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  1. Luke_B_123


    @david1111 nice! I quite like bonanza and play it a lot, the last few weeks it's killed me tho. Probably one bonus in 1k+ spins. How many spins you averaging for a bonus? Or is the base game keeping you ticking over?
  2. Luke_B_123

    Need some advice tks

    Use it to sort yourself out and set yourself up properly. Glad to hear you've got it on the way - Hopefully one of the few positive gambling stories that helps a normal guy in hard times
  3. Luke_B_123

    Need some advice tks

    I would not start gambling to get you out of any other problems @nlight83@nlight83 - not saying you will! I know you necessarily weren't doing it that way, but to win a substantial amount of money of 20 quid, might not ever happen again... Or you might need to do that 1000 times again to get half that amount. Dont go chasing dreams - just imagine you'd loss that 20 quid and didn't have the cash you'll probably get back and where you'd be. Take it as a blessing, sort yourself out and concentrate on sorting your life out going forward. Best of luck
  4. Luke_B_123

    Augusta Masters 2020

    Abraham Ancer Such a good chance to challenge DJ going into the final round, or at least take a solid 2nd /3rd /4th and an absolute collapse on the last day, averaging 3.5 under par for the first 3 rounds, he finished the day on +4 (or was it +5!?) and dropped just outside of the places. Bit gutting at 80/1 Great tournament as ever, and when someone like DJ gets going (like Koepka a few years back and Dechambeu of late) unfortunately they are pretty unstoppable. Some good shows by some of the longer shots - Cameron Smith, Sung Jae Im and Dylan Fratelli all pretty strong throughout - fair play if anyone managed to pick one of those out!
  5. Luke_B_123

    Need some advice tks

    Unfortunately casinos have an absolute tonne of T's and C's - some of the them to conform with gambling regs, sometimes to protect people and sometimes (only a wild guess) to save them from loses. I'd have guess it's reasonable for them to say you can only deposit and withdraw from the same card otherwise its easy for people to money launder. You need to keep in contact with them, show them that you are related and the reasons why you did it. Unfortunately I think you'll have breached terms and conditions and I'm not sure you'll get your money. Also I wouldn't post your email in the main text of your original post. I'm not sure of the casino you used, is it licensed by the gambling commission?
  6. Luke_B_123

    Augusta Masters 2020

    Scheffler, Morikawa, Wollff all going around averagely atm. Can still stake a place. My last pick Ancer, tied for 1st at the moment - would be a nice coup at 80/1
  7. Luke_B_123

    Augusta Masters 2020

    Scheffler Dropped a couple, dissapointed with 1 under overall, still keeps him just about in it, but a few - 5s - 6s today by the look of it. Wolff and Tiger ticking along nicely, still a hell a lot of golf to be played and scoring good at the moment
  8. Luke_B_123

    Augusta Masters 2020

    Let's go Scottie Scheffler! tied 1st after 6 holes, 3 under. Absolute marathon to go, but a tidy start.
  9. Luke_B_123

    Augusta Masters 2020

    Vijay Singh hit a hole in one exactly the same as Rahm did on the same hole in 2009 amazing shots!
  10. That one, think it's deadwood? When it slows the reel down, and brings the bull scatter icon down really slowly and then flings it off the screen again (and it lands again if you hit the feature) I don't want to see that scatter on the reel I need slowly going down!!!
  11. Luke_B_123

    Gambling implications when applying for a mortgage

    @Mattowl1867 I don't know loads of info about Monzo, but you can get on the property ladder with any bank / mortgage provider regardless if you have bank accounts with them or not. E. G. You bank at HSBC, you have all your accounts / deposit there, and you can get a mortgage with Nationwide no issues. I don't see why the same wouldn't be for Monzo if they don't offer mortgages or a decent deal. The mortgage provider just want to check your elegibility and make sure have the cash.
  12. Luke_B_123

    Gambling implications when applying for a mortgage

    If they ever raise it, you need to say its expendable income. If your gambling a lot, or your going into debt / overdraft then they are almost certainly not going to like that. If you can prove that it's not effecting your ability to save a bit and not causing too many issues you might be okay. Best thing to do is cut back like you say for 3-6 months. Alternatively setup another account for your gambling / savings. They will ask you for statements and as long as there's a bill or 2 coming from there (phone bill, monthly transfer etc) its very unlikely they will ask for any other statements
  13. Luke_B_123

    Augusta Masters 2020

    Best of luck Shades. I'm main ones are on now. Scottie Scheffler who I mentioned a few days back has played really well last 8-10 months, fancy him for e/w. I've also gone Wolff and Morikawa and Ancer small e/w
  14. Luke_B_123

    Bans for people when you live stream

    Seems to be a good a post as any to whack something up as I'm off to bed now. Think the stream was summed up by those 2 x chaos crew bonuses at the end! Cheers for the stream though @Rocknrolla must be shite constantly answering the same questions, hearing "small stakes.. Pro raise next" constantly, while you're being pissed all over by BTG et al. Enjoyed it still tho - have a good break
  15. Luke_B_123

    Sky Vegas - spin for free

    Reckon I spin 5 or 6 days outta 7, with half of them spins on the mega machine. Done that for about 6 months ish. £2 cash, 50p bonuses 3/5 win spins about the highlights when I do win.