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  1. Danger


    Well indeed. And the UK based streamers went scrambling for cover........... Watch as content magically disappears from youtube and their own websites.
  2. For sure. They also don't want to risk losing that flimsy and up to now badly regulated licence, which lets face it, is purely a mechanism to get the games from the igaming providers. Take it away and......
  3. It does not matter what your experience to date has been. If you are in a prohibited country, you are taking a huge risk that you will not get paid if they find out you are breaking their T&C's. This is heightened by the new arrangements that came into being for Curacao licensed casinos from 1/9/2023, which requires them to KYC customers. If you are getting redirected from BC.Game (the crytpo address) in UK without using a VPN to a UK website then it is behaving correctly. You would not be able to deposit using crypto on a UK licensed casino (can you ? I seriously doubt it given the fines TGP have already racked up). They are not the one and the same operation. It is a white label partnership with TGP Europe with strict conditions.
  4. No. Everything is through a white label operator TGP. They are not the same site. Crypto is a no no for a GC licence. PS I don't know what Casino you were attaching the support ticket from, but best of luck with using what a CS agent says if they close your account if you hit big buddy. The majority of the big crypto ops have prohibited countries listed in their T&C's and specific conditions about circumventing geoblocking/VPN use. The third layer is the game providers themselves who geoblock certain countries from game play.
  5. BC Game is owned by BlockDance. TGP Europe, is an intermediary company based in Douglas, Isle of Man. Its a vehicle for White-label partnerships which is basically a licensed operator running a gambling business using the branding of another business - they've quite a few brands many of which you will see on football jerseys in the EPL. They received a massive fine earlier this year for licence condition failings. Not to be confused with the crytpo operators which are not licensed by UK GC.
  6. After giving a detailed response your response is "You clearly dont have a clue". I can see now that I have been engaging with an idiot, who despite being provided with evidence to the contrary of his outlandish and false claims wants to proceed with recommending crypto casinos on the basis of it'll be alright "VPN friendly" despite their T&C's telling you how you will be fisted if they catch you at that. And that's exactly what will happen. As part of Curacao's acceptance of significant monies during Covid from the Dutch government, they undertook to reform this whole area of casino licensing meaning that they NOW are no longer allowed share or sub licence them and must have KYC and AML enforced as it will be audited. It came in 1/9/23. Don't bother responding.
  7. I never said BJ was rigged. Butthurt ? what are you 12 ? wind your neck in kiddo. I said that one of the operators' card readers was clearly reading the cards before they came out of the shoe. You would have got that had you bothered to watch the video Einstein. Using a top level domain means nothing. You cannot access stake.us from various states as local gambling laws do not allow it. That includes Kentucky, New York, Nevada, Washington, and Idaho. I have already given you examples of Regulators (KML) who pursue Curacao casinos targeting their residents. You seem to be ignoring that. And the reason casinos include a prohibited countries list is to avoid prosecution for offering services where it is prohibited. It is clearly stated in their T&C's. You are a prime example of the uneducated that end up moaning on forums about not being paid when you couldn't be bothered reading them. Instead relying on a stupid mindset that you know better. All of that VPN nonsense is in your head - they clearly state you cannot use a VPN. Here's the crypto casino Rolla plays on 2.6. You must be residing in a jurisdiction where gambling is legal. You are not allowed to access the Website and/or register an account from a jurisdiction that prohibits online gambling and/or any other jurisdiction that the Central Government of Curacao deems online gambling illegal. k8.io also prohibits persons located in (including temporary visitors) or residents of Australia, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, France and its territories, Netherlands and its territories, Saba, Spain, Statia, St Martin, United Kingdom, the USA and its territories. For the avoidance of doubt, registration from countries that do not feature on the dropdown options available at registration stage, is strictly prohibited. Acceptance Policy K8 will not accept and will block the users that: • Provide fake identification documents. • Try to use different means to deceive about their location. • Are from restricted or prohibited jurisdictions; Here is Stake's T&C's 14.3 Persons located in or reside in Afghanistan, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Côte d'Ivoire, Cuba, Curaçao, Czech Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Liberia, Libya, Lithuania, Netherlands, North Korea, Ontario, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Sudan, Spain, Sudan, Syria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Zimbabwe (the "Prohibited Jurisdictions") are not permitted make use of the Service. For the avoidance of doubt, the foregoing restrictions on engaging in real-money play from Prohibited Jurisdictions applies equally to residents and citizens of other nations while located in a Prohibited Jurisdiction. Any attempt to circumvent the restrictions on play by any persons located in a Prohibited Jurisdiction or Restricted Jurisdiction, is a breach of this Agreement. An attempt at circumvention includes, but is not limited to, manipulating the information used by Stake to identify your location and providing Stake with false or misleading information regarding your location or place of residence. 14.4 The attempt to manipulate your real location through the use of VPN, proxy, or similar services or through the provision of incorrect or misleading information about your place of residence, with the intent to circumvent geo-blocking or jurisdiction restrictions, constitutes a breach of Clause 5 of this Terms of Service.
  8. I have removed the rest of your post from the quote above as it was a load of rambling nonsense. Individual countries can indeed "do shit" when it comes to crypto or indeed any other form of prohibited gambling that target their citizens. Not alone do they have licence systems, they have avenues to pursue those who try and circumvent them. In the US all online gambling is prohibited by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. As an operator you cannot accept payments in connection with the participation of another person in a bet or wager that involves the use of the Internet. Throwing the word crypto in adds nothing to your argument. I suggest you read the terms and conditions of ANY casino including the crypto ones. The prohibited countries are there for a reason. The same goes for the AML conditions on crytpo casino websites. They are there for a reason. Ignorance is no excuse. Curacao is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. And the Dutch Regulator KSA has already pursued casinos accepting Dutch players whilst not licensed in the Netherlands and who were operating with flimsy Curacao licences. And please, DO keep up.
  9. What ? The laws of individual countries govern whether companies can offer gambling services to its residents. If you don't have a licence where restrictions are in place and you ignore the laws, then you get pursued and massive fines are imposed. It doesn't matter if its a crypto casino or otherwise. And governments issue licences not private companies.
  10. Danger

    Ouch St*ke

    Speaking of Stake. Here is Stake funded streamer "Xposed" losing all of Stakes Moola at the tables playing Bombay Blackjack. Watch for the hand at 1:28. Pay particular attention to what the dealer says before her final dealt card leaves the shoe ? What have we just seen ?
  11. Danger

    Is gamstop now pointless?

    So this goes a little outside the Gamban protections which should stand alone. The flip side is SOW interrogations, onerous and the unnecessary playing obstacles that are in place is whats driving people underground. Slow spins /min delay was a ridiculous implementation by UK GC and has taken the good out of some of the slots. All whilst allowing stakes that go way too high. I see it from both sides as I am in Ireland and certain casinos have implemented the UK model (as they see Ireland as an overflow) which are awful to play. Playing at decent casinos like Leo/21 without restrictions is a different world. Bonus buys are no loss. They are extremely dangerous. I'd regard them as the crack cocaine of slots. Rolla's recent vids are testament to that. On the other hand there are bonuses you will possibly never see unless you have access to the buys, but they are a game in themselves. The streamers mentioning responsible gambling whilst super whoring affiliation with no end of casinos (including ones they know will not pay you out if they find you are in a prohibited country) are just box ticking whilst taking in the affiliate money. I can't understand this logic other than greed. Rolla had the common sense to at least warn people that the site he was playing at (and promoting) was not available to UK customers. This is commendable and shows he gets it. However the Crypto Casino's are targeting UK streamers (regardless of their base) to get UK sign ups, knowing they can always deploy KYC to take down a big payout. This is how nasty this whole game is. And when it comes to streaming platforms, it will be the don't give a shit guys that brings it all down. Twitch reacted. Youtube will next. They are struggling to police their own community guidelines, so they will just ban the lot. And then we will have the return of the shit show with everyone on the Stake owned Kick platform. That'll be great craic
  12. Danger

    Is gamstop now pointless?

    Is Gamstop pointless ? No would be my overall answer. It still serves a purpose. You can't stop everyone and yes there is a level of self responsibility, and It could be said that it takes that little bit extra to go the extra mile in many cases in order to go crypto. . However I get your point. There is a big problem right now with crytpo casinos and the issue is that irresponsible affiliation has now reached in your face proportions. It's like the last days of Rome. You have to ask yourself how long before Youtube ends up pulling all streamed gambling content or at the very least having it geoblocked in restricted countries. Knowing Youtube they will just end up killing channels when the scale of community breaches escalate into mass reporting from those affected. And there's different levels of affiliate promotion going on in streams. 1. Clever - yet underhanded. No Casino mentioned with logos not displayed and no transaction links, with directions to the respective forum where you can get instructions on how to bypass geolocation using a VPN. This is Bandits model. 2. Stupid - and couldn't give a shit. Where Casino's logo is displayed throughout video together with audio confirmation and instruction are given in the video on codes to use for 120% sign up bonus and and a how to use a free VPN extension to bypass geoblocking. This is the model being employed by Mr Clarke who clearly is all about maximizing affiliation with an apparent cares less attitude about what happens when the sign ups try and withdraw any winnings only to be hit by a KYC. Numerous complaints under his videos and yet he persists, all the whilst claiming he is playing at licensed UK casinos. For some reason both have managed to bypass the age gating requirements despite uploading and targeting from the UK. In the latter's case, its so blatant that the UK GC will have to address complaints with operators and most likely YT.
  13. Danger

    Haters will hate......

    Sometimes it takes an older head to tell you just how lucky you are. Many will never see a 60,000x hit (I certainly haven't!). Its good to take an exit whilst on top. If you give it back, your head will be in a worse place. Many have been there. Congrats on the win. Take a break!!!!
  14. Danger

    Haters will hate......

    @ryans_slots You got lucky. Even at 10c, I know from playing this game that you possibly didn't hit that on the first 50 quid a go bonus buy. And if you did, its very lucky, take it as a sign. I didn't see the thread referred to above, but there is clearly relief in this win. Take a break for a least a month or two, lock the accounts you have and do something else for a while. That's my advice to you. So easy to give it back. All the best.
  15. Danger

    Crypto Streaming Update

    No worries Rolla. I mean it in the most positive way possible. Please do message me. I'm guessing Sunday is a good one . Between yourself, Bandit and Kim&Co, content has never been healthier.