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  1. Training to become a Faith Healer, a Shaman.
  2. Doing the right thing eventually doesn't necessarily make you a righteous and good person. You should look in your mirror before judging others.
  3. It may have played a part, but I would imagine that two Twitch Employees receiving $80k worth of payments between them live on a gambling streamers broadcast is much more damaging to Twitch's image than a degenerate sports betting streamer secretly taking loans from other streamers to fund his addiction. The latter raises questions of conflict of interest, corruption, bribery and the legal ramifications that can go alongside them, basically a very very bad look for Twitch and ultimately Amazon.
  4. Rellim is Miller backwards. The article I read said that they were both fired "weeks ago". However on the video of the streamer offering/sending them money, he clicks on both of their Twitch profiles and they both had their job titles at Twitch listed in their bio's. I should think if they were not employed by Twitch at that stage, they would be getting told to remove misleading information from their respective profiles. I think its more likely this is something Twitch has been aware of since the time of the payments, maybe there were further payments to others that were not made public too. They fired the individuals involved and hoped it would blow over. But as soon as it was discovered, started trending on Twitter etc, attracting some mainstream media's attention, Daddy Amazon has likely got involved.
  5. This statement is too much up in the air. Aside from addressing 4 specific sites, of which there are 101 other clones of such sites, it doesn't really specify anything. The suggestion of still allowing it to happen on sites licensed in jurisdictions that provide "sufficient consumer protection" indicates to me that it won't actually solve anything. We have literally seen the Stake.com contracts leaked already, these "mega" social influencers like xqc, Trainwrecks, AdinRoss, even Roshtein are worth 10s of millions to Gambling Operators. While it remains to be seen which jurisdictions are deemed "worthy", it still leaves it wide open for those that do get the "Twitch Pass" to work with those influencers still (alas their bet sizes may suddenly be shrinking). From looking into it a little further, it seems this maybe the result of several Twitch Employees receiving large payments from Trainwrecks (which is absolutely insane and may have some large legal ramifications), another Twitch streamer being outed as borrowing large amounts to gamble with and not paying those amounts back (although that was seemingly not casino related, it was sports betting) and the uproar of several high profile non-gambling related Twitch streamers. I do not believe this to be the end of gambling streams on Twitch, I don't even think it constitutes as them using a band-aid solution. I think its a poorly worded, vague statement in response to an ongoing situation that is going to amount to nothing. My hope would be however that it has been enforced on them by their parent company who have observed the current situation. If that is the case, then while the initial statement is absolutely asinine, once the legal departments start to unfurl and explore all the details and look at the sheer minefield that is the global gambling industry, then it could perhaps be shut down altogether on Twitch. Although even then, Amazon and doing the right thing don't seem to go together.
  6. Denman


    Well yeah, its fair to say that its a rather antiquated process. It is almost like a forced period of mourning, no fun allowed. But from my understanding ultimately it came down to the Premier League to decide, who presumably in conjunction with the Police decided that it was the best course of action to take, other sports in the country as far as I can gather are still going ahead as normal - but then they would likely need far less police resources than Premier League games. I think to an extent it is a PR exercise for the Premier League too, its a no win situation for them, if they postpone the games they are criticised, if they don't postpone they would be criticised, they have likely deduced that the former results in less criticism.
  7. Denman


    I should imagine that the biggest reason that they postpone such events is for policing reasons. With all the people that will gather at the Palaces, all the different memorials, commemorative events and such that will be taking place the police force will be stretched thin.
  8. Funnily enough, a horse that won at Haydock today did the exact same thing for the same trainer as Suitcase N Taxi did.
  9. Denman

    TGC Horse

    I think they know they have a horse almost on the same level as Frankel, but its just been lacking a little in terms of the quality of horses he's beaten. The quality and depth in competition isn't there as it was for Frankel (Cirrus des Aigles, Excelebration, Canford Cliffs etc) there's not much they can realistically do about that though. However perhaps one last roll of the dice, winning one of those grandest of races could elevate the reputation of the horse to at least be mentioned in the same breath. Also worth acknowledging that these types of owners are all about the big race wins, its what they are in the sport for, the money is probably inconsequential for them.
  10. Denman

    TGC Horse

    Horse racing is a niche product even in the world of gambling. It shows on here even, the vast majority of gamblers on here do not give a toss about horse racing. So not sure what it would actually authenticate. What you said in your first paragraph is true though, some are really good, you will get weekly updates either in the form of a brief letter/email or even a video update showing footage of your horse and the trainer or Head Lad (Person) giving you an update, others are just always available on the phone, then as you identified there are some you will only hear from when an invoice requires payment. Wasn't aware of Omnihorse, to be honest having only looked briefly at their webpage I am not sure I even understand what it is. The Racehorse Club from my knowledge give you a keyring, a photograph of the horse, send you a weekly newsletter and enter you into a raffle for a shot at winning the owners tickets when your horses run. I would say its a complete and utter waste of money. You reckon you have any say on where and when it runs if you just hold some small share in a syndicate? I would be incredibly surprised if so. Also again from the best of my knowledge, Middleham Park doesn't really do many cheap share packages, so people on a budget are probably best to look elsewhere or not waste their money.
  11. Denman

    TGC Horse

    What do you think they actually do that would make it so much easier? I am guessing most of what you think an owner does is actually done by the trainer. While sure most trainers are cantankerous old bastards, you're paying for a service and they are fully aware that you're going to want the days out to see them run. Some owners handle and file all their horses entries too but that seems a lot of effort to me especially when the trainer should be better qualified to do it.
  12. Denman

    TGC Horse

    I am actually a bit more turned off on syndicates compared to the last time this was talked about on here. Heard a pretty unsavoury story about a syndicate (Not Middleham Park Racing) being extremely misleading about a horses ability after being told to cut their losses on it to generate a huge amount of share sales. There was also that leak not so long ago about a NH Trainer, forget who but someone well known, selling £200k worth of £50 shares in a horse he had bought for around £8k. He had said he would provide a genuine owners experience, limited shares. Literally had over 500 people with a share! Pretty sure he got in trouble for it though.
  13. Well, I don't really know what Unibet are like, I suspect they are not as bad as most of the shithouse Maltese casino's at least. I would hazard a guess that while this situation feels of great magnitude to you, as it should, as its your money., to them its a minor case that they have another 10, 50, 100 identical cases lined up in a queue slowly being chipped away at (as they no doubt have an understaffed SOW department).
  14. Well, they can't legally keep your money in probably 99.99% of cases. Your money is effectively frozen and presumably they would have another department, maybe legal, that determines how they proceed. But you're going to get paid, its just likely going to be a faff on, that may go to the stage of you having to contact the UKGC or relevant governing body, or even as far as taking legal action, at which point they will shit the bed and pay instantly.
  15. Yeah, it was like a thanks for verifying me and sending me my money, you have been very helpful and are a credit to the company that you work for, now stick my account up your arse and delete it.
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