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  1. PieGamble

    Crypto gambling, a normal punters view.

    It looks like the inevitable has started to happen. Seems like a few crypto casinos have suddenly found their KYC button and are using it dick UK players around for funds. That's a stress I definitely don't miss.
  2. PieGamble

    Crypto gambling, a normal punters view.

    I've often thought that the providers themselves are hugely complicit in all this but seem to get off lightly. The thing about the providers is they are often based in territories where legal recourse is very doable. Imagine a situation where a publicly traded company like evolution suddenly finding itself on the end of a DoJ charge for facilitating illegal gambling. Something like that seems inevitable to me to be honest as I suspect every single person on this forum could find supporting evidence people aren't even trying to hide it. In the case of rolla he's actually going off to Ireland but 99% of the rest are not.
  3. PieGamble

    UKGC vs Crypto casinos 😂

    I actually know some people that work in risk management for cryptos. Where a crypto is regulated as a financial institution the landscape is definitely changing and they are under increasing pressure to prevent/block certain transactions. As for blocking crypto - that isn't exactly what I said - what I was meaning to imply is they will tighten up that flow of money in both directions but the pressure being put on the big financial institutions. None of this will happen quickly but it's where I see things heading.
  4. PieGamble

    Crypto gambling, a normal punters view.

    Those T&Cs may be there to avoid showing total disregard for locally regulated gambling laws for now, but as sure as night follows day they'll eventually be used to confiscate winnings from players once the gold rush calms down and hearts will be broken.
  5. PieGamble

    UKGC vs Crypto casinos 😂

    I found that quite insightful and would not have otherwise seen it if you hadn't shared so thank you. If you think about the problem - unlicenced gambling - they will never solve this by adopting a blocking approach. It's clear they see the flow of money as being their best chances of success which is how I would tackle the problem. And I don't think this isn't going to play out well for the crypto fans because the government can and will use their leverage over the financial institutions to block / make those transactions much more difficult. Governments move slowly though and there will be always be workarounds but it'll come eventually.
  6. PieGamble

    Crypto gambling, a normal punters view.

    Bonus buys, autospins and 'turbo' spins are all implicated as significant factors in developing problematic gambling habits. The UKGC, along with other governing bodies, banned them for good reason - not that you'll ever hear a knees deep gambler share that view. As I've mentioned previously - I don't think the mechanics of slots are developed by nefarious programmers set out to create addicts, rather, it's an incremental process giving people what they want until they converge and you end up with a slot like No Limit - Tombstone RIP. Happy days.
  7. PieGamble

    Drops of Gold - Random Fact

    I asked a friend of mine in the UK to look at this and yes it seems there is a potential small advantage play possible based on the reels above the active winlines. Cycling through the stakes changes will change the reels so worth a sniff. Also the freespin gamble carries over the existing setup so also something which has potential to influence your should I gamble this for free spins setup. I doubt it's a +EV advantage play though given how infrequently the pot drop things come in.
  8. PieGamble

    So today……….

    "I completely done my bollocks" - you can't really sum it up much better than that can you. How comes you are able to gamble 24/7 out of interest? Off work and got idle hands or working and just tapping away on the mobile. And what's the implications of losing that much dough for you? Bread and butter sandwiches for a month?
  9. PieGamble

    Some advice ( maybe the wrong forum)

    I think this is solid advice. If you can't control your gambling then ultimately you'll find a way to gamble and inevitably lose - the only variable being how hard it is to overcome the barriers between you and the gambling - but you will find a way eventually. It's not an easy thing to do - but once you do you'll likely feel a huge weight off your shoulders. Like the other posted said - the lying etc just take you further down a hole and makes the end game worse. But if you do nothing and carry on as you are then it only goes worse - that's pretty much a certainty. Dig deep and good luck.
  10. PieGamble

    Beat The Bookies in a Secret Betting Challenge

    The interesting point here is that he follows the betting exchanges for big movements in price caused by big / late bets. So he's essentially using the exchanges to identify potential insider knowledge of the up coming race. I'd hate to think how much insider knowledge goes on in dog racing. My intuition tells me a LOT.
  11. PieGamble

    Beat The Bookies in a Secret Betting Challenge

    It's perhaps worth mentioning that the same rules apply for responsible gambling, money laundering, source of wealth in land based casinos as online. From what I read people are now starting to get pulled up in UK land based casinos and even the odd bookies. But because there is cash involved it's obviously a bit harder to track. And perhaps more importantly - I suspect land based casinos are not using it as a ruse to withhold winnings. Bookies and advantage betting..... perhaps so. And nationality has nothing to do with it. Anyone gambling in the UK is subject to UK laws.
  12. PieGamble

    Fraud against Bet365

    Ah ha. Well that certainly paints the overall story in a different light if that is indeed the case if he was actually instigating fraudulent claims.
  13. PieGamble

    Fraud against Bet365

    The fact the police were able to divert what must have been considerable resources to investigate/prosecute and he got such a harsh sentence seems very disproportionate to me. But not surprising unfortunately :-(
  14. PieGamble

    New Legislation

    Yes the UK gambling industry is dying on its arse and still managing to make billions in profit.
  15. PieGamble

    Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia

    No I don't think so at all. I thought this quote summed it up pretty well:- Mike Alvarado had a more sympathetic approach: “I get it. Out of all my 45 fights, the liver shot has been the worst pain I’ve felt that I been hit with.”