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  1. The results are in!! Congratulations to Leon | |, neevo7 and Krisp5282!! The winners will be contacted via email to organise claiming their prize. (We have censored any personal data. The winners were chosen at random via Gleam, which uses, from all entries received and verified)
  2. AdminTGC

    Edit your comments...

    I believe you still can? We haven't changed the settings. Is there a particular comment that you had issues with and we can look into it.
  3. AdminTGC

    Couple of Issues

    HI Nicola, Thank you for your feedback, pleased to hear overall you like the site. 1.Thank you for making us aware of the link not working for the Gamble Responsibly header that has now been amended. 2. Yes we agree the email verification should be put back on. There were teething issues when the forum was first launched with some people not receiving their verification emails so until this problem was sorted we wanted to ensure that everyones experience of signing up to the forum was an easy one. However we will most definitely be turning this back on thank you. Thank you again for taking the time to provide your feeback!
  4. AdminTGC

    New Site Feedback!

    Ok thank you for providing extra details I think I understand what you mean now. So with regards to the reviews you mean the title for the review, doesn't stand out as much as the headings within the review? We can't make the title a hyperlink as wordpress (the platform used for the news section) won't allow it, however the headings within the copy we cant make hyperlinks as and when we feel necessary. Thank you for the screenshot. I see you mean you have to scroll down to see the whole giveaway. Again this is mainly due to the competition widget that is used. We don't have much control over how this appears. The design ideas are noted for the future however for when we look to make changes and develop the site. Many thanks again.
  5. AdminTGC

    New Site Feedback!

    Thanks for such great feedback, really appreciate hearing peoples thoughts on the site. As the site is in its infancy we know that there will be things we want to update and change in time. I know Hackz has replied to much of your feedback so will try to respond to your suggestions that haven't been Agree and this is already in the pipeline. Some good ideas, some we are considering adopting when we decide to update. With regards to the review heading fonts, they do display quite large in bold? So would be good to know how they appear to you? As they don't really refer to any external sites we wouldn't look to hyperlink them. Not sure what you mean about having to scroll on the giveaway, would you mind giving more information please? The gallery will feature other 'albums' as we develop the site so have just set up the structure for now. The news section will include news, reviews and additional topics as we update the content. 'News and Reviews' was too long for the menu tab so thought news was more inclusive but will bear this in mind. Thanks again for your great feedback, really helpful!
  6. AdminTGC

    Next stream on website

    Thanks for your feedback. We will look into a way of communicating when next streams are.
  7. AdminTGC

    Charity donate button?

    Thanks for your suggestion and for wanting to provide additional support for charities. We are currently working on a charity page for the website that will detail all the money that has been raised for charity through RocknRolla and 21Casino so far and the charities that can be voted for for the monthly donation. Within this post we can add the links to each charity incase people wish to donate to them individually anyway. Hopefully that will provide somewhere for people to do what you have suggested. Thanks again for taking the time to leave your feedback.
  8. AdminTGC

    Gamban - FREE 3 months

    Want to take away the temptation from gambling online? Rock n Rolla is offering a code whereby you can get Gamban FREE for 3 months. Gamban is software that allows you to restrict access to online gambling activity across all your devices. Use his code ROLLA999 for FREE which will restrict access to all gambling sites for 3 months*. He also has a limited number of 1 year exclusion codes each month. If you are interested in the year subscription please email him at You can find Gamban here * MAKE SURE YOU DISABLE AUTO RENEW if you do not want to continue after the 3 month period as if you don't there will be a charge*
  9. AdminTGC

    please add "other sports" to sports section

    Good idea, we will get on it and add this in tomorrow for you
  10. Welcome to our new forum! If you haven't yet checked it out, did you know you can win one of 3 PS4s we are giving away if you become a member of our forum and leave a post or comment. You will need to provide us with your forum username so we can check you qualify. To enter the competition, for further details and terms and conditions see our GIVEAWAY page here! Giveaway ends 11.59pm on 14th March 2018.