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  1. Dave


    grat winners and ty @Rocknrolla for ther entries
  2. Dave

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    gratrs again @Jok3st3r
  3. Dave


    grats @Jok3st3r
  4. Dave

    Rip Prince Phillip

    condolences too all https://uk.news.yahoo.com/prince-philip-dead-duke-edinburgh-110539575.html?.tsrc=fp_deeplink
  5. Dave

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    14.25 Ballyadam 15.00 Funambule Sivola e/w 15.35 Roksana nb 16.15 Cloudy Glen 17.15 Kimberlite Candy nap rem red cap
  6. Dave

    Idiot sandwich

    grats he was cookin
  7. Dave

    Betfred have to pay out Blackjack win

    Justice for offering him 60k Wonder how many photoshopped wins come out now
  8. grats winners enjoy a beer or 5
  9. Dave

    TGC Summer Cup...Event 1: SNOOKER

    Q1 . Will the tournament be won by either Judd Trump or Ronnie O'Sullivan? No, 8 points Q2. Will Neil Robertson reach at least the semi finals? No, 5 points Q3. Will John Higgins reach at least the semi finals? No, 6 points Q4. Will any Asian player reach at least the quarter finals? No, 7 points Q5. Will any player from outside the top 8 seedings reach at least the semi finals? No, 5 points Q6. Will there be a 147 break? No, 10 points Q7. Will there be MORE than 85 century breaks in the tournament? Yes, 9 points Q8. Will MORE than 5 matches go to a deciding frame? Yes, 3 points Q9. Will any individual player make 4 or more centuries in a single match? Yes, 2 points Q10. Will MORE than 225 frames be played in the first round? No, 1 point
  10. Dave

    Juicy Fruits Slot

    Beers on Rob
  11. Dave

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    grats @tmh91 ty @1pstaker
  12. Dave

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    13:50 Molls Memory 14:25 Naamoos nb 15:00 Caspian Prince 15:35 Themaxwecan HAYDOCK PARK 14:05 Shantou Express 14:40 Silva Eclipse 15:15 Colonial Dreams nap
  13. Dave

    New Gambling Regulations - UK

    new Bonanza Megapays out end this month 120,000 k max
  14. Dave

    Affiliate fan?

    guys just a tosser no research fml i would miss a tard typing in caps
  15. Dave


    fun messy site https://inspirobot.me