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  1. Another Nice hitttt
  2. virgo

    Big hit on immersive roulette

    Another big hit on roulette
  3. virgo

    Roulette Jackpot 

    Another one for you mate
  4. Super lucky run, £100 to £6K in less then 7 minute.
  5. virgo

    Roulette Jackpot 

    I know mate what you mean, I have been there long ago where even beans were not available, I am one of very few people they manage to come out from very bad conditions to have a normal life again, when I was in my darkest time, I took a long very long break from all sort of gambling and pull myself together, it took me good few years to be back to normal life and have family and normal job, there is a reason my YouTube channel call "Lost Gambler", I think I'll make sometime to introduce myself in introduction section of this gambling community, long story short, I only gamble privately and only with the money that I wouldn't lose my sleep on without effecting anyone around me and myself.
  6. virgo

    Roulette Jackpot 

  7. virgo

    Roulette Jackpot 

    That's not entirely true, video numbers 7 in my last 8 upload where I won over 1K from 200 and then lost it all, here is the link : Immersive roulette £200 to over 1K then ? - YouTube I would love to stream as so many viewers are asking but B/W the work and family I can't manage the time, gambling is a very private matter for me, I have a young child, I would never gamble when family is around. Someday maybe but when I can't say.
  8. virgo

    Roulette Jackpot 

    Would love to do that you never know, I believe everything is possible in life.
  9. virgo

    Roulette Jackpot 

    I don't get what you 2 moaning about, is this forum is not for sharing big wins? where did I say I win every time? there are more videos on my channel of me losing then winning. When I have a good win then i share it here or else just upload it on my channel, you two sounds like some sore losers.
  10. virgo

    Roulette Jackpot 

    Amazing run on Immersive roulette. Turn £100 into £10,000 +
  11. Amazing hit on immersive roulette, work my way up from £100 to ?000's Roulette massive win £100 to £3000+ - YouTube For some reason past of URL isn't working, tried few times, anyone wants to watch, its on my YouTube channel: Lost Gambler
  12. virgo

    Big win On Immersive Roulette

    £25 to £1000 challenge, went very nice.
  13. Another nice hit on Immersive roulette Build up my balance of £200 to over £4K