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  1. Snapdragon

    Roshtein Plays With Fake Money???

    Demo Mode or Real Play it doesnt matter at all ... the 80% of his viewers watch him just for his "EPIC" reactions (I find them fake & not funny) and funny scripts he use with tanks/helis and the rest...... AND some others for the points system. But the fact here is that he is one of the most succesfull Casino's Affiliate and his income must be totally passive by now.... (Sleeps & Earns) And you know what they usually say? Defamation is the best advertisment for someone. (20K viewers rn) Personally i dont trust anyone besides Rolla. Its funny to win 80k and jumping around /dancing and just say you get points to your viewers.. I would break my whole house.
  2. Snapdragon

    Roshtein Plays With Fake Money???

    If i was innocent and play with real money and ppl keep talking shit about me i would show instant at livestream the transcaction pages and my bank credit card movements to everyone.. (These can also be modified by casino but ok..Photoshop also can do miracles .....) Also as @Rocknrolla said already why when he entered the "Practice Mode" and saw that the balance is same didnt re-entered and his reaction was not like WTF is going on ? - He was just said ok this is myyy balance.. and awkward closed it and tried to change discussion after a bit... i think its a "BUSTED" moment.
  3. Snapdragon

    HaHaHaha - Temple of Treasure Megaways

    Lets call it a day... had a lot of crazy hits. 10p bonus leads to a nice withdrawal out of nowhere.... damn. ?
  4. Snapdragon

    HaHaHaha - Temple of Treasure Megaways

    balance keep growing.. smells like a cash out.?
  5. ok so i made a small deposit of 25 and been playing about 2 hour + and i just cant raise them... i got bored.. and had around 13 euro inside.. and i said ok fck it lets buy a bonus with lowest bet... at least we will see a bonus.. and game got insane.. ??? i chose mystery spins and got 10 with 10.000 megaways minimum and got 1 retrigger.
  6. Snapdragon


    How much it would been with some symbols also on 6th reel ? ?
  7. Snapdragon


    Instant withdraw.. no worries. ? Thanks
  8. Snapdragon


    It was about time...
  9. Snapdragon

    Captain Venture Thank you!

    This was totally unexpected ... I was waiting a typical x50 bonus.. but nah.. captain venture is horny..x864... ? 138 spins with 0.40.. hahaha
  10. Snapdragon

    wednesday hits

    had 3 nice hits... withdrawn the 160... to get a small cashback....
  11. Snapdragon

    Ron Zacapa Moment

    So i was curious for all of these Ronza shots that @Rocknrolla was doing and i made a gift to my friend.. for the new year.. And im here drinking the bottle alone... Cheers. Fuck slots. ?
  12. Snapdragon

    G O L D - Was about time.

    1 retrigger .. and BOOM x500. Get the fudge in there. There we go.. Hello Youtube.. Ronza time. That will do.. I'll takeeee it.. YEYyyyy.. ?