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  1. Hi Guys, We have a new game. Our Fresh Crush has been released today! It's a 6-reel and 5-line classical slot game with beautiful fruits. Embark on a hiking adventure through steep mountain trails and thick forests scattered with some of nature's finest fruits! Climb the tallest mountains, enjoy the scenery as the sky changes from peaceful blue to majestic gold and find the real diamond before the sun sets! If you are lucky, you can find the real diamond – the Bonus symbol, which appears on the reels and plays at the end of the winning cascade (if their number is enough). Collect 4 or more of them and get 10 Free Games with Extra Multipliers. The 3 or more Bonus symbols appearing during the feature trigger 5 more Free Games. Could something very valuable be hiding at the end of the path? Find it out in the new slot - Fresh Crush! Let's play, i hope you like it! https://endorphina.com/games/fresh-crush/play?utm_medium=forum&utm_campaign=post
  2. You can use this link too: https://endorphina.com/games/late-night-win/play
  3. Hi Guys, We have a new game! It's Late Night Win. This game has something far more exciting to offer - the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Game! It's triggered by 5 or more Bonus symbols landing on the reels! During the Bonus Game, the main game reels turn into a grid of 5x3 positions with a reel containing regular and surprise bonus symbols, as well as star symbols on each position. Bonus symbols landing on the reels remain in place while Stars keep the reels spinning. Every regular Bonus symbol shows the prize it may provide the player with, and is equal to the player’s total bet multiplied from 1x to 10x. Let's try and let me know your thoughts! Demo link: https://endorphina.com/games/late-night-win/play?utm_source=forum&utm_medium=article
  4. Hello Everyone! I would like to inform you that we have released our new game Lord of the Seas! Yo ho, ho! Welcome to the grand voyage of the Lord of the Seas, an exciting new slot that will whisk you away to the thrilling realm of pirates! Embark on an adventurous high-tide journey, where you'll experience the genuine thrill of the wind in your hair and the taste of salty sea spray as you navigate through treacherous storms and mighty waves. The Lord of the Seas boasts 5 reels and 3 rows, offering 20 fixed paylines to keep the excitement flowing. Brace yourself for an extraordinary gaming experience as you encounter free respin features, generously sprinkled with extra wild symbols that can be won on the spinning reels! As we all know, plundering cargo ships is an integral part of any pirate's life. To maximize your chances of striking it rich, you must collect as many cannonballs as you can, directing them towards the waiting cannon before the fuse burns out. Watch for the cannonballs to appear exclusively on reel 5, with a limit of one per spin. You can hoard up to 9 cannonballs, and those accumulated while playing with different total bets will be counted separately, unable to be combined. Likewise, the remaining length of the fuse won't reset with a change in bet amount. Fear not, though, for during the respin feature, you can unleash a fierce pirate attack on a cargo ship, using all the accumulated cannonballs to bombard reels 2, 3, and 4. Each cannonball will transform into a wild symbol at random, boosting your chances of bountiful rewards. Please note that respins cannot be triggered again within the same feature. Additionally, for the daring risk-takers among you, there's a chance to double your winnings up to 10 times in the Classic Risk Game. Are you ready to join a crew of daring pirates, set sail on your trusty ship, and unravel the secrets of hidden treasures? The Lord of the Seas awaits your arrival; it's time to embrace the adventurous spirit within! You can try the demo here: https://endorphina.com/games/lord-of-the-seas/play Let me know your thoughts!
  5. Hello GUYS ! who was in the event ICE 2023?
  6. Hello Guys! Happy 2023! How is everything going so far?
  7. Damn! .40 .. Definitely our new release Santas Gift Give you more!
  8. This guy Deserves more than a Tshirt lol , The best post 2022
  9. I Respect your opinion my friend, Endorphina has the classic type of games for a more conservative audience but... that's why I'm here! I know for example that some players don't like mega ways how about you? tell me ... what do they want to see?
  10. Hey guys! who like Football, today we have a new game called Football 2022 , I tried the bonus pop and the penalties are really cool. try the game and tell us what you think SCATTER symbols appearing simultaneously on reels 1 and 5 trigger the penalty Bonus Game.
  11. I will send him a T-shirt.. if he is a real fan. So.. he needs to type IM A REAL FAN OF @ENDORPHINA. Deal? @Gkell727
  12. @Blacko We have a new game! LUMBERJACK Tell us what you think. and you guys!
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