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  1. Well well well Nicholas
  2. Talking of the great font of wisdom maube he is on a particularly good run, with his stable of ladies, but being who i am, i would have forseen a response of somekind from Solario, maybe as its Winter coming up, he is busy, yes thats why im sure, i went to a local gardening centre but yesterday, to purchase 5 large terracotta flower pot, NONE apparently some dapper looking man, came in with an entourage of hot young ladies and cleared them out, a pattern that is happening all over the Surrey area.....
  3. Andy your ex military would i be right in thinking? So maybe this is a little Blue on Blue, i agree in the most what you say, its to be fair hard not to, however there was a famous song you may remember as you seem to be a font of knowledge on every topic, the song was by the Propellor Heads in 1997, i watched and read the way things went many years ago on BIAM you were the font of all knowledge there, again hard to disagree what you used to say, you offered help, you did help a few infact you were a very active member, joyful,fun etc. Then someone or something flicked the switch and you were anti BIAM and from where i was standing things went a little awry, you went out like a good soldier should always do, on your sword, you then came back and this went on for a short while only for you to (under that name) leave. As i say its a great song and probably knowing you, you will have a little antidote about it or fun fact but if by the slimmest of margins you have not heard of it give it a listen.
  4. Saying that why come on a forum and give a big pity party then shouldn't you take your own advise written above? You obviously really do not want peoples opinions as when you get them, you disagree with all of them, dont take the advice? Strange behaviour really I just hope if you achieve your dream of becoming a Paramedic (you did say that didn't you) I personally do not have an RTA anywhere in your patch, as knowing my luck it will be a day you could not be bothered to go to work for anyone of dozens of reason's. Good luck Ryan in what you do in life I sincerely hope you get yourself out of the quagmire that (admittedly) you have put yourself and your Mother in. You get one life it would be silly to waste it through various forms, don't you agree.
  5. Your the Man for the job @VillaLad you have spent many hours on your tractor harvesting, and growing, so stop playing Golf and get the keys to the John Deere out and set to it. The collective of TGC will follow your lead, you grow it, and @Solario333 will undoubtedly show us some tasty recipes for your produce, also in the recent hot weather will @Solario333 bestow upon us, so "keeping cool" tips, much like the excellent "flower pot heaters" to stave of the cold winter nights. Sow your seeds, fertilise the land and grow your crop @VillaLad i will be watching.
  6. I would think (well I am Nostradamus) that, there is not much garden waste in ole @Blacko garden, I imagine its a border of insignificant and unlooked after geraniums, with a central area of white shingle, that the local cats, use as a giant cat litter tray, only for wee Doggie Blacko to chase away in glee.
  7. I was under the impression that, In Scotland you still had actual bin bags, and not actual bins? I think you should indeed pay, at least you get something for your money, unlike some of those at dodgy casinos you like to frequent, or have done in the past.
  8. Once upon a time, there was a gambling forum called TGC, which was as lively as a casino with plenty of drama, laughter and tears. However, its owner, Rocknrolla, was more of a jester than a king, as he constantly promised big things but delivered very little. Rocknrolla was known for his enthusiasm for creating various competitions on TGC, ranging from slot tournaments to poker games, but he often forgot to follow through with them. For example, he once announced a grand pairs slot competition, members paired up, discussed which slot to choice, but even after many many prompts, this competition never achieved lift off. To make matters worse, Rocknrolla relied on a sidekick called Hackz, who was the TGC dogsbody, to run most of the forum's daily operations. Hackz had to deal with all sorts of complaints, trolls, and technical issues, while Rocknrolla spent his time making silly videos and posting them on his YouTube channel. Despite Hackz's hard work and dedication, he received little recognition or compensation for his efforts. He often joked about quitting TGC and becoming a professional bingo caller, but he couldn't resist the lure of the forum's drama and occasional rewards. However, as time went by, TGC's popularity declined, and Rocknrolla's inability to fulfill his promises became more apparent. Members started to leave the forum, and the few who remained were either loyal supporters or trolls who enjoyed stirring up trouble. Rocknrolla tried to salvage the situation by hosting more competitions and giveaways, but his efforts were in vain. His latest idea was to create a virtual casino on TGC, where members could play games for fun or real money, but he never bothered to obtain a proper gambling license or invest in proper security measures. As a result, TGC became a haven for hackers and scammers, who exploited the site's vulnerabilities and stole members' personal information and funds. Rocknrolla and Hackz were powerless to stop them, and many members lost their trust in the forum's integrity. In the end, TGC's demise was inevitable, and Rocknrolla and Hackz were left to ponder their next move in life. Rocknrolla decided to focus on his YouTube career and tried to distance himself from TGC's failure, while Hackz contemplated his options, which included starting his own gambling forum or pursuing his dream of becoming a bingo caller. Meanwhile, the former members of TGC shared their memories and jokes about the forum's downfall, creating a virtual wake for a once-vibrant community. They mocked Rocknrolla's empty promises, Hackz's thankless job, and the forum's lack of security, but they also reminisced about the friendships, rivalries, and laughs they had shared. As they said their goodbyes to TGC, they knew that gambling forums come and go, but the memories and lessons learned will stay with them forever. And who knows, maybe one day, they'll meet again in another virtual casino or a real one, and laugh about TGC's demise over a round of drinks or a game of bingo.
  9. A slightly basic answer you have posted. My take on it, is this. Cosplay is a portmanteau of the words costume and play, and refers to the act of dressing up and embodying a character from a work of fiction or pop culture. This hobby has gained immense popularity over the past few decades, with fans of all ages and backgrounds participating in events and competitions centered around cosplay. The origins of cosplay can be traced back to science fiction conventions in the 1930s and 1940s, where fans would dress up as characters from their favorite books and movies. However, it wasn't until the 1980s that cosplay began to gain mainstream recognition, as Japanese fans of anime and manga began to dress up as characters from these mediums at events known as "dōjinshi" or fan conventions. The popularity of anime and manga cosplay soon spread throughout the world, with fans from all corners of the globe embracing the hobby and bringing their own unique cultural influences to it. Today, cosplay encompasses a wide range of genres, from science fiction and fantasy to video games, comics, and even real-life historical figures. For many, cosplay is more than just a hobby or pastime - it is a way to express themselves creatively, to connect with like-minded individuals, and to explore their own identities through the characters they choose to portray. Cosplay can also serve as a form of escapism, allowing fans to step into the shoes of their favorite characters and experience a sense of empowerment and freedom. One of the most unique aspects of cosplay is the level of dedication and skill that many cosplayers put into their costumes and performances. From crafting intricate props and weapons to perfecting their makeup and hair, cosplayers go to great lengths to create a truly immersive experience for themselves and others. Overall, cosplay is a celebration of creativity, fandom, and the power of imagination. It has evolved over the years to become a global phenomenon, bringing people from all walks of life together to celebrate their shared love of pop culture and the characters that have captured their hearts and imaginations.
  10. Your back from your hiatus I see, I look forward to your many posts, and then i predict your will vanish like a vapour again.
  11. Good luck all, I have an unfair advantage obviously, So I will not be entering. I however have a question. Are certain people still waiting for the spin on the wheel from 2020? Also is there any movement on the Slots pair competitions from must be the late 1990s? I was going to mention the competition that was muted in September last year, but i predict this is like a damp airbomb, and will never ignite. In many ways from what I read the TGC comps are much like getting paid out by an unlicensed Curaçao casino.
  12. Oh @Jok3st3r is a Female, I did not see that coming. I maybe need to change my name.
  13. Who is @Jok3st3r and what are "chebs" Size 8 is average up North I seem to remember from History lessons, something to do with weather conditions.
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