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  1. PieGamble


    You could just stop depositing there. Seems like a much more effective way of responding as opposed to a letter of complaint....which will really achieve not very much at all.
  2. PieGamble

    William hill shop closures

    Definitely a bit of Munchausen syndrome for anyone even attempting to feel 'something' for the bookies here.
  3. PieGamble

    Mod factor

    Krishnan Guru-Murthy gets my vote. Firm, favourite with fans and will command control of the audience in a firm and respectful way.
  4. PieGamble

    Verifying real streamers is BS

    I can't tell if there is some tongue cheek in that statement. You're going to disappoint me and say there isn't right?
  5. PieGamble

    Dead or Alive II (32,177x) wtf?!

    Congratulations gamcheck. It's always great to see an affiliate posting big win videos.
  6. PieGamble

    Some truly horrible people

    I find myself agreeing with hotshots that some people on this forum seem to constantly harp on about backinamo forum. Why they can't just go post on that other forum instead of boring us I'm not sure. Now the others have arrived. Joy.
  7. PieGamble

    helping gamblers

    I think the sentiment is good but the practicalities less so. This site is predominantly focused on actual gambling as opposed to focusing on problem gambling. That doesn't mean we don't help or don't care but there are professionals better setup to take this type of thing forward i.e. gamcare etc. Perhaps you would be better off using something like this forum to raise awareness and get support others in this effort.
  8. PieGamble

    Your favourite old tv ads

    I can still recite this advert word for word. What the fudge!
  9. PieGamble

    Your favourite old tv ads

    Yes. I gave up because the link didn't auto embed. I also added a small comment about how this advert also reminds me of those times when I've had a few cheeky bumps of horse medicine
  10. PieGamble

    Your favourite old tv ads

    Is it a coincidence you posted that after my failed post? Bit spooky if it's coincidence :-)
  11. PieGamble

    Your favourite old tv ads

    Ah forget it
  12. PieGamble

    SHOOTERS Scouse Crime Film

    @Bangers You were on YouTube? Bit out of character for you isn't it? Thanks for sharing dude.
  13. PieGamble

    Creating account in someone elses name

    If a crime is committed and proven then 100% the bank refunds the money. But given the circumstances - I think not only will the crime need to be officially record, it will also need to be solved in order for the bank to refund. Definitely a moral dilemma for sure but there is no doubt I'd be reporting it to the police because I would not accept anyone stealing 9k from me regardless of the circumstances.
  14. PieGamble

    Creating account in someone elses name

    Unfortunately, your partner has committed a crime (fraud). The bank will be legally obligated to repay you the money and that's a matter between you and them. Because it's a crime the bank will reverse those against the casino but that's between them. Obviously this is all predicted on you actually reporting the crime. It would also likely require your partner to admit the crime or be found guilty otherwise they could claim it was an a joint enterprise which would be hard to disprove. Sorry you've found yourself in this position. From a practical point of view you should probably change your cards to limit any chance of this happening again. Good luck.
  15. PieGamble

    What are you interested in and why?

    Can't believe it took 20 posts in for someone to write this. Little bit disappointed TGC.....this should have been first response. Thanks mark for restoring order.