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  1. Luke_B_123

    Hello Fresh Free Boxes

    Top man
  2. Luke_B_123

    Royal Ascot 2021 Competition

    14.30 - Sweeping 5 e/w 15.05 - Fast Raaj 5 e/w 15.40 - Wonderful Tonight 15 win 16.20 - Art Power 10 win 17.00 - Danzeno 10 e/w 17.35 - River Alwen 10 e/w 18.10 - Stag Horn 15 win Thanks for a good Comp all - here's hoping for a good finish!
  3. Luke_B_123

    any golf punters about ?

    Wolff tied 3rd as the 2nd day finishes. Down from 150/1 to 11/1. Hopefully can stay in there for a place. Thomas Tied 13th, Berger Tied 21st Shame Nienaber had a poor day, only just made the cut at +4. Scheffler going well for @Fredthedog1@FreddieTheFrog (EDIT - for some reason on phone I cant remove the name tag on the post)
  4. Luke_B_123

    Royal Ascot 2021 Competition

    Hope for another day like yesterday! Best of luck all. 14.30 Oscula 10pts win 15.05 The Mediterranean 10pts win 15.40 A Case of You 10pts e/w 16.20 Empress Josephine 10pts win 17.00 Cambedoo 10pts e/w 17.35 Quickthorn 20pts win 18.10 Boomshalaa 10pts win
  5. Luke_B_123

    any golf punters about ?

    Really like Scheffler game. Backed him last few tournaments and not done much tho. Seems a great talent though
  6. Luke_B_123

    Royal Ascot 2021 Competition

    Need a huge day to make any sort of headroom!! (didn't even make knockout comp to be knocked out!) Best of luck all 2.30 Korker 10 win 3.05 One Ruler 10 win 3.40 Eshaada 10 win 4.15 Stradavarius 10 win 5.00 Perotti 10 ew 5.35 First Light 20 win 6.10 Highfield Princess 10 e/w
  7. Luke_B_123

    any golf punters about ?

    Okay, so will post mine before first tee off (11 places with Skybet) LONG SHOT - Wolff (150/1) only looking for him to hit some for of a year or 2 ago, and generally have picked players who are slightly longer as the course (Torrey Pines) whilst has some nasty bits of rough, generally looks like it could favour the longer guys. Bit of a gamble at an e/w place with Wolff though. LONGER SHOT - Nienaber (200/1) 21 years old and recently won a decent tournament. Guy is like 6'2, weighs about as much as his driver probably, but absolutely pummels the ball. Stats so far are showing he hits it as far (or a little further) than Bryson. Hoping this guy is like Niemann / Homa in the fact you can get huge prices on them for a few months or so, before they drop down into 70/1 bracket. Be interesting to see how he goes round. Very small e/w bet. Normal Picks - not too much explanation on these, but my fancies are Thomas, Berger and Reed. Good luck all
  8. Luke_B_123

    any golf punters about ?

    So busy and so much sport - US open starts tommorow! Havent had hardly any chance to look at it in detail. Anyone got any fancies? @Shades111
  9. Luke_B_123

    Royal Ascot 2021 Competition

    @1pstaker sorry, that's fine, thanks
  10. Luke_B_123

    Royal Ascot 2021 Competition

    2:30 Desert Dreamer 10 win 3:05 Law of the Sea 5e/w 3:40 Queen Power 35 win 4:20 Love 5 win 5:00 Bell Rock 5e/w 5:35 Dig Two 10 e/w 6:10 Waliyak 10 win
  11. Luke_B_123

    Royal Ascot 2021 Competition

    14.30 Order of Australia 10 15.05 Ebro River 5 e/w 15.40 Extravagant Kid 15 16.20 Battleground 25 17.00 Lostwithiel 5 e/w 17.35 Forest of Dean 20 18.10 Galata Bridge 5 e/w
  12. Luke_B_123

    What pisses you off when gambling

    When you click on a game (roulette or crazy time or something of that ilk) and it doesn't load, or crashes. And then you click on it 2 seconds later and the ball is spinning and it lands right on your section.
  13. Luke_B_123

    Royal Ascot 2021 Competition

    I defintely win by (mostly) blind luck. I guess if there's no luck involved, it'd be a different story! I only really "follow" Ascot / The National and 1/2 select other races. I don't really have the time to sink into checking the ground, checking how well they run on certain courses, past form etc. To have a semi educated guess put together every day / every meet. Especially when I'm generally more into football and the golf on more of a daily / weekly basis
  14. Luke_B_123

    Royal Ascot 2021 Competition

    I'm in! Also to defend my crown (Knockout Comp Ascot 2020) Whoever knocks me out of the K.O Comp can have a £10 free bet on a footie or horse selection, bit like a bounty on my head ftom last year too. Good luck all!
  15. Luke_B_123


    @ryans_slots Tey noom. It's a weight loss app and you get it free for the first 14 days (it then goes on to charge you a decent amount, before which just cancel, simple and no issues) It will however get you an idea of how many calories you should be aiming for per day, and the scanner on it (a bit like My fitness pal) is very good. I think personally (as I've done something similar although not as drastic) I needed to sub in things so I wasn't punishing myself too bad. E.G - - Switch to the diet versions of fizzy pop. Diet cokes weird got a week or 2 if you're not used to drinking it, after that it's fine. - Instead of not ordering takeaways, (to start with) just order a smaller one and have a pint of water with it to fill you up. - Instead of having a full English, have egg on toast and a cuppa etc. It is tough but at least psychologically those things helped me and made it feel a bit less punishing.