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  1. Nice one payed for the racing hehe
  2. Dave

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    grats @Jok3st3rthanks again @1pstaker
  3. Dave


    HAve to foreit first game scores have MESSED up ffs @Crunchie 2-1,2-1,1-2,0-2 Last 4 games please
  4. Dave

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Non runner 14:05 1 Good Effort
  5. Dave

    'Chip's Tips'

    Argh lol
  6. Dave

    'Chip's Tips'

    Just cashed out a BED all thats left now
  7. Seen a FEW streamers Where there lil ones just pop in to say night etc
  8. Was about to say ones i watch do not advertise it anyway
  9. Dave

    Rolla test stream tonight

    Woohooo Gfl GtFudgei
  10. Dave

    NAP of the day (any sport)

    Brescia vs Napoli Looks an interesting price for Napoli to be winning at half time Price :evens
  11. Dave

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    KEMPTON PARK 13:15 Who Dares Wins 13:50 Fantastic Ms Fox 14:25 Song for Someone 15:02 Buzz 15:35 Black Corton _NAP_ LINGFIELD 14:05 Good Effort 15:15 Bangkok NEWCASTLE 14:45 Donna's Delight Gla
  12. £2510 Hope it more than triple Gl
  13. Dave

    Da Vinci's Mystery (Double Retrigger)

    You know what they say about the fire Enjoy again
  14. Big enough book shelf Colours might be the way togo Would save on decorating Kappa