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  1. That's where he sleeps
  2. Fudge

    Cheltenham Festival Comp

    Day 4 1.30 Active Duty 15 win 2.10 Luttrell Lad 15win 2.50 Idalko Bihoue 15 win 3.30 Eldorado Allen 15win 4.10 Moratorium 15 win 4.50 Dolcita 10 win 5.30 Hollow Sound 15 win
  3. Fudge

    Cheltenham Festival Comp

    Day 3 13:30 James Du Berlais 15 14:10 Mill Green 10 14:50 Ga Law 10 15:30 Ashdale Bob 15 16:10 Stolen Silver 20 16:50 Mullenbeg 15 17:30 Annual Invictus 15 Perfect score so far! Good luck!
  4. Fudge

    Cheltenham Festival Comp

    A good start Day 2 13:30 - Champ Kiely 20 14:10 - Ramillies 10 14:50 - Tax For Max 10 15:30 - Greaneteen 10 16:10 - Gin On Lime 10 16:50 - Epson Du Houx 20 17:30 - Chapeau De Soleil 20 Good luck!
  5. Fudge


    I heard a rumor that Rolla finally won that 1000x on Fortune BJ and decided to quit while on top.
  6. Fudge

    Cheltenham Festival Comp

    CHELTENHAM FESTIVAL Day 1: 13:30 High Definition 10 win 14:10 Dysart Dynamo 20 win 14:50 Happygolucky 10 e/w 15:30 I Like To Move It 10 win 16:10 Theatre Glory 5 e/w 16:50 Zanndabad 10 e/w 17:30 Fakiera 5 e/w Good luck!
  7. We have a lot of people coming here with roulette systems. Your post indirectly implies magical thinking and beating the casino, so I just assumed that you're one of those roulette system guys. Fair question and I agree with you that it would be bad for business. It's also entirely possible to have long winning periods, but I believe it's just a coincidence and it has nothing to do with mindset. I apologize for my previous comment, I didn't believe that you have actually worked in this industry and assumed that you have alternative motive for starting this thread.
  8. What you guys are talking about is called apophenia.
  9. Cool story, bro. Are you roulette enjoyer by any chance? No, I don't believe you can influence random outcome in any way. If casinos suspect any player having any advantage whats so ever then they will ban that person. For that reason I don't believe your at all.
  10. No one suspects cartels? Seems pretty safe way to transport drugs.
  11. Fudge

    I'm going to play live roulette with img

    Brings back memories. I used to look for patterns in lotto numbers with my how to win lotto book. Then I turned 9 and realized what a fucking idiot I was.
  12. Fudge

    Question ...

    Talk to @Perfomante, he might be interested. Right up his alley.
  13. Fudge

    The Ukraine situation

    @Mad Slasher McGurk So lets assume russia successfully occupies Ukraine. How likely is that he will stop at that and won't try to restore the ussr? What if he tries to invade Baltic countries that are in the NATO?