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  1. PieGamble

    Streamers can be good for the community

    @Rocknrolla @MrUKHackz Why oh why do you continue to let this shit happen on your forum? The toxicity grows stronger with each post and day. It's horrible.
  2. PieGamble

    WTF Banking

    Wild stab in the dark......the bank being cocks and holding the funds pending requesting additional verification is Metro? Had a similar problem when sending my Nephew 4k. Complete pain in the arse.
  3. PieGamble

    Casumo Stats

    I've never been brave enough to total up my losses. I know it's bad (six figures) but not sure I want to know how bad. But many people are unaware of the negative effects of a big win because it's entirely counter intuitive. But for me personally big wins just opened Pandora's box in terms of going deeper and deeper. In regards to the casinos and their assessment of my deposits and play - there can be no doubt I would have been setting off red flags left, right and centre. But those red flags were probably for the attention of the VIP team and not the responsible gambling team. I don't think much has really changed between 2016 and present day - there will just be additional formalities that allow the casino to demonstrate to the regulator that they upheld their duty of care by asking you a few questions and asking to see some payslips. And to be honest there is no way a casino could have talked me out of what I was doing - during my peak two years of very heavy gambling I received one email during that time asking if I was comfortable with my level of gambling. Naturally I was outraged. My point is that responsible gambling or not I was going to gamble regardless and if they did do something proactive i.e. enforce deposit limits or enforce a cooling off period then I would have just gone elsewhere and most likely been extremely pissed off with said casino. Glad to hear things have calmed down for you and things are on the up :-)
  4. PieGamble

    Promoting Responsible Gambling. Then not.

    If you go into a casino.....you have lots of those electronic machines with videostreams where you can bet on the outcome of a roulette wheel spinning. All those machines are linked to the same physical wheel. The physical wheel generates a random outcome. You bet. It spins. You win or lose. So what you've described in terms of seeing machines land on the same numbers could be a similar concept - change physical wheel for RNG and you have it. But it does not change the fact the outcome is a result of a random event.
  5. PieGamble

    Promoting Responsible Gambling. Then not.

    I find this story to incredibly unlikely. The only feasible explanation could be if they were intentionally using a shared RNG result which I've never heard of. I will ask around though because if this were true then it opens up some avenues for exploiting those machines which I find hard to believe. May I ask which year the last time you saw this behaviour? But suppose your story is accurate - you still both received an outcome which was determined at random which is precisely the same as if you sat next to each other at a real casino betting on the same wheel.
  6. PieGamble

    Promoting Responsible Gambling. Then not.

    What a load of cobblers. The fact the UK has such a strong regulator means that FOBTs are the single most audited form of gambling ever to exist in the UK. Your chances of winning are exactly the same - every spin. Your chances of losing are always greater than winning - every spin.
  7. PieGamble

    Roshtein Plays With Fake Money???

    Is it a feature of N1 casino that the address bar is not displayed or how he has setup his screen? Because the URL would show if he was hitting the demo mode.
  8. PieGamble

    Ross Kemp

    OK I see your point but I don't necessarily agree. The presenters just sound to me as though they aren't very well prepared. There are plenty of academics and professionals who are perfectly capable of performing this role and they aren't gamblers (and don't headbutt horses ). I suppose my main point is I think it's misguided to suggest only a gambler can understand gambling because that isn't true and what I understood your point to be. But I'm still curious to hear what message do you want a documentary like that to convey because it's not clear to me? The outright misery of gambling addiction? From my own point of view I'm much more interested in our behavioural traits and the exploration of those traits which causes people to act in this utterly irrational way. Because the heart of the matter for me is that none of this is accidental and is in fact the outcome of a constant cycle of refinement all geared towards making us addicts. That's a much more compelling story in my opinion. If you have 30 mins I can recommend the following video and if you like it I can recommend the book as well if you're a reader:- https://youtube.com/watch?v=ak0HE8Y_UJY
  9. PieGamble

    Ross Kemp

    I should add that the link to the pokie nation documentary posted here recently was incredibly insightful and focuses on the cause rather than the effect. Highly recommend.
  10. PieGamble

    Ross Kemp

    I don't follow this logic. Being a gambler doesn't make you an expert on gambling unless you want a documentary of some addict telling you how shit they feel after losing all their money or how they feel compelled to do gamble but don't really know why. And if that is the kind of hard hitting documentary you want then what purpose does that serve? Tells people gambling can be shit and you can lose everything - it's hardly news - gamblers and non gamblers already know this. I'm genuinely curious to know what message you think needs to come across in these documentaries?
  11. PieGamble

    trip to berlin

    That infamous club is called Berghain and this is the guy who decides who gets in and who doesn't:-  Perhaps you can mention you know chipmonkslotz and you'll get whisked straight through I would personally head out to the Kreuzberg part of town if you're looking for drinks / clubs. Loads going on round there. Great city and lots of fun. Enjoy.
  12. It's also music to my ears. If anything good is to come from a situation like this - it will mean affiliation as a whole will come under much greater scrutiny which regulation likely to follow (and long overdue).
  13. Fuck me that's unbelievably bad and shameful. But the industry being what it is I doubt the other brands they promote will drop them which is exactly what they should do.
  14. PieGamble

    Who Am I?

    @Denman What was the clue meant to be in the first pic?
  15. PieGamble

    Are we surprised?

    Protect UK players from getting fleeced. You can thank them for the fact that players aren't getting fucked left, right and centre by bullshit terms and conditions. You can thank them for the fact you easily can self exclude at all online casinos when it all gets too much. You can thank them for ensuring games are certified fair. What do you think they do?