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  1. PieGamble

    My turn.

    I thought I'd share something with this forum as a way of a follow up as it's been almost four months since I tried to stop. Firstly, I tried to stop and failed miserably. A familiar story no doubt. Midway through May my mother passed away from terminal cancer. It happened during COVID so no chance to say goodbye etc. At this point gambling became an even bigger distraction from life in general. That and smoking cannabis. Then last week I broke up with my girlfriend. So I basically hit what became my rock bottom. Since then I have finally admitted the truth to myself but more importantly to my friends and loved ones. As a secret gambler this was something I thought I'd never have the courage to do. The good news is that once I finally fessed up the world lifted from my shoulders and I felt more free then I can ever really remember. The saying "the truth will set you free" is not just a cliche, it's the real deal. So now my secret is out and I've finally accepted that I'm a problem gambler I have a new outlook on life. I'm reasonably confident the gambling is over now. Non problem gamblers will always think about all the money you've lost which in my case must be somewhere in the region of 200K but this pales in comparison to the emotional cost this has cost me. And the reason I'm confident this is over is I've finally come to the realisation that I've got nothing more to give to gambling and it's simply ruined my life. And the reason I've come back to share this story is to simply say to anyone else that is suffering in silence - open up, speak to people about it, seek help. It will literally change your life. Peace and love TGCers and stay safe. Goodbye
  2. PieGamble

    My turn.

    Before I duck out I was want to say thank you to all of your for your words. I'm genuinely touched and big respect to the TGC community. Re: tragedy stuff which a few of you have mentioned. I agree this is something I will have to address at some point. I don't remember which member made the point but some time they mentioned that all gambling problems are rooted in some other issue which made sense. I might try my mum's approach to problem management first - have a cup of tea. One more parting shot at casinos which I'll make as I reflected on re: yesterday's blowout is this. Casinos talk a good game about responsible gambling but if I showed you my deposit and transaction history from yesterday I bet every single member here would scream problem gambler a mile off and way before my last deposit. I accept responsibility for my actions and I'm not being salty but yeah.... they don't really give a shit....and yeah I suppose I am being a bit salty :-) @lisbonlion - I love the idea of a tin of paint and I'm off to go and purchase some wood treatment stuff as my mate reckons my railing is looking a bit dry. Thanks again all you lovely people and stay safe TGCers.....speak to you on my comeback thread
  3. PieGamble

    My turn.

    Stop me if you've heard this one before........but!!! I did my bollocks in yesterday, much the same as I did last month and the month before etc etc. The story is one many of you will appreciate. Massive swingy session, finally pulled it out the fire chasing those losses, withdraw, casinos fucks me about with the withdrawal, my total lack of self discipline hits the reverse button, I manage to increase my balance, it then all goes south and I'm tilted as fuck and six hours later I'm mentally exhausted and significantly poorer after redeposit after redeposit after redeposit. Now it's not like I haven't told myself this before but on this occasion I know this has to stop. I'm going absolute cold turkey and cutting myself off completely from gambling and a massive part of that is getting off gambling forums and watching gambling streams. I've also thought that anyone who is aiming to quit gambling but still hanging around gambling is simply biding their time until the next blow up. I still believe this is true hence I feel I have to get away from it all as I feel it's these things which drag me back. Here are two things I will say as a general observation of slot gambling world as I see it today and some of the impact that has had on me personally. 1.) Slots are more brutal than at any time in history. The march towards ultra volatile machines is like napalm to a slot junkie and their money. This isn't a wicked plan devised by slot developers but just an evolution of giving the players what they want. Unfortunately for me this means giving me a product which just rewires the shit out of my brain after chasing a bonus only to be crushed again and again and again. There is no doubt in my mind that the constructs of modern slots both unintentionally and intentionally are incredibly manipulative of certain brain types / functions. I am definitely one of the unlucky ones in that regard. 2.) Streamers do skew the perception of slots and gambling in general. This isn't an accusation and I am fully responsible for my own actions but watching 20k bonus hunt after 20k bonus hunt you become a little desensitized to the sums including the absolutely brutal losses these guys rack up on a daily basis. The reason I say this is not to dig out streamers but to give some insight into how I feel it's effected me. Back to my own circumstances - I suspect the heart of my gambling matter is probably a place I don't really want to go but will probably have to at some point. Over the last few years I've had to deal with a huge amount of tragedy which I've always just accepted and got on with. I also have had a huge amount of non gambling related success and good fortune in that time so it's not all bad. I'm also a secret gambler in that maybe less than a handful of people really know what I'm like and even they have no idea of the full extent. One of the harder parts of that life is having to switch from tilted gambler "oh fuck did that just happen and did I really lose that much" mode to normal chipper mode even though your brain is scrambled AF but you can't let that emotion out. So. That's my state of the Union. As a parting remark - I don't think all gambling is bad or evil or anything like that. I just think for me personally it's an incredibly toxic combination that got to a point where the gambling and the gambling periphery got all too consuming. Peace and love TGC
  4. PieGamble

    Silly man

    @Hacko 1 He's said he's happy for you to share so please enlighten us.
  5. PieGamble

    Hedgehog Talk.

    Haha....no I didn't get that at all. I assumed it was some sort of taxidermy voodoo or something
  6. PieGamble

    March Giveaway - Live Chat

    I really don't want to ask but what the fudge is happening in this gif?
  7. PieGamble

    Hedgehog Talk.

    @adamuk I see some scientific value is preserving animals but things like that pinned hedgehog just seems perverse and gratuitous to me. I also wouldn't equate eating meat to stuffing dead animals but in answer to your question - no I wouldn't ban meat but I do think that at some point in the not so distant future they will judge us as savages for what we eat today.
  8. PieGamble

    March Giveaway - Live Chat

    Where was the Nicola hot streak for this bonus opening? Have you been giving your powers to denman via those lucky rubs he's always enquiring about? @Spintee If you could promptly spaff your winnings in a blurry FOBT session that would be TGC folklore forever Congrats buddy.
  9. PieGamble

    Hedgehog Talk.

    Weird as fuck. I find the idea of stuffing dead animals quite revolting and would ban it in an instant if I were king for the day.
  10. Dream setup of varied games there @Nicola incredible Don't think I've ever seen a competition as potentially generous as this for nothing in return. You are TGC's very own slots robin hood I'm going to guess : £22,124.80p Good luck and thank you.
  11. PieGamble

    BBC Radio 2

    Radio 4. Enjoy most shows except the archers and some of those afternoon plays.
  12. PieGamble


    Book of dead comes in five different maths models - 96, 94, 91, 88, 84. Can you imagine what going from 96 => 84 must be like for a player? If you really want to find a working 84% model go try out some of those Curacao shit holes. To be fair - I'm not sure why they bother with such low RTP slots when they have no intention of paying out anyway
  13. PieGamble


    Another call out on casinomeister. They have a section called the 'grey zone'. It's for non accredited casinos. They've just put up a new entry for a casino called 'Spin Hill Casino' run by jumpman group. Absolutely awful group. Not a single player friendly thing about them. But here's the deal. They ask people to submit their reviews and when members respectfully point out it's a shit hole of a casino and shouldn't be anywhere near a casinomeister page - you know the drill - the staff come down super heavy handed. Now you have to wonder why they would get so zingy about members pointing out the obvious. Then of course it becomes blindingly obvious. The thread leads to a review. The review leads to a link to the casino. The link to the casino is of course......an affiliate link. So even though it's called out for the shit that it is they will have no problems driving traffic to the site and collecting their affiliate money.
  14. PieGamble

    Good Luck Tyson

    Well well....quite remarkable. I was convinced Wilder would do the business with a KO win. So British heavyweight boxing unification fight with Joshua next....surely? That's going to be pretty bloody epic.
  15. PieGamble

    'Chip's Tips'

    Saying it slowly......said it repeatedly....."wonkys broken lads ..... Click on the link" As incredible as it sounds people actually tune in to watch this bloke. Fools and their money will be easily parted. Life goes on.