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  1. IndridCold

    The Ukraine situation

    Nothing like independent journalism
  2. IndridCold

    Time to stop playing slots ?

    I'm down £329 since February when I started. I've played a lot of slots and now I just tend to stick to ones I enjoy playing.
  3. IndridCold

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Cool. Lets go with the favs then
  4. IndridCold

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Flying off on hols tomorrow so I'll be absent for Saturdays picks.
  5. IndridCold

    Time to stop playing slots ?

    When I started on slots back in February I remember my first session, £100 deposit, £1 spins, played Big Bass Bonanza & Royale with Cheese, £100 gone in a few minutes. I remember ditching slots and playing tables instead. Roulette would be ok for hitting 4-5 numbers in a row, then I got greedy putting on larger amounts and that went. After I hit big on Primal (£1400 on £1.60 stake), I withdrew most of it and was up £900 on BetVictor. I then moved to just betting on horses and so far I've been up up and away. But the lure of the slots. While Bet365 is healthy as I don't play on their slot site, SkyBet was another matter. They're cheeky with their "you can sign into all 7 of our sites with one logon", I managed to stay clear of SkyVegas for a long time but one day was bored and just started playing. Not the greatest selection. Now I just deposit the odd £100 into BV or 21, play on 20-30p stake. If a bonus comes in within a tenner great, if not I move on. If I hit big, great, if not the balance is gone and I time myself out for a month. Since February I've hit 1000x 3 times but its been on 20p. Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, East Coast & Jammin' Jars. I hit the top of the tower on Steamtower but it was on 15p stake lol
  6. IndridCold

    Time to stop playing slots ?

    Which slots do you generally play? What is your average stake?
  7. IndridCold


    Its a race to the bottom.
  8. IndridCold


    Labour/Tories,... two cheeks of the same butthole. As the Joker said.... Its all part of the plan.
  9. IndridCold

    Nice win on East Coast

    I normally play it on 40p stake, this is the 2nd time I've hit 1000x. But 9/10 the bonus pays nothing. I've had coast to coast before from the off, dropping in 5 bonus symbols and it only paid £7. This payout was from one spin, the other 9 paid nothing to £1. The big hit the was the "Q" symbol.
  10. IndridCold

    Nice win on East Coast

    Was close to closing the slot and moving on when 4 bonus symbols dropped in, it was looking like another shocker but +2 spins went Coast to Coast and it dropped in one big hit. 20p stake 1204x
  11. IndridCold

    East coast INSANE!

    Before coming back on the forum I hit 5 scatters on East Coast, was rubbing my hands in anticipation, 40p stake and it paid £7. Nothing linked up, talk about disappointment. I've had 1000x pay on 40p off a normal bonus, so volatile.
  12. IndridCold

    Tinkering on New Max megaways 40p

    I just saw it was available on SkyVegas so I gave it a go on 20p, took 14 minutes to trigger 4 bonus symbols, got 2 bonus retrigger and duplicating wilds. It retriggered once and after 16 spins paid £1.25.
  13. IndridCold

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    1:35 CURRAGH Roaring Gallagher NB 1:50 NEWMARKET Greenland 2:05 HAYDOCK Harrow EW 2:25 NEWMARKET Swingalong EW 2:40 HAYDOCK Copper Knight EW 3:00 NEWMARKET Persian Force EW 3:20 CURRAGH Bossy Parker EW 3:40 NEWMARKET Savvy Victory NAP
  14. IndridCold

    Tinkering on Big Bass Splash

    I really like this version and I do find it easy to bonus. Haven't won anything bigger than 100x thus far and was one fisherman away from the 10x. The only option I always want is the +2 spins, I played this earlier and hit the bonus and it gave the option "More Fisherman", 10 spins later and he only showed up once, so I do question if these options (other than 2 spins & level 2) actually do anything.
  15. IndridCold

    20p Stake on Captain Venture: T.O.T.S

    As old El Capitan has been good to me lately I thought I would give the sequel a go. Treasures of the Sea, It’s flashier with better graphics but it’s lost all the charm of the original. It did however bonus on 20p. Not much was happening until it dropped in five scatters and paid £90 and retriggered a few times for 70 spins total.