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  1. Dave

    Primal base Hit £1 Tinkering

    thats the cashout part gj
  2. Dave

    What games and sites do people recommend?

    https://thegamblingcommunity.com/giveaways/ free comps there too enjoy
  3. Dave

    HopNPop Slot 5 Scatter

    holy smoke them multis
  4. Dave

    18 Green Fudgers Base Game

    saved it gj
  5. Dave

    Best UK internet Provider

    every 18 months switch between bt and Virgin no probs at alll Cause they screwed when the Other wants your phone number
  6. Dave

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    grats @Solario333 ty again @1pstaker
  7. Dave

    1 MAX BET

    pushes more to shady casinos
  8. Dave

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    NEWMARKET 13:50 Howth 14:25 Sandrine 15:00 Caturra 15:40 Astro King nap HAYDOCK PARK 14:05 Noble destiny nb 14:40 Mondammej
  9. Dave

    Ukgc under investigation

  10. Dave

    Dead Or Alive🔥

    jammy fkr
  11. Dave

    Lightning Roulette 500x

    shame about split we knew it was for 11
  12. Dave

    rip Jimmy Greaves

    all the legends going now we growing up more https://uk.yahoo.com/sports/news/jimmy-greaves-former-england-striker-091612183.html
  13. Dave

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    grats @Cleandries ty again @1pstaker
  14. Dave

    Fruit Party Base Hit

    party balance now
  15. Dave

    Viking Unleashed 😂😂

    Grat fight gj