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  1. I assumed it was bonus related but yeah it's not mentioned anywhere. I just checked their website and max cashout of 10 x for any deposit under 200 EUR. Thieving barstads.
  2. PieGamble

    Biggest spin ups, from hardly anything to...?

    @Mad Slasher McGurk Sadly, that isn't how slots work @ColourMeUp I was turned a fiver into £500+ playing roulette at aspers in Stratford which chuffed me to bits. This little Romanian guy who was clearly an addict who had done his bollocks and decided I was a man who could use expert prediction skills. I won my first number and after that the streak carried on. After chucking him some chips and covering my beer and a cab I had £500 once I arrived home. Now I reflect on it - that might actually be one of my happiest gambling memories for some reason .... maybe because it doesn't invoke memories of some scenario involving high amounts of stress or pressure or money. I once qualified for a 2k entry land based tournie on a 'winners league' online freeroll played on a Monday after a big one at fabric the day before. I almost didn't play I felt so when I did fire it up I just wanted it to end as I didn't have the mental capacity for it. So I start doing the suicide hands just to get it over with and after about 10 hands my yet another all in gets called. I had Qs the opponent had As. I of course hit the queen on the flop and move into a massive chip lead. At this point I realise that I've got a good chance here by not doing much (8 out of 20 qualified I think). So I held on, qualified and eventually cashed 15k USD in the tournament (my biggest poker win).
  3. PieGamble

    Leicester City

    I think Leicester are in with a strong shout for second spot but Liverpool will just be too solid to be able to catch. I'm not convinced about champs league being a tyre round their necks either. They managed 97 points last season and won the thing. History proves they have the pedigree. Hope Leicester keep it up so we can at least get a title run in. Good luck.
  4. PieGamble

    Andy Ruiz Jr vs Anthony Joshua | Predictions

    While the Klitschko brothers reigned supreme they put heavyweight boxing well down the rankings because despite them both being excellent boxers the paying public didn't want to watch those kind of fights. The purists maybe but not the masses (myself included). There is sometimes a tendency for boxers to move to this 'art of boxing' style after a bruising defeat. I hope that isn't the case for AJ.
  5. PieGamble

    Andy Ruiz Jr vs Anthony Joshua | Predictions

    Not a great fight but AJ had a lot on the line so the fought the fight he needed to, in order to guarantee a win. I personally thought he paid too much respect to Ruiz but he was bashed up by him good and proper last time, so again, understandable. Just hope he doesn't become too Klitschko esq from here on in though. Minor grumble but the build up to the fight was super annoying and overly long with no less than three national anthems for good measure. And all the post match 'shout outs' to those Saudi princes as if it was a world class sporting event which it clearly wasn't. Compare that to an 80k sell out at Wembley - doesn't come close. I guess those 50m purses can make you quite loyal. I watched the dazn stream and have to say I thought the commentary was far superior. The only person I like from sky is froch - the rest just talk a lot of nonsense. Apparently the sky commentators were sat in front of the dazn crew and because they are all ex fighters they kept standing up trying to tell AJ what to do which sums them up for me. Onus now on either fury or wilder to come to AJ for the fight. I'd prefer an AJ Vs Fury fight at Wembley for the full show so that one can be put to rest. I think wilder will just keep ducking until his time has passed so can't see it happening anytime soon.
  6. I'll keep this as brief as I can. Many moons ago I caught the bug and did my bollocks big time. It definitely wasn't higher than seven figures and it definitely wasn't lower than five figures. Messy stuff. I've always taken it on the chin until recently when I've seen a sea change in how casinos have reacted to a regulator which has finally laid down the law. The things which has particularly caught my eye is the retrospective nature that some casinos have in requesting information from customers for periods dating back years when it comes to responsible gambling and affordability. Periods which easily span the depths of my personal problems. On that basis I have just submitted a SAR request to my number one casino in terms of bollocks = done. I've asked for everything. I've shied away from this for a number of reasons but the main one being that I've never really wanted to know how bad it was and face up to what I've done. Ignorance is bliss. But on reflection I'm going to look at this a bit closer and potentially make the case to the casino in question that my behaviour during those times was so outrageous that to classify it as anything but problem gambling was a dereliction of their duty. There is of course a financial element to this which is a motivator but the main overarching motivator is to hold them to account for how they acted during those times. Honestly, I lost my shit and they cleaned up. I don't know if this will end up going anywhere and I'm not sure how much I really want to pursue the matter but this is the first step. At a minimum I'll report back how much I lost and name the casino in question. Peace and love to the TGC crew x
  7. PieGamble

    Where's Rolla?

    Your points are in danger of being lost if you focus too much on the individual. People here are savvy enough to know the score. Streamers cater for addicts in my opinion. I think for that audience the steamers deals are largely irrelevant - they just want to see action and couldn't care less. Likewise, streamers are probably also just addicts making a killing from doing something which would otherwise make them pot less. The entirely disingenuous responsible gambling messages are really no worse then the rest of the industry.
  8. PieGamble

    Where's Rolla?

    If I walked into a bookies (which I would only ever do to get some fobt action) I'd be seriously pissed off to see someone hogging four terminals. Feck responsible gambling - I want my irresponsible gambling hit Same goes when they block a slot so someone can go and empty their bank account for via the cash point for fobt tokens. Make them get to the back of the line I say Responsible gambling wouldn't even cross my mind. What a self centered view of the world I have :-)
  9. PieGamble

    Shutting down threads?

    @Nicola just to be clear - I've no issue with you or your previous links to affiliation and that wasn't the point of my post. It's an incredible gesture that you made to donate so much of that massive win to charity. Hopefully @Solario333 will come along shortly to say something above peace, love, karma and rigged slots & normal order can be restored. I'm going to go and chill to the latest chiominkz slots video and hopefully see see some 'totally bonkers, insane, hit the sign up link ladz' wins.
  10. PieGamble

    Don’t fuck with TonyBet

    Dude.... completely lol'd at that and I never lol. I hope some of our more sensitive forum members don't need counseling after reading that
  11. PieGamble

    Shutting down threads?

    @david1111 to come along and ask for the thread to be closed down because it's all getting a bit much for him?
  12. PieGamble

    The Gloves Are Off - Ruiz vs Joshua 2

    I'm looking forward to this one. Fight time should be pretty good for us UK fans - beats getting up at 5am and falling asleep during the first round and waking up at the winners announcement
  13. PieGamble

    Shutting down threads?

    Well it's an open forum - or at least I thought it was. What gives you the right to shutdown threads on behalf of other people or indeed the rest of us? There is a thread over at casinomeister where started by Nicola criticising another affiliate which was fairly quickly shut down which is bs in my opinion. Now you want to do the same here. I don't even care about the affiliate arguments to be honest but I do care that those conversations get shut down because they may or may not reflect well on people. We are all capable of making our own judgements but seems you think otherwise.
  14. PieGamble

    Shutting down threads?

    Why shut down the progressive jackpot thread started by Nicola? I saw one member comment that it should be shut down but saw no valid reason why but then it was so. Seems a bit casinomeister ish to me - shut down threads that don't reflect well on affiliates. Is that accurate?
  15. PieGamble

    Progressive Jackpot Win €112k

    @Nicola That is an incredible win and an incredible gesture. Bravo to you. Charity wise - kids hospital sounds like a brilliant idea. Now....as for the casino and casinomeister...they can both f**k right off in my opinion. 1.) The casino has already collected that money from players so it's not like they should have to go looking down the back of the sofa for it. Installments my arse - that's just bullshit. If it wasn't such a significant sum I'd be tempted to get legal on their arse but you know they hold all the cards right now. 2.) Casinomeister are just basically mega affiliates that will back casinos in almost every possible scenario and will aggressively ban anyone who challenges that. They even pump Curacao casinos these days. The only time they call out rogue behaviour is when their affiliate money is in question. Their number one rated casino offers players slots at 91% (book of dead) and yet they claim to be about 'fairness'. I guarantee you won't get any help over there so don't even bother trying... especially if it's one of their accredited casinos.