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  1. Gaztroy

    Gambling confession(s)

    So i have paid off everything that I owe now. I still have a mortgage but credit cards are closed except one with a 500 quid limit. Loans paid off around about 12kish. I put money in bonds which I can't touch and invested some money which I can't touch either. I have signed upto gamstop and obviously the bookies fobt changes helped me too. For the first time in my life I am in control. I have spent money at the casinos too but I don't have access to big money anymore so am happy. I do get the urge now and again but just play for fun online. No real money. I also bought a car too.
  2. Gaztroy

    Gambling confession(s)

    Part 3 - I think as i was working the worst point was when the bank froze my business account ( i was a contractor ) and I essentially didnt have any access to money at the weekend at all. I was going to commit suicide at that point. I broke down at work crying in front of my boss and he put me in a room so that i could be away from everyone. I worked in a building which had a large balcony on the 7th floor and decided I would write my suicide letter at work then jump off the building at lunchtime. I had written the letter and was about to send it to my friend. i emailed her and essentially she stopped me from committing suicide. she put me up for the weekend and helped me out with some essential money and it helped me so much. I am forever grateful for that person in my life. Fast forward a few years and i had met someone who i was serious about and things had gotten better. The gambling was still there but the debts were less, i wasnt in the payday loan trap anymore and had started a better paying job. There was an issue with the job as the expenses were paid weekly and i did struggle to pay them off when i was still going to the bookies a bit and not managing it correctly . I ended up taking a couple of loans and paid off credit cards etc. In the last year is where it got really out of control. I had started a new job and started to work from home. Now when u work from home u do get bored, i freely admit and I started to look at gambling online. I had watched rocknrolla and nickslots for about two years but was never into the online thing for some strange reason. I then started to play online, and i started running up the debts again. Credit card debts and personal loan debts. I hit it big though in 2018 around about 45k. I thought that this would give me the lifeline that i needed, pay off all my debts and start afresh. It didnt, I paid off a little but then started again. The second time I won around about 28k, I was thinking again this would give me the fresh start i needed. It wouldnt pay off all the debts but keep me afloat. My minimum payments were getting to around about 700 per month and it was hard to keep up with all the other responsibilities that i have including paying other people. I kept on telling myself that this is your second chance and thats it. People dont win normally this kinda money and have these second chances. At the end of the year I had the most craziest run of my life I was in the hole for about 60k ish. Taxes, credit cards etc. A few people know the story but essentially for 72 hours ish I hit everything... 40k on Lightning roulette with 75 quid on the number straight up with 500x. plus splits. Rise of olympus 100 quid bet with 330x win 30 odd k win Space wars 200 quid bet Crystals 40k win Space wars 80 quid bet 20k odd win Fishin Frenzy 100 quid bet 15k win. Now this time I have been thinking this is more money than i can spend. This was the last chance it would get me out of the hole I'm in and have money for the future.
  3. Gaztroy

    Gambling confession(s)

    Part 2 - As i started working life, money issues were always a problem due to the gambling. I would have enough money for rent but apart from that i would be skint otherwise . I moved to the big smoke and obviously there are lots of casinos there and would do my balls in as well. I started a temporary job which paid me really well and was weekly. My average week was to spend around 400 odd at the bookies then spend 1k at the weekend at the casino. This was a mixture of poker and table games. I had a taxi friend who woul drop me off at home if i didnt have any money and then i would pay him back. The really bad times were when I had a trip to scotland coming up and had no spending money when i was there and when a friend visited , i couldnt pay for dinner. I didnt pay rent to my landlord for 6 months who thankfully didnt notice as well. I was lonely, hated myself for it and definitely my health got worse. I started smoking and eating all times at night . Luckily during this time I still had a job as well it wasnt that difficult. I did however owe money to the taxman and was so stressed about receiving letters on a daily basis. Eventually it did work itself out but i was always stressed about getting post and from different credit card companies and loan companies (during this time I also took out several payday loans). This all came to ahead when the money i needed for a property i owned wasnt there. My parents were looking after the property and found out that i had an issue. They bailed me out for the payday loans and caught up with everything else. I am so thankful for them for that and I felt so ashamed that i caused them so much pain. This didnt stop me from gambling though and I carried on but on smaller stakes as i didnt have access to much money. This meant that I was hiding any debts from family again but obviously it wasnt as bad. A couple of big wins to but obviously gave it all back. £28k from roulette, £18k roulette win, £14k. Still losing. At this point I never gambled online but obviously not good. I think by end of 2015 I owed about 15k on credit cards again and was struggling.
  4. Gaztroy

    Gambling confession(s)

    Hey All.. It was great read, I thought I would add my story here. Part 1 - As a gambler for a long time there are so many ups and downs its unreal. Ill try to tell some of the stories and why i started in the first place. At the age of 20 I never really gambled before tbh, I played a little in the coin pushers at the arcade but nothing heavy i would have never gone into a bookies or a casino for sure. I moved and lived with my brother for a short while and he was really the one who introduced me into gambling really. I think that he was introduced into it from some friends. I was working as an intern at a firm and even though i wasnt being paid much money then i still was getting by okay. My brother took me to some arcades and we used to play joker poker and party time arcade. Nothing of note of the big wins. We did start going to the casino though and it was still manageable although a couple of times we blew most of our money and one time he had to bail me out for rent. At this point in my life i really didnt know too much about credit so didnt take out any monies at all. University - I think this is where the journey started really. I remember I was playing this casino game on my pc where you were entered into the WSOP. I played that until i won the tournament and then went out of curiosity to the local casino where they had a poker tournament. The first time i ever played a tournament i came third and won 1400 quid. i couldnt believe it ... it felt like it was easy money. That week in the end I was up around about 2k from various other bets as well. The gambling tooks it toll on my studies really . I spent all the time i had in the arcade or the bookies and in the evenings playing poker convinced that i could win. I even took out a large loan for law school in which all they needed to see was me applying for law school when i didnt even get in. That was for 11k which i duly spent pretty quick in the casino chasing wins. I never won much that I can remember but i do remember being broke and my housemate being the same. My rent was always covered by my parents but everything else was meant to be student loans before that 11k loan I did have loan for maintenance which i spent quite quickly. I remember i got one student loan one term and spent it in three days . There were times when i was so broke from the casino i had to walk home instead of getting the bus or a taxi. I remember that one time I just about afforded the bus to get back to see my parents but had to ask them to pick me up cos i didnt have the 2 quid for the bus fare. That day I did a 13 hour bus journey with no food or water cos i couldnt afford it . Obviously I didnt do too well in my studies and that reflected on my grades.
  5. Gaztroy

    slot planet casino

    Well not quite the next day but within three days I received well over 50k into my bank account. Slot planet have been the best in terms of quick payouts compared to everyone else.
  6. Gaztroy

    21casino & White Hat Gaming banning winners

    what website is that? you care to expand on high risk strategies? I mean i am having a break from their site right now but they keep on sending me bonus offers
  7. Gaztroy

    Slotty Vegas Refusing To Complete KYC When Signing Up

    yes that is crazy... TBH they are one dodgy casino i think. Roshtein uses them so that says a lot IMO. try to stick with the ones recommended here. I have used all of them and generally they have been really good. I would recommend slotplanet/dunder. I tried to sign up and deposit last night to bet victor and couldnt deposit. I rang the bank and messaged their chat and both were blaming each other for the fact that the system wasnt working. 21casino was great to start with but then asked all sorts of questions regarding verification which i couldnt provide. Even though they originally told me i was verified and had successfully withdrawn 8k already.
  8. Gaztroy

    Let's dream.. If you WIN Mega moolah jackpot...

    Denman... do research much? LOL... i agree diana is the best of the links you posted.
  9. Gaztroy

    A very happy 2019....

    I have but obviously at sensible stakes. I had to use the loyalty points .. redeemed around about 900k points which is about 300 quid worth of free bets. The first thing i did once the money came in was pay off debts i owed and closed those accounts. All credit cards now closed and cut up the cards. Put money into a three year fixed bond which i cant touch. Money into a pension pot which i cant touch until i am 55. Once i buy the car then i have a small chunk of money left over but obviously i still need to carry on working. I wanted to ask a question, over the years in my life, I always gambled and obviously got into debts. As much as most streamers and everyone gives you advice not to gamble with money you cant afford which is easier said then done i think. i also think that a lot of us degenerate gamblers who are in debt think ... you know one day i will hit it big and pay it all off. For all circumstances i have hit that. I had about decent amount of debt even though i make good money but obviously spending beyond my means. Funnily enough now it feels weird to gamble now... since im not chasing that win then it feels a little pointless. For all degen gamblers, if you hit it big would you stop gambling?
  10. Gaztroy

    BIG BET Tonight!!!

    LOL .... no idea what we were doing tonight... we just donated our money to the bookies huh... good thing i won 1k from them this afternoon though... TBH probably the best football match have watched all season though. Amazing game.. just breath taking.
  11. Gaztroy

    BIG BET Tonight!!!

    local bookies... but like i said... this is like a donation. i was thinking about doing more but i was like come on now.. dont be silly. £100, so am happy if it comes in. if not then well another day. i dont go bookies anyways these days
  12. Gaztroy

    BIG BET Tonight!!!

    Okay you nutter... Since im feeling a little flush have put 100 quid on it at 38-1. Lets see if this comes in... i seriously doubt it but its going to be fun watching i think.
  13. Gaztroy

    A very happy 2019....

  14. Gaztroy

    A very happy 2019....

    Is this okay? Theres no personal info on the video right?
  15. Gaztroy

    A very happy 2019....

    okay cool... i dont think there is any info on there which is dodgy, ill post it up on a youtube page and link it.