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  1. I use a little system that hasn't failed me YET. I reckon the chances of guessing the order of a mix of 7 of the 2 colours is pretty low. When I start a session I might go for BBRBRRB. I only start the process when 2 blacks follow a red so it is a stand alone sequence. I also use Roulette Key Gold which, if you don't get greedy and keep trying to recoup losses is a little gem. Basically, it is all about targets and of course discipline.
  2. Hi, I just opened 5 accounts with small demoninations in each. In one, I put £40.00 but only wanted £20.00 so withdrew £20.00 NOW...I have searched the other sites but none have that recorded so II'm assuming I joined a site and can't remember. (I'm 63 y'know!!) I have looked for a contact for AG communications but can't find one. Odd thing is, the 20 I withdrew actually came back into my account! Just a number with AG COMMUNICATIONS in my statement. Anyone know how I can contact them to find which of their sites I'm a member of? If not, I'll just have to lose my £20 and put it down to experience.
  3. Hi all, New to site and looking forward to reading posts on here.. I just bet small amounts but often. Name is Barrington and currently living in Norfolk, UK for my sins.
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