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  1. Zen Master

    Another One For The Tinkerers !

  2. Zen Master

    New Footage has emerged

  3. Zen Master

    Even when you win you lose

    Robin: Holy Ravioli Batman, did Kon Tiki Roulette just turn 70 pence into 72 quid on the first three spins of his stream (TKTRC 46 Roulette Parallel Volatility Strategy High Baseline) Batman: Yes Robin, he did, but on the fourth spin he had a fiver on number 14 and it went next door into number 20 Robin: So he could have won another 180 quid off 70 pence Batman: Yes Robin, but it gets worse, if had started the stream two minutes earlier he would have had another 3 hits at the max bet and won over 300 quid off 70 pence Robin: Just goes to show, even when you win you lose
  4. Two cows in a field, one cow goes moo, the other cow says, you bastard I was gonna say that
  5. Patrick says to Seamus, I know how to make fake 10 pence coins, Seamus says fuck off Paddy you tart, Patrick pulls one out of his pocket and say looky here Seamus, Seamus says bugger me sideways, how on earth did you do that, Patrick says 'Its easy Seamus, I just filed the straight edges off of one of dem 50 pence coins'
  6. What did Michael Jackson pass round after dinner and coffee
  7. Translates to any stake, but the bankroll is 4300 units, so for a pound stake you would need 4300 pounds, if this works I plan to slowly shift through the gears and switch up to 20p units once I hit 860 quid, 4300 x 30p units at 1,290 quid etc. So I started with 430 quid and currently at 510 quid. Not worth the time and effort currently, but hopefully it will be once I level up.
  8. Such a nice welcoming community, wish I'd joined earlier, the encouragement is underwhelming
  9. ooh, temper temper, did somebody spank their dough today
  10. Kon Tiki Roulette on the tubes, every spin streamed live so the naysayers cannot say nay Put that in your pipes and smoke it boyos
  11. Zen Master

    A different approach to roulette

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win