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  1. Murphyturner

    Finger gate (police Report)

  2. Manage and do the website for CPRE campaign to protect rural England amongst being involved with them with the local branch ? It's hard too believe but i am also intelligent aha Yeah i was only able too vote once rather than for 3 ?
  3. Murphyturner

    Finger gate (police Report)

    It caused our man Paul alot of confusion as well ?
  4. Murphyturner


    @Rocknrolla This is the magic hit i was on about fella ?
  5. Murphyturner


    Atleast you admit it ? maybe i can find a truce with you longs your not offensive too people light hearted or not you step over the line fella !
  6. Thank you again @MrUKHackz for putting the charity that i do work for on there ? In the Real Rocknrollaaaa's word's much love and i truly mean it ?
  7. Murphyturner

    Funny Shit

    @Rocknrolla Hopefully this is enough for you too get over the !walkabout command ? @RichieFC what you think?? or am i putting my finger in it ?
  8. Murphyturner

    Compulsive gambling

    I'd get a new girlfriend as well lad, Don't want one that snoops on your phone while your in the shower aha! Jokes aside hope you get it all sorted ?
  9. Murphyturner


    He has alot more about him than spam emails lol, I'v met Scott several times and he's a sound bloke in person, shame that changes when it comes too money. He's a very well off person now and couldn't be bothered by a million plus law suit he wont be knocked by elt else. As a person though he's great. Been his club and was looked after and had a great night. What he does now and further im not defending though.
  10. Murphyturner

    The biggest come back since dyson fury!

    That's were he emerged from @Rocknrolla
  11. Murphyturner

    The biggest come back since dyson fury!

    WTF you legit would have nightmares after that!! You poor people that put up with them adverts back then?
  12. Murphyturner

    My Gambling Experience

    see iv already noticed that and i don't even bet on horses ahahah ? Id be the miller minion!
  13. Murphyturner

    My Gambling Experience

    Maybe i should follow the horses, Never have apart from the last big event when Hackz gave his predictions and i followed them and went big on the one with the best odds and it came!! I'd happily give up the slots to try the horses but i can honestly say i have no clue what i would be betting on. Id want to do a accumulator that would easily bring the same thrill!! But sod them shoes! What are those!!!!!
  14. Murphyturner

    My Gambling Experience

    I would never quit here, I love this website regardless of the occasional reoccurring idiot, I do limit myself its just i thrive the thrill from the big hit i know anyone could spend there last penny chasing it so maybe i should listen to my own advice. ?
  15. Murphyturner

    My Gambling Experience

    Too right! I will pay the first person that gets a TGC tattoo but i know it would be myself because id get a tattoo of Paul's mush tbh