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  1. If u even think that was a real transcation your name should not have crypto in it ffs.
  2. waynekk


    Im grabbing popcorn this is gonna be good!
  3. its seems to be just u.k ,britain is getting fcked royally by these fees.
  4. Its coinbase not binance keep gettign them mixed up
  5. I recieved this email yesterday, they do have a point. https://web3isgoinggreat.com/ all the crypto bros are either all dumb as a brick or its just pure greed. they track all the rug pulls , scams 67 billion$ and counting i have done 2 withdrawals throught binance just over 1000£ the fees were 46£ and 50£. the rest of europe pay 3 euros for 1k on binance been confirmed by a few people.
  6. that was a third bonus buy .
  7. Not many games that can casualy throw a 7800x in the base game https://replay.hacksawgaming.com/?roundid=1003766848974&partner=273&language=en
  8. It specifically says do not use Vpn and we can kyc at any time, so i would not go near that place and im sure it says if u break them terms we can keep all your money. 9.7. Please note that we cannot guarantee successful processing of withdrawals or refunds in the event if you breach the Restricted use policy stated in Clauses 3.3 and 4.
  9. I have 1500$ waiting to be withdrawn which is quite a chunk of money for me and i put a wager lock on my account so they wont get it back.
  10. All our wallets are empty how do we pay everybody, we dont and we run
  11. You cant make this shit up https://www.theblock.co/post/241607/lazarus-group-suspected-by-coinspaid-of-37-million-hack. B*tub*t payment provider is Coindspaid as is the casino im having difficulty with.
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