Riches of Robert(Robin)

    nice win, get in, ive not played that slot before
  6. Adz Adzy

    Rocknrolla's Twitch streams

    pauls the best streamer, ive tried watching others but there no where near paul, its the person streaming for me not just the games
  7. Adz Adzy

    Extra Chilli

    very nice hit, get in there, i used to buy the bonus on this and just gamble once and take 12 spins everytime
  8. Adz Adzy

    Monopoloy live...

    noticed a few videos about the monopoly wheel, i dunno how it works, but i never play it anyways, altho there is some new live games coming soon that look interesting
  9. Adz Adzy

    Today’s selections

    all irish racing now cancelled after today until April 19th at earliest, literally nothing going on now
  10. Adz Adzy

    Today’s selections

    noticed irish racing isnt cancelled, its dundalk tomoz even tho its poor racing, also noticed its in the afternoon, never seen dundalk racing in the afternoon , seems to be an irish meeting every day
  11. Adz Adzy


    happy birthday lad, top man
  12. Adz Adzy

    Racing Suspended

    oh yea more sign ups to casinos coming
  13. Adz Adzy

    Racing Suspended

    horrible aint it for us, but i guess its the right thing to do, no footie or horses damnit, bookies be losing out
  14. Adz Adzy

    Today’s selections

    be minted for next 2 months with no racing at all now
  15. Adz Adzy

    Grand National Cancelled

    ALL british racing cancelled until END of April now after today, madness, no horses or footie for months