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  1. AndyL1987

    THE KING IS Back

    Tremendous mate, been off the grid for a while (months tbh) just back home now. How's things with you? Gotta fill me in David, what have I missed??
  2. AndyL1987

    THE KING IS Back

    Yeeees big guy, nice one. Long time no talk, hope you're well
  3. AndyL1987

    Wenger Out !

  4. AndyL1987

    Chilli challenge

    Just watched it, knowing it was going to be particularly bad after reading this thread I actually laughed out loud when you produced the world's smallest glass of milk before you ate it
  5. AndyL1987

    Wenger Out !

    I'd still take him at Rangers since we need a manager..
  6. AndyL1987

    The Gym is a gamblers friend

    Ahhhhh I always wondered what Mr Beans first name was.. Cheers Shades
  7. AndyL1987

    The Gym is a gamblers friend

    *** Under 12s touch Rugby
  8. AndyL1987

    The Gym is a gamblers friend

    I'm really sorry but I actually laughed out loud when I read this, I hope you're not offended. Maybe the best post I've ever read.
  9. AndyL1987

    Bayern vs Madrid...

    Say the same about the Scots don't they? We'd have a great night out together, sipping our first pint each for a good couple of hours, not wanting to finish first and get the wallet out for a round.
  10. AndyL1987

    Bayern vs Madrid...

    That's more like it fella, I'll buy you a pint of Yorkshire ale if it lands