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  1. evamontello

    Gambling: A Game of Life and Death

    The bright lights of the city are mesmerizing. A world where the ups and downs bring dopamine. The ups and downs it brings are a welcome distraction for many for a variety of reasons. The falls make you feel disgusted with yourself, it's like a form of self-harm. Heights make you feel incredible.
  2. evamontello

    Does Anyone still play?

    I've been playing for five years and can't stop(
  3. evamontello

    Stupid stupid boy

    Buddy, anyone could have been in your shoes and that's okay.
  4. evamontello

    Hello from a mathematician

    How I love your comments
  5. evamontello

    Today’s selections

    HORSES 18:55 Kempton - Warburton (5/4) 20:20 Kempton - Sparkalot (2/1)