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  1. Gaztroy

    21casino & White Hat Gaming banning winners

    what website is that? you care to expand on high risk strategies? I mean i am having a break from their site right now but they keep on sending me bonus offers
  2. Gaztroy

    Slotty Vegas Refusing To Complete KYC When Signing Up

    yes that is crazy... TBH they are one dodgy casino i think. Roshtein uses them so that says a lot IMO. try to stick with the ones recommended here. I have used all of them and generally they have been really good. I would recommend slotplanet/dunder. I tried to sign up and deposit last night to bet victor and couldnt deposit. I rang the bank and messaged their chat and both were blaming each other for the fact that the system wasnt working. 21casino was great to start with but then asked all sorts of questions regarding verification which i couldnt provide. Even though they originally told me i was verified and had successfully withdrawn 8k already.
  3. Gaztroy

    Let's dream.. If you WIN Mega moolah jackpot...

    Denman... do research much? LOL... i agree diana is the best of the links you posted.
  4. Gaztroy

    A very happy 2019....

    I have but obviously at sensible stakes. I had to use the loyalty points .. redeemed around about 900k points which is about 300 quid worth of free bets. The first thing i did once the money came in was pay off debts i owed and closed those accounts. All credit cards now closed and cut up the cards. Put money into a three year fixed bond which i cant touch. Money into a pension pot which i cant touch until i am 55. Once i buy the car then i have a small chunk of money left over but obviously i still need to carry on working. I wanted to ask a question, over the years in my life, I always gambled and obviously got into debts. As much as most streamers and everyone gives you advice not to gamble with money you cant afford which is easier said then done i think. i also think that a lot of us degenerate gamblers who are in debt think ... you know one day i will hit it big and pay it all off. For all circumstances i have hit that. I had about decent amount of debt even though i make good money but obviously spending beyond my means. Funnily enough now it feels weird to gamble now... since im not chasing that win then it feels a little pointless. For all degen gamblers, if you hit it big would you stop gambling?
  5. Gaztroy

    BIG BET Tonight!!!

    LOL .... no idea what we were doing tonight... we just donated our money to the bookies huh... good thing i won 1k from them this afternoon though... TBH probably the best football match have watched all season though. Amazing game.. just breath taking.
  6. Gaztroy

    BIG BET Tonight!!!

    local bookies... but like i said... this is like a donation. i was thinking about doing more but i was like come on now.. dont be silly. £100, so am happy if it comes in. if not then well another day. i dont go bookies anyways these days
  7. Gaztroy

    BIG BET Tonight!!!

    Okay you nutter... Since im feeling a little flush have put 100 quid on it at 38-1. Lets see if this comes in... i seriously doubt it but its going to be fun watching i think.
  8. Gaztroy

    A very happy 2019....

  9. Gaztroy

    A very happy 2019....

    Is this okay? Theres no personal info on the video right?
  10. Gaztroy

    A very happy 2019....

    okay cool... i dont think there is any info on there which is dodgy, ill post it up on a youtube page and link it.
  11. Gaztroy

    A very happy 2019....

    Your'e going to hate me but I actually only did 15 spins i think before i had that hit!... so i had the lightning roulette hit at 40k, space wars at 20k, 35k, rise of olympus hit at 35k and fishin frenzy at 17k. i hit bonus on book of dead 50 quid but no pays, ivanhoe and route 777 @100 as well but nothing either. Crazy thing is that i have 900,000 loyalty points which i work out that i wagered one hella lot of money in 48 hours.
  12. Gaztroy

    A very happy 2019....

    I am trying to.. over the years i have had some big wins and i always swore to myself, if i just get that big win, i will stop stressing about how to pay back debts etc and enjoy life. 2018 was given three chances for that and blew it twice and so this is the last one. I know i will never win this much money again. i tore up all the cards today, closed the accounts and now put a serious chunk of the money into a 3 year bond which is crap interest but technically cant access for 3 years. put a little bit into a pension i have and will spend 15k on the mrs for her new car. everything else for a rainy day. i am looking for a new job too right now so takes off the pressure immensely. i dont want to encourage people thinking that there is always that one big win that will get them out of trouble but i am so lucky that in my case it happened. i am grateful and now hopefully have put everything in place so that i am a stress free ish future and a good one.
  13. Gaztroy

    A very happy 2019....

    yeah i will.... funniest thing is that when i paid off my credit cards, they all were like why do you want to leave etc, we have this deal and that still available. I was like your card is rubbish and the rate is terrible. Even one place said you currently have 0.5 % cashback on your card, if you close it and reapply again you wont get that good rate anymore! I was like all the interest i paid you leeches and you trying to hard sell me? Ive got one credit card with the mrs for our shopping and thats it . limit is 2k and i dont even know the pin for it. thats good for me now.
  14. Gaztroy

    A very happy 2019....

    I have the video for the fishing frenzy hit... is there anywhere i can upload it? is there any information i should block out? bit worried i could get into trouble if post a video from their website.
  15. Gaztroy

    A very happy 2019....

    Thanks so much!! The hardest thing was waiting for the money to come into my account really. I dont think i have slept properly in about a week.