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  1. andywilliams11872

    Questions for Vlog

    Genuine questions - not digs (you know my views on the promoting of crypto etc.). Are you up or down from crypto casinos at the moment and how good is the deals you have been offered? E.g. you can say your own money is at risk, but if you are 40k down in a month but the casino is offering you 50k for promoting them then your own money is not really at risk (if that makes sense) As part of the sponsorship deals, have any of the crypto casinos requested player/member details from your forum for active users/email addresses etc. How do the deals compare to UK casino deals Are you still trying to work things out with uk casinos? I know you said that you would try one crypto as nowhere else to go, but why have you also now started with a second crypto casino? Ultimate one for me - now that you have partnered with crypto casinos (and have had some big swings/big sessions), will you be removing all responsible gambling links from your website? In my opinion, you can't sit on the fence with this anymore. You are either for responsible gaming, or you promote crypto through workarounds (either vpns or moving to Ireland etc.) - it doesn't really matter which option you use, it's all done to swerve the UK market (and UK gambling rules) so would be good to understand where you are with this.
  2. andywilliams11872

    Crypto gambling, a normal punters view.

    It's been mentioned a few times, and rolla has responded by saying he was going to release a video being transparent about everything - it has not emerged. I am assuming that he also has a deal with a new crypto casino as well now as another review has popped up. There is no justification for promoting gamstop and then trying go justify playing on crypto. He either needs to be one or the other - its one of the reasons why this forum is dying and a few solid members have thrown in the towel.
  3. andywilliams11872

    The Ukraine situation

    Not directly in the service mate but I know the lads at Northolt used to get pissed off as they were constantly monitoring all sorts of Russian movements. They have been flexing the no-fly zones for years I did work with a couple of Russian (and south african) lads in Khost. They were really solid operators but also psychotic - just loved fighting and would follow conflicts around the world and bounce from one job to the next
  4. andywilliams11872

    The Ukraine situation

    People don't realise how ruthless those fuckers are mate. I used to work as part of a CP team for one of the biggest private military contractors who are quite well known - one part of the business is r&d/aviation/satellites the other is weapons systems. When France was having issues with Libya, we flew to France as our client was one of the lead sellers for this company. They sold to the French government specific missiles to go on their planes to target the Libyan SAM sites. After the meeting, we flew to Libya and the same fucker who had just sold to France, then sold to Libya the missiles they needed to put in the SAM sites to target the planes. That was an average day for them. People don't release how much these companies diversify- most of the ones who supply nuclear weapons are the same companies that provide radar systems for civilian airports, or car parts, or circuit boards. They literally print money 24/7
  5. andywilliams11872

    The Ukraine situation

    Don't worry mate we will be OK. There's a lot going on in the world at the moment outside of Ukraine. China still want Taiwan back (it think its so they can just have one stamp for made in China on most consumer goods). The problem they have is that if they did invade and similar sanctions where placed against them as we have seen with russia, their country would starve to death in a few months. Azerbaijan and Armenia are still killing each other over who gets the biggest part of a country no one really cares about - its not as if its a popular go to for holiday makers so dont really understand why they are arguing over who owns the biggest piece of a shithole Yemen are still kicking the shit out of each other as they can't decide who's in charge. The initial plan was "if we csnt agree, we will just shoot each other and whoever is left wins by default". This was accepted as a good idea, but it started in 2014 and has gone on slightly longer than the initial couple of weeks that were anticpiated. Mainly because of instead of actually just shooting each other, they decided to hide in bunkers and throw missiles at each other, which ended up landing on people's houses. Joking aside though, people need to understand that at no point through history has there ever been world peace. Someone is always fighting and killing in the name of religion, or its the right thing to do, or oil, or boredom. Sometimes even over a woman or other stupid things. Only a couple of things are certain. Arms dealers will continue to make more mo ey than most can imagine by selling to both sides in a conflict. Private military companies and mercenaries will continue to fight for the good side (those who pay the highest). Innocent people will wake up to find that the garden shed they spent hours repainting last week now has a cruise missile sticking out of it (either from Taiwan or China, at present its easy to tell due to the "made in" sticker but that may change, see above re China v taiwan)
  6. andywilliams11872

    Crypto gambling, a normal punters view.

    Agreed. And hiding behind any "responsible gaming" banner (e.g. Links to gam care, having a residence in ireland) is just sugar coating the shit.
  7. andywilliams11872

    Crypto gambling, a normal punters view.

    Really sorry to hear that @el_chupacabra - ufortunately it happens, especially when people see the big wins and think they can do the same. I would usually say that there is help out there for people who have issues with gambling or places they can turn to for help, but it's all irrelevant now as no one gives a fuck anymore. Affiliates just want you signing uo, no matter how they try and spin it
  8. andywilliams11872

    Have I done anything wrong ?

    Its simple really - the more people that raise disputes, the likelihood increases of that particular vendor being red flagged by banks and preventing money being sent in the future. The bank may not have raised the dispute, but whats happened as the operator has either been asked by the bank to provide something, or they are aware you were going to raise the dispute. It is easier for them to send you the money back. In the grand scheme of ripping people off, refunding you won't dent their balance but getting blocked by institutions will.
  9. andywilliams11872

    Have I done anything wrong ?

    It reads like you have been playing at an unlicensed casino to get around gamstop, but have got incredibly lucky with having your deposits sent back to you. There are quite a few casinos out there that use copies of games/fake slots that people can play, believing that they are real. When the deposits are processed, they don't go to a registered casino account but instead are charged as white goods, training courses, or even charity payments etc. - its a way for the "casino" to process they payments. You should stay well away from these sites as you are very lucky to get anything back. In the past, I would go on a rant about if you are on gamstop/gamcare and have gambling blocks in place there must have been a reason for this so you should not be gambling at all - those blocks are there for a reason. But in reality, when sites like this are now activley promoting crypto casinos, if you are really wanting to gamble, then either move to ireland or get a VPN. It's not as if anywhere really supports responsible gaming anymore
  10. andywilliams11872

    Crypto gambling, a normal punters view.

    Not just for gambling mate - forex trading is the same. I trade with a company that offers 1:500 leverage - virtually impossible to get in the UK. I was with an Australian broker; government cracked down on it in Aus a few years ago. Company just moved the service to the seychelles - all they sent out was a generic email saying if you want to keep a 1:500 leverage, click this button. Seamless transition. It will happen with curaco licenses eventually, will just move somewhere else. I am sure that streamers will happily move; rolla will probably end up streaming in a tent in the middle of a desert somewhere whilst other streamers just use a VPN lol.
  11. andywilliams11872

    Wiko & out...

    They have already started downsizing or moving stores inside of Sainsbury's The one I can't figure out is how WHSmith is still going. I thought they would have folded years ago - overly expensive and always seam dead.
  12. andywilliams11872

    Wiko & out...

    Don't you start or I will go on a tirade about how we cover all your prescrption charges hahahahahaha
  13. andywilliams11872

    Wiko & out...

    Just to add as well - some of the pension gaps are due to old old contracts where people are on final salary pensions or had really really good deals and when they were tupe over, there just wasn't the money in the pots to pay those people what they were entitled to. A lot of the big pension companies, especially in the uk, are heavily invested in property management as it is often seen as a safe long term investment (people always need buildings) but the effect on global credit ratings/packaged mortage deals given the wrong credit rating/people defaulting or not purchasing real estate all has a long term affect on the pension funds. A good friend of mine retired recently and a week after he retired, his pension pot took a 25% loss due to property management company going bump which was not a nice position for him to be in. And people are living longer - the old old pensions didn't account for people living into their 90s etc.
  14. andywilliams11872

    Wiko & out...

    Yes - so if a company TUPEs you over, you work for a new compay but under your old rules (e.g. salary/working hours/conditions and pension etc). The rules are indefinite by nature under TUPE, but the new emploer can start a consultation period after a period to renegotiate your contract (e.g. change the working hours/change pension etc.). Sometimes it is beneficial for all parties. Other times it is better to just let people be made redundant and then bring them in under your own contract. There are technicalities in place for redundancies within a company - you could not make a role redundant to get rid of someone and then recruit for the exact same position - but if the business goes bump its a different company taking the building then they are free to do what they want
  15. andywilliams11872

    Anything Jok3st3r Can Do........

    My dads collection is a bit strange but amusing - he has a display box with the original Omega Snoopy watch, a couple of speedmasters and his casios in the same case - he likes the reliability of the casios and a lot of the luxury brands are really bad time keepers; especially the automatics unless kept in a winder but he refuses to pay for a winder (can't blame him really) Strangely citizen and invicta have always been my go to brands for reliability as i just really like them and they are not so expensive that if they break, i just get another without having to cry about it for a month first